Sharm El Sheikh Holiday Vacation

Sharm El Sheikh Holiday Vacation

What once used to be a desert with only few Bedouins inhabiting it, turned into a great diving, entertainment and shopping center! This electronic guide made by people who have been living here for more than a decade will provide you with the most accurate, true-to-life, practical information and useful tips which will ensure you get the most of your vacation.

This place will definitely charm you, as it contains all the things you’d love to have on your vacation. To begin with, Sharm has the gorgeous Red Sea, with corals to amaze every visitor, fish of all size and color, wavy and non-wavy areas and luxurious sandy beaches. Secondly, Sharm has all the entertainment one needs to both feel at home and feel abroad. This means that, on the one hand, Sharm has the desert and the Bedouins – true representatives of Sinai; and on the other, the town has bowling and karting, figure skating and parasailing, horse and camel riding, aqua parks and sea viewing excursions. It is up to you to choose what you want to do and Sharm will take care of it.

But there is more: Sharm has gorgeous restaurants with chefs brought from all over the world to satisfy even the choosiest of visitors. You’d like to visit the healthy Japanese restaurant? No problem, you’ll find it here. Chinese, Thai, Russian, Italian or even German – are all found in Sharm. And the trick is that most of them are quite affordable. As far as the service is concerned, it is good in most of the places.

If you are one of those who came here in order to explore the rich world of Sinai with its amazing variety of Activities, games and entertainment, then you can choose one of the following: Aqua Parks, Sinai Desert Trekking, Parachuting, Go Karting, Water and Wind Sports, Kiting or a romantic Bedouin Dinner under the starlit Sinai sky. If adrenaline is not for you, then perhaps you can lie lazily on the beach, enjoying every moment. Top Sharm Beaches are provided with telephone numbers, addresses and some useful tips on the cost of tickets, restaurants and bars located on the territory of these beaches as well as activities, services and parties run there.

You just have to pick up the activity you want to do and enjoy it.

Enjoy your vacation Sinai and remember: this is the place where the sun is always shining!

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Last Updated on Monday 17th January 2011