Sharks Bay Beach - Sharm El Sheikh

Sharks Bay Beach - Sharm El Sheikh

Ideally located on Sharm El Sheikh's most beautiful beach. From Sharks Bay - Al-Pasha Coast, Coral Beach, Tiran Island is conveniently situated just minutes away from the commercial and shopping centers of Naama Bay, only 10km north of Na'ama Bay and only 8km away from the Sharm El Sheikh International airport. The ideal venue for combining business and leisure.

Own beach with easy sea entry - perfect for swimming, snorkeling and learning to dive Great house reef with beautiful corals teeming with marine life Full range of water sports including wakeboarding and speedboat trips to Tiran.
Sharks Bay Beach, Sharm El Sheikh
Sharks Bay is one of the few places in the area where there is a beach with a “walk in” sea and abundant coral - great for swimming and snorkelling alike. It is also a wonderful area for kids and families and an easy site for learning to dive. A full range of water sports is available including water skiing and wakeboarding. Within the dive shop is an internet café and we have wireless connection throughout Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village. Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Village has grown a lot from its origins in the early 1980s. However it still manages to keep a friendly and personal approach to diving whilst being only ten minutes from the lights of Sharm el Sheikh. Travel to the Hilton Sharks Bay Resort, set on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt's Sinai peninsula. The hotel is 10 minutes from the airport and only 7 miles from the shopping area of Naama Bay.

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Sharks Bay Dive Site

Sharks Bay is a small bay that is located north of Na'ama Bay. This bay consists of a rugged shoreline that drops down below the surface to a sandy canyon. There are many crevices that contain numerous soft corals and many red fish. The red fish, which are called lyretail coralfish, are said by some divers to be the reason it is called the Red Sea. The reef is very beautiful, but you might take a look out into the blue waters every now and then. You might see a barracuda, a spotted eagle ray, or a shark, for which the bay was named.

This site, lying just in front of the Sharsk Bay Camp and Dive Center, is sloping reef broken by a large sandy area which houses the dive center's jetty and boat area. To the south, the reef has a moderate slope and is well covered in coral. North of the jetty is a shallow area good for relaxed snorkeling.
Spotted Eagle Ray at Sharks Bay - Sharm El Sheikh
Directly in front of the sandy shore entry point, a deep canyon drops through the reef. Its mouth lies at the foot of the reef wall forming the sand slope's southern edge. The canyon's steep and sandy floor descends rapidly to depths of 60m (197ft) and more.

Exiting the canyon, you can explore the moderately sloping reef to the south, gradually ascending before turning back to the north. This section shows dense growth of both hard and soft corals, although less pristine than at some places along this coast. Fish life is diverse and interesting, with angels, parrotfish, grouper, wrasse and morays among the attractions on the reef, and rays and flatfish lying on the sandy entry slope.

The typical depth range of Sharks Bay is from 30 to 85 feet. It is accessed by a boat dive or a local guide. The expertise required for this area is novice to advanced.

Sharks Bay Beach
Shark's Bay, Sharm El Sheikh South Sinai, Egypt
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