Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh

Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh

Nabq Bay, a quiet bay located a half an hour drive from Na'ama Bay, offers incredible opportunity for “wild” (unguided) snorkeling experience along with good views over to Tiran Island. The advantage of the place is that it is still relatively wild, semi-free from the hotels (the Louis Tiran Sharm Hotel is to open in Jan. 2009), so if you are lucky, you can have an irresistible 1,500m-long sandy beach and endless sea just for yourself. The corals there are very different from what you can see in Sharks Bay and the Ras Muhammad Park. Additional advantage is that the sand entrance to the water (pretty rear in this area), allowing you to walk in barefoot.

Nabq is the less crowded area of Sharm el Sheikh, consisting mainly of hotels and beaches where you can swim surrounded by fish or dive off the coral reef. A quiet area with good views over to Tiran Island. This is a long way from Na'ama Bay though, at least half an hour drive. Not really suitable for divers, due to its distance from the dive centres.

Nabq has high quality restaurants including Onions, On-Fish, Peking House, as well as McDonalds, Starbucks, TGI Fridays and many more fast food places which also deliver. Soho Square is five minutes in the opposite direction near the Savoy Hotel, offering international restaurants night clubs, an English pub, designer shops, ice skating, and bowling alley.

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Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai Beach, Red Sea, Egypt
A five minute bus ride from the complex takes you to a local shopping mall with a Metro supermarket as well as bars, off licences, restaurants and independent stores. The night-life hub of Naama Bay is 20 minutes and 30p away by local bus. It has a bewildering choice of restaurants, bars, casinos, clubs and shops. A short ride further is Old Sharm, known as the Old Market, which has superb fish restaurants such as Fares and is a good place for skilled hagglers to pick up bargains.

If you are one of those who came here in order to explore the rich world of Sinai with its amazing variety of Activities, games and entertainment, then you can choose one of the following: Aqua Parks, Sinai Desert Trekking, Parasailing, Go Karting, Water and Wind Sports, Kiting or a romantic Bedouin Dinner under the starlit Sinai sky. If adrenaline is not for you, then perhaps you can lie lazily on the beach, enjoying every moment.

In Nabq Bay you will find Aqua Active Dive Centre at Laguna Vista Resort. The Star Hotel offers Beverly Hills Restaurant, Monroe Bar, Disco Bowling (4 Playing Lanes), Hollywood Cinema, StarLight Disco. The Sun Hotel offer Champagne Bar, Squeeze Disco and the Moon Hotel offer MoonShine Bar, Monet Le Jardin..

To fully enjoy the place, bring water/snacks, sun umbrellas, etc. as this place lack even basic infrastructure. The place is also pretty windy, therefore be cautious about getting too far away, as there are no safeguards to help you out.

About Nabq, Sharm El Sheikh

Located 20 minutes’ drive from Sharm International Airport, this place is a city within the city. It has several advantages over the rest of the town. The beach formation at Nabq is different, as it consists of a 1 km shallow ankle-high water, followed by a sharp drop off. National Park of Nabq is a beautifully plush area, brimming with life right in the middle of the desert, the region of Nabq has been announced as a protected spot in 1992, and has been made part of the Ras Mohamed National Park’s territory.

Nabq is the largest coastl Managed Resource Protected Area (declared in 1992) with approx. 600km². It has a variety of ecosystems that provide unique views for the visitors. It hosts rich coral reefs, more than 140 plant species (6 unique for Nabq), mangroves, the larges population of Arak bushes in the Middle East and various animals like the Gazelle, Nubian Ibex, Hyrax and some small mammal populations.

Firstly, it is quieter: the 24/7 honking vehicles will not bother you here, the huge amount of curios locals find it hard to come here making this place ideal for those who want to rest and forget about everything.

Furthermore, the sea of this region is fabulous. It has more sandy beaches, more colorful fish, more corals and more waves. The beaches and the sea are clean, which will definitely make your stay here unforgettable.

And lastly, Nabq means great shopping. It has two large shopping malls: La Strada and Al Khan which do their best to bring tourists the best shopping ever. The area has some gorgeous restaurants, bars and clubs as well, including the world-known ‘Hard Rock Café’ whose name needs no introduction.

Nabq is also a nice place for investment. Those who like the place and want to make it their second home, can easily do it. Flats in Nabq are much cheaper than in the rest of the town, making it 30,000 USD and up for a one bedroom apartment.

So if you are in Sharm, give Nabq a shot, as it may contain things which will definitely surprise you. Find more about Nabq:

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