The Museum of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil and his wife

The Museum of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil and his wife

Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil was one of the public figures who significantly affected the fine arts movement during the second quarter of the 20 th century. He was born in 1877 and died in 1953. In 1901, he went to France to study the Law at the Sorbone university. In 1903, he married Ms. Emiline Lock, who was studying music in Paris's Conservatory. She shared his interests in fine arts, especially painting. In 1937, he supervised the Egyptian pavilion in the International Exhibition of Paris. From 1938-1940, he was the chairman of the Egyptian Senate Council. Mr. Khalil and Prince Youssef Kamal co-established the Society of Fine Arts Lovers, and Mr. Khalil became the chairman of the society from 1942 to 1952. In 1960 , his wife died after donating the palace and its contents of masterpieces and rare artifacts to the State to become a museum, carrying the name of Mahmoud Mohamed Khalil and his wife .

The Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum is located in Greater Cairo in the Giza area, Egypt. It is located in a palace built in the early 1900s, in French style (Ardico), which was well exhibited in France at that time. The eastern side of the palace, overlooking the Nile, carries some features of the Arnoveau Style that appeared in France in 1875, as evident from the metal and glass skeleton above the entrance of the palace. The surface area of the palace is 1400 square meters(15000 square feet), and the palace has four levels. The palace was inaugurated for the first time as a museum on July 23rd,1962. The museum was moved to the Prince Amr Ibrahim's palace in Zamalek, Cairo, in July 1971.

In 1971 it was sectioned by the government of Egypt; President Anwar El-Sadat used it for executive offices. The palace was returned to museum use in 1993. After remodeling, the museum was moved back to Mr. Khalil's palace in September 1995. Among the great artists works endowed by Mohammed Mahmoud Khalil and his wife are those of Paul Gauguin , Auguste Renoir , Vincent Van Gogh , Claude Monet , John Jongkind and Charles Francois Daubigny. Additionally , the museum’s exhibits include large-size bronze A panoramic view of Mohamad Mahmoud Khalil Museum and its garden , marble and gypsum statues skillfully made by great sculptors of the 19th century such as Auguste Rodin , Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux , Louis Antoine Barye and Charles Cordier . It also preserves a priceless collection of vases made in France , China , Japan and Iran , as well as a big collection of elaborately-made miniature works of art by Chinese artists in precious stones , crystal de Roch , emerald and coral . Moreover , there is a rare collection of small Japanese-styled boxes on display in the museum . The museum plays important role in the cultural and artistic movement. Also the museum contains the best acquisitions , paintings , sculptures and laques of the greatest artists.

The Museum of Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil and his wife/ Khalil's palace
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