Beaches in Morocco

Beaches in Morocco

Casablanca's beaches are west of town along Blvd la Corniche, at the end of which begins the affluent beachside suburb of Ain Diab. It's a trendy area, lined with four-star hotels, upmarket restaurants, bars, coffee shops and nightclubs.

Tanger Beach

The beach here and the clubs alongside it were previously known as an expatriate zone where anything was permissible and a good time easily available. The beach is popular in July and August, but none too clear out of season.

Beach at Al Hoceima

The Hotel Quemado complex, which offers water sports both to residents and non-residents alike, dominates the nearest beach. There is no shortage of other good beaches nearby though. Better are the small beaches at Cala Bonita where there is a campsite before the southern entry into town and Plage Sebadella, about 2kms walk to the northwest.

Restinga Smir

Restinga Smir, 22 kilometres from Tetouan, has a long beach and a correspondingly long line of holiday complexes, hotels, bars, restaurants, bungalows and camping areas. Activities offered include horse riding, mini-golf tennis, underwater fishing as well as windsurfing and of course, bathing.


It is another beach, which is well established and offers a range of modern hotels and restaurant, nightclubs, swimming pool, and usual selection of water sports on the beach.

Cabo Negro

Here the beach is more rugged. Riding is very popular here by the hour and day. The roads through the town follow the contours and rise at various levels up the hills, which overlook the sea.


It is now another popular resort. There is 10 km of sandy beaches here. Once it was the particular resort of the people from the Tetouan who established holiday homes here on the coast but now Martil welcome visitors from far afield.

Qued Laou

Qued Laou is 44 kilometres from Tetouan. It is a relaxed fishing village with an excellent beach but only basic facilities.

El Jadida

Bus and grand taxis reach the beaches south of El Jadida. First is Sidi Ouafi and after, the more developed Sidi Bouzid, with a bar, café-restaurants and a campsite. Here at Sidi Bouzid, the gulls congregate in their hundreds between November and February each year.


Has fine beaches. The wind known as the alizee, stirs up a lot of sand, and makes it cold for swimming, but ideal for surfing. The northern Plage de Safi is fine in the summer, but dangerous during windy weather. South of the town, the wide beach is great for football.

Agadir Beach

The beach is Agadir ’s main asset, an excellent strip of sand and enjoyable swimming. It is clean and well provided with cafés. The northern end of the beach is quieter than the centre or the southern end where hotels increasingly dominate the skyline.

Northern Beaches

Less crowded beaches than those at Agadir are available towards the north where some semblance of space and quiet can be found.Note: Most of the beaches closer to Agadir have been colonised by Europeans who have built their winter villas here. To get to peaceful and largely unspoilt beaches, you need to continue northwards. Those around 27 km north of Agadir are more like it.

Beaches at Tiznit

The nearest beaches are at Sidi Moussa d’Aglou, deserted for most of the year when the sea is cold and the Atlantic waves are ferocious. In summer, however, it is crowded, mainly with locals camping out on the beach.

North Coast

Other than the Medina, the beaches to the north of town are the main attraction. They are awash with tourists from Europe during the summer month.

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