Luxor Museum of Ancient Art and the Nubia Museum of Aswan

Luxor Museum of Ancient Art and the Nubia Museum of Aswan

Through its beautifully designed display of carefully selected masterpieces found in the area of ancient Thebes, the Luxor Museum of Ancient Art illuminates the golden age of pharaonic Egypt. Opened in 1975, this small museum on the Nile Corniche holds one of the finest collections of Egyptian sculpture in the world, in a building whose layout and lighting show the objects to their best advantage. About three hundred objects are on display, many from the Theban nome, illustrating every period from predynastic to medieval Islam. Among my personal favorites are the following objects, listed in order of their current position in the museum.

The Nubia Museum in Aswan houses artifacts illustrating the rich heritage and history of Nubia, from the prehistoric era to modern times. Lies on the Nile about 1km/0.5mi north of the Luxor Temple, approximately halfway to the temple precinct of Karnak. Luxor Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art is on the Corniche, a few hundred metres north of the tourist bazaar and the Etap Hotel.
Luxor Museum of Ancient Art collections
In 1989, cleaning in the northwest corner of the great court in Luxor Temple revealed a cache of twenty-six statues, and several are now on display in the lower level of the museum. They are well-preserved. Note the diorite statue of Horemheb kneeling before Atum. Note also the diorite statue of Horemheb standing before a seated figure of Amen.

In 2004, several new galleries were added to the Luxor Museum. The collections emphasize the military history of the New Kingdom. The quality of display and the selection of objects are first-rate.

It is open daily from 9.00am to 1.00pm and 4.00pm to 9.00pm in winter. Hours may change in summer.

Nubia Museum of Aswan
Luxor Museum of Ancient Art and the Nubia Museum of Aswan
Total Objects: 843
Corniche El-Nil Street, Luxor, Egypt
Tel. 380269

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