Beaches in Gambia

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The Atlantic Coast Resorts

The Atlantic Coast resorts of Bakau, Fajara, Kotu and Kojoji are the heart of Gambia's tourist industry. Along this 10 kilometre strip of beach is a line of about 20 hotels, with others planned or under construction. Back from the beach are more hotels, with restaurants, bars, nightclubs, souvenir stalls and the other paraphernalia of tourism.

Other Beaches Brufut and Brufut Beach

Brufut is a small town about 15 kilometres beyond Serekunda. Access is by bush taxi via Sukuta and Brufut Beach is a couple of minutes’ walk. This is a busy working beach, where fishing boats come in and out according to the tide, and their catch is sold, still twitching on the sand, to dealers from Serekunda.

Tanji Beach

About three kilometres south of the Tanji Bird Reserve office, the road crosses a small bridge to reach the village of Tanji. Walking is possible through the reserve or along the beach to get to the point.

Sanyang Beach

The small town of Sanyang is about 20 kilometres south of Serekunda, and is the usual terminus for bush taxis. About four kilometres west is Sanyang Beach, a popular destination for day-trippers from the resorts.

Gunjur and Gunjur Beach

Gunjur is a small town, about 30 kilometres south of Serekunda and about 20 kilometres (by road via Sifoe) southwest of Brikama. The road crosses creeks and lagoons and monkeys can often be seen. At Gunjur Beach there's a lot of activity - boats going in and out, nets being mended and fish being glutted.


Kartung is about 10 kilometres south of Gunjur, just north of the border with Senegal. A few kilometres from the village is Kartung Beach, used mainly by local fishermen. One can swim and sunbathe here, but skimpy clothing in view of the villagers is considered bad form.

Beach Excursion

From Bijilo Forest, the white sandy beach arcs away to the south, a vast, empty expanse bordered by the white-fringed, blue Atlantic Ocean and the green swaying palms of forest and scrubland. There are a number of settlements along the coastline which runs south, either set on the beaches or inland from the shore, most connected by bush taxi or some form of transport to Serekunda, the big town located inland from the hotel beaches. Bald Cape is within walking distance of the Bijilo Forest. Nature Reserve. The forest is a birdwatcher's delight with hornbill, woodpeckers and weavers among the many species to be spotted. A well-marked footpath through the forest takes guided tours on a 5km (3 mile) walk where red colobus and green monkeys, squirrels and large monitor lizards may also be seen. Bijilo Forest contains some of the last remaining rhun palms in the country. From here, the only sounds of life are the flocks of waders, seabirds and the chatter from forest creatures as you stroll along the beach to the cape. From Sanimentereng there is a path down to a beautiful white beach. Nearby is the fishing village of Ghana Town, named for the number of Ghanaian fish merchants who come here to purchase dried and smoked fish. Next comes a beach used by the fishermen of Brufut village and, from the point, you can see the tiny Bijilo Islands and look south down the uninterrupted coastal strand towards more fishing villages. The promontory of Salitor Point is The Gambia's western-most promontory. Sweeping beaches are interspersed by more headlands like Solifor Point and Sanian Point. It is around 25km (15 miles), from Salitor Point to the Senegal border. The area around Salitor Point is a popular location for organised beach and bush excursions that can be joined from most hotels.

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