Beaches in Kenya

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Beaches in Kenya

With mile upon mile of uncrowded talcum-white sands, most of them protected by the long coral Reef safe for swimming and excellent for watersports. The Kenya coast is an ideal year round beach destination.

North Coast

Being closer to Mombasa town center, the North Coast is traditionally busier and offers a greater variety of activities, restaurants and nightlife. The hotels are situated between 20 and 30 km from the airport with a transfer time of approximately 1-hour.

Beaches North of Mombasa

Three beaches stretch between Mombasa town and Mtwapa Creek

Nyali Beach

Immediately North of Nyali Bridge, is the closest to Mombasa and the easiest to visit if you are staying in central Mombasa. The other beaches are; Bamburi and Shanzu : Situated immediately north of Mombasa, three well developed areas with excellent beaches, hotels and watersports facilities.

Watamu Beach

Watamu situated 20 km south of Malindi town hosts a delightful Marine park covering 30 km of coastline. Breathtaking coral gardens teem with brightly coloured tropical fish and the tranquil Mida Creek borders an ancient mangrove forest. Watamu is a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts and avid or novice scuba divers as it harbours one of the world's most spectacular marine parks . Motorised watersports are not available. Watamu is about 170 km from Mombasa Airport with a transfer time of approximately 2 hours.

Malindi Beach

Malindi beach is Kenya's most famous watersports resort, and has excellent facilities for diving, fishing, water-skiing, sail-boarding and surfing. The Driftwood club enjoys a good reputation and is relatively cheap. For snorkelling trips on glass-bottomed boats you can either use a hotel or make private arrangements with boat owners on the beach.

Shanzu Beach

Thirteen miles north of Mombasa, the 166 rooms for this first class hotel are modelled on traditional Lamu architecture and set in luxuriant gardens that lead up to the white - sand of Shanzu beach on the quieter north coast area.

Kikambala Beach

The beach is situated 17 miles North of Mombasa with approximately 1200 ft of sea frontage having plenty of palm trees and a myriad of colorful plants.

Silver Beach

The beach is just 15 km from Mombasa International airport and only a short ride from the historic old town of Mombasa, dominated by the magnificent Fort Jesus built by Portuguese invaders in 1895. Facilities available include windsurfing, sailing, deep sea fishing , snorkelling, golf and diving .

Beaches in Lamu

The beaches of Lamu are some of the best in Kenya , Off-shore scuba diving and dhow voyage are arranged. Lamu is an ideal place to charter a boat. looking to sea seeing the elegant and fluttery boats passing allover.

Shela Beach

Shela village is located in the north and is an ancient, charming settlement now in obvious decline. It boasts a remarkable mosque dating to 1829. Deserted 12 km of white sand, bath warm sea and sand dunes featuring the beach. It is one of the places on the coast where you can surf. swim at Peponi Hotel. Shela beach is the main risk area on Lamu for muggings and rapes. Walking between Lamu town and Shella Village is reputedly safe. But either for male or female, it would be inadvisable to go much beyond the village unless you are in a group.

Kipungani Beach

This beach front hideaway on the sleepy island of Lamu is a perfect place to relax in the sun after a strenuous safari. On the Southern Western tip of Lamu Island, Kipungani is built from local materials on the site of an old coconut plantation. The place offers comfortable accommodation with en suite facilities and blends perfectly with the environment. The atmosphere is quiet and tranquil in this historic island and Kipungani is an ideal castaway retreat. Wind surfing, snorkelling and non-motorized fishing in the creek are all included.

Kilifi Beach

The deep Kilifi Creek reaches inland for a distance of 15 km (9 miles) and separates Kilifi from Mnarani to the South. The Creek is a popular nature venue for watersports enthusiasts, windsurfing, surfing, Power boating, water skiing and diving can be arranged. Kilifi is entirely occupied by private residences, for the most part the homes of white Kenyans - many of them artists, adventures and writers.Facilites available are in Baobao Lodge, Kilifi Bay Beach Resort and Bofa Beach Camp. The atmosphere is refreshingly touristy, unlike the towns further north and to the South.

Beaches South of Mombasa

The South Coast Hotels are between 40 and 50 kms from Mombasa with the route taking you over Kilindini harbour by the Likoni ferry. The transfer time is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach, immediately South to Mombasa has a suburb character and is less attractive than the beaches further south. The turn off to the beach is near the Likoni ferry terminal. Accommodation found here are Shelly Beach Club Hostel, Sea Breeze Beach Cottages and Children's Holiday Resort. Get there through matatus or bus from Kenyatta Avenue to the Likoni ferry, then turn left and walk. It takes 2-3 kms.

Tiwi Beach

This beautiful Palm fringed beach is extremely popular with budget travellers, mainly because of Twiga Lodge, by far the best budget accommodation on any of the beaches. It's easy to arrange snorkel hire if you want to explore the reef. Diving courses are run diving centers between Twiga and Minilets.

Diani Beach

Diani beach is the most developed on the South coast with 20 odd hotels and self-catering establishments along its length. There are several restaurants, banks, curio shops and supermarkets in the shopping centers along the beaches road. For bicycle or car hire try Glory car hire in the Diani Shopping Center opposite the Trade Winds Hotel. Most of the hotels hire out equipment for windsurfing, sailing, snorkelling and Diving.

Msambweni Beach

Msambweni is a busy village between Ukunda and Shimoni. There is a lovely long beach and some good accommodation and eating places. This beach has also become popular with upcountry Kenyan residents who have built their holiday homes. The beach offers good diving opportunities and there are scuba diving facilities available at one of the clubs and the dive excursions are sometimes organized by the dive centers from Diani.

Takaunga Beach

Right up at the top end of this long line of beaches close to Kilifi is the village of Takaungu. Its supposedly the oldest slave point on the Kenyan coast to Zanzibar is the oldest. The local people are very superstitious and no one goes down to the beach at night except the fishes.

Galu Beach

It is situated South of Diani, Galu beach is less built up, with fewer hotels. The beach is smaller and more private than Diani.

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