Natural Park of Abu Galum

Natural Park of Abu Galum

Part of the effort of the National Park of Ras Mohamed’s authorities set out to preserve the natural environment in the peninsula; the Natural Park of Abu Galum is an unspoiled wild area, mainly due to the fact that it’s somewhat distant from the usual tourist attractions.

The survival of specific marine life in this spot is essential to the survival of the Bedouins inhabiting it, as their sole source of food is fishing, so authorities have recently added it to the list of protected areas.

Unfortunately this decision was a little late, resulting in a considerable pileup of garbage and waste disposed of from locals and ships passing through the Gulf of Aqaba, but the authorities are working hard on reversing the damage.

10.5 km (6.5 miles) away from the Saint Catherine and Dahab-Nuweiba roads intersection starts the trail leading to Abu Galum, stretching over almost 30 km (about 20 miles) to the sea.

At a distance of about 32 km (20 miles) from the beginning of the track, you’ll find Gebel Sukhn on the left, then the track will get very steep, with a few of obstacles along the way, before reaching the shore.

After passing an open sandy plateau, the trail turns east and infiltrates deep rifts and narrow passages, offering its travelers an amazing view of beautifully patterned colored rocks, both stark and gorgeous at the same time.

You suddenly reach the Wadi’s mouth at the sea, full of pebbles and stones, and if you keep going, you reach the path that extends along the beach and ends further south at a beautiful small bay, perfect for camping.
Natural Park of Abu Galum - a Part of the effort of the National Park of Ras Mohamed, Sharm El Sheikh
If you head north for a little over 40 km (25 miles) you will reach Nuweiba.

It is not advised to visit the area in the winter, as it’s usually inundated due to the heavy seasonal rains. So make sure you check with the park’s authorities before heading out there.

Abu Galum is one of the four Managed Resource Protected Area of Sinai. Declared as Managed Resource Protected Area it is characterized by its spectacular granite mountains ending abruptly on a narrow coastal plain fronted by rich coral reefs. It is situated on the east coast of South Sinai, right between Dahab and Nuweiba. Its beauty and uniqueness make this place a must for any vititor that likes flora and fauna. There are approx. 170 species of desert plants, some not even found in any of the other protected areas of Sinai. Abu Galum has the largest number of Nubian Ibexes, Hyraxes, Red Foxes, and Striped Hyena. Also, there are vipers that visitors should look out for while in the sand.

Ras Abu Galum is about 1h30 north of the Blue Hole. It is mainly a beduin village with a few concrete houses to accommodate for tourists but there is no electricity in the area, it is very peaceful and quiet place. You may trek all day with Marco and Maher as well as a trio of cool Irish girls. You may do snorkeling and shot of some striking pictures of Lion Fishes. A duo of dolphins may come close to your place swimming slowly at the surface, you may have good time to jump in the water to salute them as they would be just passing by.

Last Updated on Saturday 15th January 2011