Hotels Near Sharm El Maya (Old Market)

Hotels Near Sharm El Maya (Old Market)

One of the oldest and most popular locals in Sharm El Sheikh. In the Sharm El Maya area, which is the “old town”, travelers can dine at the Old Market alongside many locals and enjoy some of the finest Egyptian specialties and delicacies available – including remarkably fresh seafood brought into the markets each day.

The Sharm El Maya bay is home to millions of soft corals owing to the sandy canyon below the rugged shoreline creating many crevices that promote a great environment for the coral. Many hotels have private beach located in Sharm El Maya Bay, close to the old market – great shopping, street cafes, restaurant and bars – guests are easily transported from the hotel using the free shuttle bus service.

The so-called old market, is really a rather new market placed in the area of old Sharm el-Sheikh. Still, the houses here were built a few decades ago, and correspond to the typical style of Egypt. The whole thing is far more genuine than what you may expect at a design-made tourist resort like Sharm el-Sheikh. Additionally, the Sharm El Maya area is home to five of the town’s largest resorts as well as the Old Market and is a great place to safely wander, sampling the food and shops of the local vendors as well as taking in the lovely scenery along the bay.

Consisting of downtown Sharm el-Maya, upscale Naama Bay and Shark Bay further up the coast, Sharm el-Sheikh is the most popular resort in South Sinai and a perfect base from which to explore the region's stunning coastline and rugged interior. Dive, snorkel or simply paddle in the waters of the Red Sea at Ras Um Sid, Turtle Bay and the Strait of Tiran. Take a camel trek into the desert to visit Bedouin villages, mystical oases and the mangrove forests of Nabeq. Or stay in Sharm, sample world-class international cuisine at one of the restaurants on the beach and dance the night away at the resort's discos and nightclubs.

  • Hotels Near Sharm El Maya (Old Market)

      Hotel Ratings: 5*
      Iberotel Palace
      Sharm el Sheikh/Egypt
      Sharm el Maya Bay/South Sinai
      Tel.: +20 69 366 11 11
      Fax.: +20 69 366 12 93
    • Partner Turquoise Beach Hotel
      Hotel Ratings: 4*
      Sharm El Mayah, Sharm El Sheikh
      Tel: 069-3663494, 069-3663495, 069-3663496, 069-3663497
    • Seti Sharm Palm Beach Resort
      Hotel Ratings: 4*
      Sharm El Maya Bay
      Tel: (069) 3660870 ( 10 lines )
      (069) 3661830 ( 10 lines )
      Fax: (069) 3660877
    • Seti Sharm Resort
      Hotel Ratings: 4*
      Sharm El Maya Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
      In Front Of Commercial Market
      Tel: +2 069 36 66 768 -777 / +2 018 44 55 330
      Fax: +2 069 36 60 877
    • El Kheima Beach Resort
      Hotel Ratings: 4*
      Mohamed El Yamany St.
      Sharm El Maya, Sharm El Sheikh , South Sinai, Egypt
      Tel & Fax: +20 69 366 0166
      Mob: +20 12 213 0000
      E Mail:
      Hotel Ratings: 3*
      Old Commercial Market
      Gate 1, El Souk El Kadim, Sharm El Sheikh
      Tel: 069-3661188, 069-3661177, 016-8843566
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