Sinai Beaches - Sharm El Sheikh

Sinai Beaches - Sharm El Sheikh

Nowadays, two million visitors a year are flown into Sharm el Sheikh's big and reasonably efficient airport. Besides Brits, plenty of Germans, Russians and French people arrive. Many come to dive, but there are also the pleasures of the beach and the desert. The Sinai is for happy amphibians – and Sharm is the draw for most of them.

In the greater resort area of Sharm el-Sheikh, the bays include, from south to north, Sharm el Maya, Na'ama Bay, Garden Bay, Tiger Bay, Sharks Bay, and Nabq Bay. There are all sorts of hotels and resorts along this strip of coastline. Some are resort compounds, similar to those more frequently seen on the Red Sea coast, which attempt to provide every option to vacations in one spot. Others are more open, particularly along Na'ama bay, where the board walk provides access to various hotel facilities making them available to everyone.

Ras Um Sid Cliff is the cliff top area that links Na'ama Bay and the bay of Sharm El Maya. Ras Um Sid is centrally situated about 5 minutes drive from Sharm in one direction and Na'ama in the other. Ras Om El Seed also is famous for its coral reefs, has a very high cliff where many hotels are situated. Its location on a gentle plateau rising above the coast on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula means Om el Sid Hill commands spectacular views across the sun-drenched Red Sea Riviera. From Om el Sid Hill, beach resorts Nabq Bay, the Al Pasha Coast, and Sharks Bay are within 10 km and can offer a peaceful alternative to bustling Naama Bay. Om el Sid hill is essentially a plateau rising gracefully above the translucent blue of the surrounding gulf, on the southern tip of over thirty miles of uninterrupted beachfront. You can go for walks round the yachts and fishing boats of the harbour, some of which recall a time when fishing, not tourism, was the main source of sustenance here. Take a hike by jeep or camel up to Mount Sinai for panoramic mountainside views and a trip to the ancient monastery of St Catherine there, the world’s oldest open church. The four star Aqua Blu Sharm Resort was built on the Ras Om El Seid, with an area of 133,905 square metres (1,441,340 sq ft).

Transfer Times From Sharm El Sheikh Beaches

  • Sharm el Sheikh airport - Naama Bay: approx 20 minutes
  • Sharm el Sheikh airport - Ras Nasrani area: approx 15 minutes
  • Sharm el Sheikh airport - Shark's Bay & White Knight Bay area: approx 10 minutes
  • Sharm el Sheikh airport - Ras Sum Sid area: approx 25 minutes
  • Sharm el Sheikh airport - El Pasha, Um Marikha Bay & Garden Reef area: approx 15 minutes
  • (by direct private transfer; please note standard transfers will take longer as multiple stop offs will be made).
  • Sharm el Sheikh - Dahab: approx 75 minutes

Sharm El Sheikh Clubbing and Nightlife

When the sun is down and its warm rays cease caressing your skin, when your soul keeps on singing: “Get a party started!” it’s time to hit the town and have some fun! Whether you are in the mood for a romantic meal for two, a cheerful round of drinks with your buddies or just clubbing the night away, we provide you with the most fascinating, top-rated and exciting places ever!

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Sharm El Sheikh Beach Hotels and Resorts (Near and Around Bay)

Statistically, tourists in Sharm El Sheikh are divided into two big categories. One, to which all reach people still belong, they settle down in hotels like Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton, with often “all inclusive” arrangements. These are 4-5 “stars” hotels, generally on the beach; soft sand beaches in Sharm El Sheikh region stretches for about 35 km. The second category, are those of lower-rank hotels, though quite nice and comfortable, but less expensive. They are quite a distance from the beach, though hotels arrange return buss trips in the morning and afternoon. There is, in fact a third category of tourists, for guests settling in the so-called “unspecified hotels”, the hotels that are comparatively cheaper, though not necessarily uncomfortable.

Bathing suits and bikinis are fine but, despite the best efforts of some tourists, topless tanning is not allowed.

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