Al Muntazah (Montaza) Palace Museum and Gardens

Al Muntazah (Montaza) Palace Museum and Gardens, Alexandria, Egypt

During the 20th cetury, the Alexandria became Egypt’s summer Capital. One of the most beautiful beaches of Alexandria is Al-Muntazah coast (Cleopatra island), where according to mythology, Queen Cleopatra lived one of her most beautiful days. The Late King Fouad built residential palaces surrounded by enormous gardens on this island to make it the king’s summer residence. The Montaza Palace, which gives the neighborhood its name, was constructed during the reign of the Khedive Abbas II, the royal family's habit of summering in the palace eventually drew wealthy Egyptians and foreigners to the same location (although foreigners in general tended to congregate at the opposite end of the city, in al-Agami.

Montazah Palace and Gardens is one of the amazing summer place in Alexandria. It is situated on a rocky bluff overlooking the sea. You will spend most of your time in the Montazah Gardens enjoying the pine and palms and so with the flowers.
Al-Muntazah Palace, Alexanderia, Egypt

Montaza (Muntazah) both a district and a neighborhood in Alexandria

Montaza (means The Park) is the name of both a district and a neighborhood in Alexandria, Egypt.

The district of al-Montaza (Arabic: al-Muntazah) is a local government district of Alexandria Governorate on the north-eastern end of the city along the coast. Besides the neighborhood of al-Montazah which gives it its name, Montaza District includes the neighborhoods of Syouf, al-Falaky, al-Mandarah, Sidi Bishr, Maamoura, Khurshid, Bahari, Abu Qir and parts of al-Assafra.

The neighborhood of al-Montaza (Arabic: al-Muntazah) is at the far northeast end of Montaza District, along the coast. First settled under the monarchy, the neighborhood is considered rather upscale, and is a favored tourist spot in Alexandria on account of the gardens, parks, and royal palaces left by its royal heritage.

Al Muntazah (Montaza) Palace Museum and Gardens
Muntazah, El Mandara Bahry, El Montaza, Alexandria, Egypt

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