El Fanar - Sharm El Sheikh

El Fanar - Sharm El Sheikh

Ramkine Island also known as Fanar Island (Arabic: Jazeerat al-Fanar) is the smallest of the islands with an area of 34.903 square metres (375.69 sq ft); it is located north west of Palm Island. Ramkine island is mostly rocky and rises to about 12 meters above sea level. The island contains the remains of a lighthouse in addition to cannon emplacements and underground galleries that were built in the early 20th century. A solar powered navigation light has now been installed in the tower of the old lighthouse. The islands are public property, they were declared protected area by law on March 9 1992.

EL FANAR -'lighthouse' in the arabic language- is a suggestive place, where the sky, the sea and the desert meet each other in an unforgettable harmony of colors, brightened by the hot egyptian sun during the day and by the lighthouse, overlooking all the bay, during the night. El Fanar actually encloses the most delightful bay in all Sharm, the Ras Umm Sid bay, where the most famous restaurant in all Sinai, exceptional beaches for your relax surrounded by a spectacular reef, 'Chiringhito' Oblo' with fresh drinks and cocktails, the amphitheater on the sea for magic nights are waiting for you. El Fanar is your meeting place in Sharm el Sheikh.
El Fanar beach in Sharm
The beach consists of dispersed plateaus on the cliffs of Ras Umm El Sid (Hadaba) with big sunshades and chaises lounges. Paying only 40 L.E. per day for one person, you enjoy not only the warm water and the soft rays of an Egyptian sun, but also a great atmosphere. On the territory of the beach there is a bar serving all kinds of beverages (a bottle of mineral water you get on your way in is definitely not enough if you plan to spend the entire day there!), snacks and sandwiches and playing pop music, which will take all your worries away. You can get to the coral reef through the small stairs. There’s a shallow water area that spreads all the way to the drop-off where it is as deep as 25 meters. You can see all kinds of fish there while snorkeling, not to mention the beautiful corals. Enjoy excellent sunset views of El Fanar beach at Ras Umm Sid, Hadaba Plateau in Sharm El Sheikh.

The area of El Fanar is a beach town outside of Sharm el Sheikh where you can relax in the sun, enjoy the nightlife discos, or sit back and watch the boats on the sea. Great "beach" build in terraces on the cliffs of Ras Umm Sid. Large fixed sunshades and good deck chairs with mattresses. To spend your days in complete relax by lying down on a virgin beach surrounded by a fabulous coral reef, dive and discover a world of colours and underwater life that gives you a deep emotions. El fanar is mostly popular with Italian Tourists and this place is in fact run by Italian too...The beach is fully equipped with outstanding service makes your stay more pleasant. During your hours of relax let yourself be carried away by the music of El fanar radio, the soundtrack of your Holidays. El-Fanar Beach and Restaurant ( became famous also for its breath taking cuisine. Good bar with hot and cold drinks and tasty food (sandwiches, burgers, salads, pizzas etc.) - cheaper than in Naama Bay.

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El Fanar beach at Ras Umm Sid, Hadaba Plateau in Sharm El Sheikh
Ras Umm Sidd, El Fanar Road, El Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea and Sinai
Directions: Take a cab to El Fanar beach, Hadaba Plateau. Cabfare 20-25 LE from Naama Bay as of May 2005. Cabdrivers demand 50 LE or more claiming its 30 km, when it is actually just 7 km or so.
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