Port Safaga/ Bur Safaga on the Coast of the Red Sea

Port Safaga/ Bur Safaga on the Coast of the Red Sea

Safaga has numerous diving sites which are accessible to everyone, thanks to the excellent visibility and generally weak currents which characterise the local waters. Rich and colourful fauna abound in the sumptuous coral gardens, especially at Ras Abu Soma and Sha’ab Tobia. From Tobia Arbaa to the mythical spot at Panorama Reef, passing through the Middle Reef coral gardens and taking in the Salem Express wreck, any diving trip in this peaceful fishing port is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Safaga is a working port with several tourist villages specialising in diving holidays, a handful of hotels and some excellent fish restaurants. Its unspoiled beaches and stiff breezes made it the ideal venue for the 1993 World Windsurfing Championships. Daytrips to Tobia Island or Mons Claudianus in the Red Sea Mountains can be arranged with Local guides.

Port Safaga, also known as Bur Safaga and Safaga (Arabic), is a town in Egypt, on the coast of the Red Sea, located 53 km (33 miles) south of Hurghada. This small port is also a tourist area that consists of several bungalows and rest houses, including the Safaga Hotel, with a capacity of 48 rooms (126 beds). Having numerous phosphate mines, it is regarded as the phosphates export center. A paved road of 164 km (101 miles) connects Safaga to Qena of Upper Egypt.

Safaga was a merchant port for many years; now the town, with its wide azure bay, long sandy beaches and pretty islands, is a favourite sports destination in the Red Sea Riviera. Safaga has a small but thriving tourism industry, specialising in scuba diving along with a wide range of other water sporting activities. Safaga is especially popular among kitesurfers and windsurfers with the bay’s chain reefs of Tobia Arbaa, and the impressive walls of Panorama and Abu Qifan towering reefs, where often big pelagics such as tunas, sharks and mantas can be spotted. At 53 km (33 miles) south of Hurghada, Safaga acquires its unique character from both its port and the small surrounding village. A holiday in Safaga is mainly about watersports and sightseeing, with little nightlife around, except for some nice beach parties organised by the local divers and surfers.

The black sand dune beaches characteristic of Safaga are a favourite spot for sun bathers. The sea water is known to be highly saline and rich in minerals which are beneficial for the skin, and it is a popular curative destination in the Red Sea Riviera. The dry, moderate climate and the sun shinning all the year round make Safaga the best place in the world for the complete therapy of some incurable diseases. Tourist sites offering curative services in Egypt include Helwan, Hurghada, the Fayoum Oases, Aswan, Sinai, and Safaga on the Red Sea coast, among others. On the Red Sea coast, Marsa Alam and Safaga are well known sites for therapeutic tourism. Safaga in particular is said to be one of the best locations in the world for curing psoriasis.

An old Roman fortress, Mons Claudianus is at base of Jebel Fatira mountains about 30 miles from Safaga which makes a fascinating day trip. Guided tours are available with good access routes to facilitate the visit of the fortress ruins. A good choice of other trips are available including tours Luxor, the world famous Valley of the Kings, the wonders of the Pyramids of Giza which are available each day. Safari trips through Safaga desert; where is an another environmental system not less wondering than diving or mangrove forests. In this desert, the mountains composed of fantastic geological layers of firestones and variable stones, besides sedimentation hills, and wild life in valleys.

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Napoleon fish, parrot fish, barracudas, grouper fish, clown fish, rockfish, stingrays, red mullet, multicoloured fish, sharks and turtles.

Ras Abu Soma and Sha’ab Tobia for their pelagic fauna Panorama Reef for drops to depths of over 100 m Middle reef for night diving


  • Salem Express
  • Al Kahfain
  • M.V. Hatour

Safaga Excursions and Tour Operators:
Safaga, Egypt Cruise Ship Port of Call on the Red Sea is Three-Hour Coach Ride from Luxor. Cruise ships sailing the Red Sea such as the Silver Whisper port either at Safaga (Bur Safajah) or Al Ghardaqah to access Luxor on the Nile.

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