Naama Bay - Sharm El Sheikh

Naama Bay - Sharm El Sheikh

One of the popular holiday destinations of Egypt include the Sharm El Sheikh, with its main tourist sport Naama Bay that can make your trip very enjoyable. Located in Southern Sinai, Sharm el-Sheikh is having one of the main tourist locations the Naama Bay. Sharm el-Sheikh city together with Naama Bay, Hay el Nour, Hadaba, Rowaysat, Montazah and Shark's Bay form a metropolitan area.

Na'ama Beach is one of the centers of the tourist activities. Located just north of Sharm, this area is developing into a resort town of its own. Most hotels at Na'ama Bay have their own, private beaches with comfortable amenities such as chairs, shades and even bars.

On the Naama Bay shoreline, stands the most tangible evidence of Sinai's new popularity. Twenty years ago, locals remember, there was one hotel here. Now Sharm el Sheikhand, this neighboring bay are home to more than two dozen mostly upscale lodgings, including two Hiltons, a stylish Sonesta, a sprawling Movenpick. Resorts by Conrad, Marriott and Inter-Continental will open this year. There are almost as many dive clubs as hotels. All these properties are fed by the Sharm el Sheikh airport, where arrivals include daily service from Cairo, but also nonstop charter flights from Rome, Milan and Frankfurt.

You will be surprised to see just in front of the beach lots of colourful fishes, swimming around two small pieces of coral reefs. You will see blue coloured parrot fish, lots of black & white sergeants majors, yellow butterflyfishes and red sea banner fishes.

Go for Ras Um Sid and Hadaba. Ras Um Sid is at the tip of a small peninsula of land. The middle area of the peninsula is known as Hadaba. A popular areas for hotels, but not so much in the way of night life here. However, a taxi to Na'ama Bay takes about 10 minutes and costs approx £3. The snorkelling at Ras Um Sid is very good.

Ras Mohamed is an underwater national park situated off the coast of Naama Bay. You may take a day trip there on a boat, stopping at three different sites to go snorkeling. The snorkeling is incredible; everybody was amazed at how much it was possible to see without the hassle of learning to scuba dive. More details about: Ras Mohamed underwater national park

The Red Sea with popular destination such as Sharm El Sheikh with its playground of bars, clubs and Restaurants in Naama Bay, to the steadily growing destination resorts of Hurghada, Taba heights and the quieter Marsa Alam all offering fantastic cheap hotels, year round sunshine and the living aquarium that is the Red Sea, no wonder its one of the fastest growing holiday destination on the globe. It's the place for sunbathing, playing beachvolleyball, relaxing, having a massage, swimming and even snorkeling (there are some minor reefs and lots of colourful fishes just in front of the beaches), but also for boating, sailing or making a trip with a glass bottom boat. It's a nice mixture of activities, but also a striking mixture of types of swimmingsuits from topless till swimming suits covering the whole body.
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Naama Bay is the main resort area of Sharm El Sheikh, and the centre for shopping, dining, drinking and entertainment - here you'll find a huge number of souvenir shops and bazaars, restaurants, cafés, bars, dive shops, tour operators, casinos, internet cafés - oh, and hotels, of course... ;o)

Naama Bay is most definitely *very* touristy, you'll find basically everything a tourist needs - and more. Find Hotels Near Naama Bay

Naama bay is quite a civilized and “western” place compared to the rest of the South Sinai areas, with many nice hotels as well as a well kept promenade, and market. Naama bay is also one of the very few places in Sinai that actually do have a world class "night life": you will be able to find some nice pubs, as well as an active market by night.

There are several pedestrian streets in Naama Bay - all pretty much deserted during the day, but very lively at night - this is the place to be if you want to lounge about on cushions while smoking shisha - or perhaps enjoy cocktails in Hard Rock Café... Naama is also the place where you can get acquainted with local expats as well as with local Egyptians and other foreigners, who just like you, came to have some fun. So give it a shot, and we are sure that you won’t regret it.

One thing that you would really like about Naama Bay, is: along the entire lenght of Naama Bay beach there's a pleasant pedestrian promenade, most parts of it lined with cafés, bars, restaurants, hotels and shops. The paved walkway is quite empty during the day, but pretty lively in the evenings - and at dinner time the area is very busy indeed, with lots of touts trying to convince you that their restaurant is just the one where you should have your dinner...) But really, the touts are not nearly as much of a hassle as some say - a polite but somewhat firm "no thanks" does the trick!)

For those of you looking for a "western" experience of the Sinai desert - Naama Bay is the place to go.

Eating out
This tourist attraction is a long street with all the possible restaurants, bars and clubs to the highest European standards. You won’t find many people there in the morning though, as most of the staff is working at night till the early morning hours, making it hard for them to wake up. The night life here begins at 8, when the hot Sinai sun is down and it is becoming easier to breathe. At this time the whole place resembles a never-ending party with tourists going up and down, laughing and talking, with sales people trying to attract attention and to get as many tourists into their coffee shop.

The prices of the place vary: there are cheap bars and restaurants and there are more expensive ones. But the truth is that most of them are pretty much affordable. As far as the night clubs are concerned. The prices to most of them start from 20 USD and already include one beverage.

Along the long sandy beach stretch you will be able to find many hotels, apartments, restaurants and bars. For food, Naama Bay has a plethora of restaurants which are priced at a fraction of the hotels, but are a better choice for dinner. Marriott has a great outdoor pizza restaurant, Parmizzano's, which is good for lunch or dinner. For a late lunch and a good happy hour pad over to the Hilton, located five minutes walk from the Marriott.

The Hilton also has an outdoor shisha bar and restaurant, grilling up lamb koftas and the catch of the day. Sunset cocktails are best had on the terrace of the Sofitel, which sits atop the main resort strip and overlooks the sea. For dinner, the buffet at Jolie Ville is a must-even if you're not a buffet fan. If you can afford it, head over to the Ritz Carlton's Lebanese restaurant for a full feast (£100 with wine), and good belly dancing show, otherwise just go there to check out the bar. Find Restaurants, Cuisine and Bar Near Naama Bay and Sharm El Maya (Old Market)

At night, downtown Naama Bay is a buzz of activity, with tourists crowding into row upon row of restaurants and bars. The Camel Bar is a favourite with the Brits, and its rooftop turns into a lively club at the weekend. The Alf Leila Wa Leila, located a few kilometres from Naama Bay, holds the best shows in Sharm, despite the fact that its prized performer is a male belly dancer named Tito. For late night partying, head to the Hard Rock Café.

The hustle and bustle of Naama Bay's brilliant nightlife can be enjoyed there, whether it be a couple of beers in English bar The Tavern or a wild night at Pacha. The night-life hub of Naama Bay is 20 minutes and 30p away by local bus. It has a bewildering choice of restaurants, bars, casinos, clubs and shops. A short ride further is Old Sharm, known as the Old Market, which has superb fish restaurants such as Fares and is a good place for skilled hagglers to pick up bargains. More Details: Clubbing and Nightlife At Naama Bay

Where to stay
In terms of value for money, service, food, rooms, amenities, cleanliness and proximity to Naama Bay, the five-star Marriott and Hilton Beach Resorts are the top choices. Those in search of something more exclusive should book at the Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons or Conrad, all of which are about a 10-minute drive to Naama Bay and offer complimentary shuttle service. Of the three, the palatial Ritz Carlton is favourite, but a word of warning: the rocky beach is more like Brighton than the Red Sea.

Sharm El Sheikh Marriott Red Sea Resort is located in the heart of the famous Naama Bay on Sinai Peninsula and divided into two properties – the Beach & Mountain Sides. With its private beach, a wide variety of delicious cuisines, lush greenery, being close to the world renowned scuba diving spots and situated near many of the popular night spots in Naama Bay; the resort perfectly combines tranquility & pleasure. Find Hotels Near Naama Bay

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