Marsa Alam on the Coast of the Red Sea

Marsa Alam on the Coast of the Red Sea

A village with a small harbor and stone quay, Mersa Alam in the ideal base for a fishing holiday. The Dokki Shooting Club has a resthouse here and can arrange deep sea fishing trips. There are some fine offshore coral reefs and diving facilities are being developed. A nature reserve stretches from here to Gebel Elba in the south.

Marsa Alam is a town in south-eastern Egypt, on the west coast of the Red Sea. It is currently seeing fast increasing popularity as a tourist destination and development following the opening of Marsa Alam International Airport in 2001. In the Marsa Alam areas of South Coast, enjoy a dive at Ras Samadai, the ‘dolphin reef of the south’. This section of the Red Sea coastline is dedicated to diving, and is peppered with well-preserved sites in the midst of a fabulous nature reserve. At Elphinstone, you can marvel at the amazing pelagic fauna and explore the hoards of coral reefs which are home to countless species.

Marsa Alam is situated near the Tropic of Cancer where the Arabian Desert meets the Red Sea, and it has the appearance of a tropical paradise with its palm trees, mangroves and sea coasts fringed with barrier coral reefs. It has already gained a strong reputation amongst scuba divers due to its numerous and unspoilt diving sites both along the coast and offshore. Sightings of spinner dolphins, dugongs and hammerhead sharks are a frequent occurrence for those who venture into its waters.

Mersa Alam mirrors the Red Sea region of old. Some 300km south of Hurghada the coast is suddenly as barren and dramatic as it has always been. Here the contrast portrayed by the rugged mountains bowing into the turquoise water is mesmerizing.

Marsa Alam also has some inland attractions, such as the Emerald Mines and the Temple of Seti I at Khanais. It is the ideal base for a fishing holiday. The Dokki Shooting Club has a rest house here and can arrange deep sea fishing trips. Sharks, lobsters, turtles and muraena are among the catches. There are some fine offshore coral reefs and diving facilities are being developed. A nature reserve stretches from here to Gebel Elba in the south. There are now many three and four star resorts along the beach, with five star facilities soon to open. Also have the largest marina in the Middle East, a golf course, and much more.
Mersa Alam underwater

Anthias, Napoleon fish, large rays, dolphins.


  • Daedalus Reef
  • Elphinstone Reef for shark diving
  • Ras Samadai “Dolphin House”

Red Sea Diving Safari

Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) courses range from entry levels (such as "Scuba Diver" and "Open Water Diver") to "Master Scuba Diver" and a range of instructor certifications. Red Sea Diving Safari In Marsa Alam provides unlimited diving in Eco-villages Shagra, Nakari, Wadi Lahami and diving centre Pioneer Divers in Marsa Alam - South Red Sea, Egypt. All-inclusive accommodation. Courses, snorkeling, own house reefs with easy entry. Promote nature-based tourism and maximum diving enjoyment. Diving program covers more than 60 shore-based and off-shore dive sites. Offer a variety of diving possibilities including; unlimited diving on our house reef, truck dives, night dives, and boat dives to world-famous dive sites such as Elphinstone and the Fury Shoals. For world-class diving in the area, contact Shagara Eco-Lodge (in Cairo 02-337 1833; Marsa Shagra; with full board in tents/huts/chalets US$88/100/125).

Increasingly popular with windsurfers and divers, it boasts the Sha'ab Samadi Reef, also known as Dolphin House, just a few hundred metres offshore, a stunning lagoon home to over 100 spinner dolphins, and Elphinstone Reef, considered to be a premier dive and snorkelling site with sea turtles, angel fish and sharks including hammerhead and grey reef varieties.

The small harbour in the town is home to bars, shops and some restaurants, where seafood is the speciality. Desert safaris in the Wadi El Gemal National Park are offered from this resort by jeep, quad bike or camel, and inland sights include the Emerald Mines; a site of great historical value, located in the desert between Marsa Alam and the Nile Valley.

At the Port Ghalib International Marina complex you have TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut, Lebanese restaurant, Fish restaurant and a Japanese, but you'll be paying the same as a meal out in London for them. So it depends on your budget.

Cacio e Pepe - Italian Cuisine at Marsa Alam
The first Italian restaurant in Marsa Alam where you find the taste of home in the wilderness. Cacio e Pepe offers outstanding food that exceed the expectations of guests, this restaurant has a warm, comfortable environment that invites friends and family to relax and enjoy each other over a great meal.
Contact Cacio e Pepe
27, Naser Mohamed Alkharafi
Marsa Alam, Red Sea and Sinai 20145

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