Sinai In the Water - Diving in Sinai

the-reef-Chill at the beach in Sharm El Sheikh

The Red Sea is probably the main attraction for thousands of tourists visiting the place every month. No wonder: the sea is rich with minerals vital for our organisms. Add to this the fact that the temperature of the sea reaches 24-25 degrees in summer; the unique marine life, pleasant breeze; gorgeous sand beaches; proud mountains surrounding the place; clean environment - and what you get is an ultimate heaven. So if you are one of sea and sun-lovers you can head to one of the marvelous beaches in town such as Terrazzina, Ultima Spiadga and many others and enjoy the nature.

Considered to be one of the top diving locations in the world, the Red Sea is every diver’s dream come true. With an enormous variety of colorful corals, marine life of all shapes and sizes, wrecks that take you back through time, and a crystal-clear visibility, diving in the Red Sea is, simply put, HEAVEN!

  • Red Sea Facts:
    • length: 2,250 km
    • average width: 300 km
    • salinity: 41%
    • average temperature: 25 c
    • max depth: 2,850 m
    • species of fish: 1,248
    • species of corals: 250

Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab Water Sports, Wind Surfing, Kite Surfing
You may be wondering what one can possibly do on a beach except sunbathing lazily. Well, it is no longer the case in Sharm. Most of the beaches (be it beaches attached to the hotel or just city beaches) organize different activities on the beach, such as massage, relaxation and yoga - for those who like to balance body and soul; make-up, braids and tattoos - for those who like to try something new; volleyball and tennis - for those who like activities; and parties - for those who like to dance till the late hours.

Sinai Diving Details Topics:

No matter what your interests are, it is sure that Sharm beaches will not let you down snorkeling and diving in Red Sea. But swimming in the sea - is one thing; yet swimming under the water is another. Coral and sea-cows; sharks and barracudas; reefs and exotic fish - can all be approached if you go for diving, which became especially popular in the recent years. Diving clubs can provide you with different offers, one of which is underwater photography. Think about it: not only you dive, but you can actually take pictures, which will remind you later of this great experience. Another way to explore the treasures of the Red Sea is by snorkeling. It is much easier and cheaper, plus it provides the whole family with a fun activity.

Sharms largest Water Park
At the same time if you feel that you need some entertainment of a different kind, especially needed for those traveling with kids, you may visit to one of the gorgeous aqua parks in town, including Aqua Park and Cleo Park. Each has a wonderful design, various slides and absolutely amazing scenery. On the territory of each park there are bazaars and shops with souvenirs, making it a perfect solution for parents who let their kids play, while they themselves pass their time shopping. Water parks are also a perfect solution if you are one of those who came here for water sport activities. Let your kids spend a wonderful time in the parks, and enjoy your afternoon windsurfing, kite surfing, wake-boarding or water-skiing.
Snorkeling and diving in Ras Mohamed, red sea
Nothing can be more enjoyable than spending a wonderful holiday with your family in one of the most natural and wonderful resorts of the world. Enjoy your holiday and enjoy the nature and remember: this is the place where the sun is always shining.

Last Updated on Saturday 15th January 2011