Sinai Wind Sports - Sharm El Sheikh

Sinai Wind Sports in Dahab - Red Sea

Along the Red Sea area the winds blow all year around averaging forces from 4-7Bft. (75 % of the days), and the direction can vary during the day. Due to stronger high pressure in summertime the surfer can expect more high wind days. Mountain formations along the Red Sea are channeling and therefore increase the wind.

Windsurfing in Al Tur (El-Tor)

El Tur , on the south Sinai peninsular of Egypt is a virtually undiscovered jewel amongst windsurfers, fabulous winds for windsurfing all year round. El Tur is unlike any other tourist location and it is virtually untouched by tourism! It is an authentic Egyptian town and this means no hassle when you walk down the street or sit in the coffee shop with a Shisha! Experience true tranquillity & relaxation on an uncrowded, private beach!

The main stretch runs direct from the private beach across the main bay to the mosque. Generally flat but with some wind blown chop in front of the lagoon for some chop hop/jumping practice or aerial freestyle launch pad. The run back allows you to plane right back into the beach or practice carve gybes on perfect flat water conditions.

To the outside, where the Gulf of Suez wraps round into the bay, rolling swell offers big launch pads for jumping or some swell riding. A few km up the Gulf of Suez a full wave beach is located. This has side-on to onshore winds depending where you sail, and gives proper breaking waves up to 2m. Great for major jumping and proper wave riding. And no reef to worry about ! El Tur Windsurfing is located on the private beach of the Moses Bay Hotel in El Tur.

El-Tor (Al-Tur), also known as Tur Sinai, formerly Raithu, is the capital of South Sinai Governorate of Egypt, located at the Sinai Peninsula. The name of the city comes from the Arabic name of the mountain where the prophet Moses received the tablets from God; this mountain is called Jabal Al Tor. The El Tor strain of cholera was discovered there in 1905. The old harbour was meant to control the shipping trade in the Gulf of Suez. With relation to the famous monastery of St. Catherine, the Saint James Monastery is close to the port of El Tor. Ruins of the first monastery built in 6th century are still visible. If you happen to pass by on your way from Cairo to Sharm El Sheikh you may stop for an hour or two. It was a quarantine camp for Pilgrims returning from Hajj. Private Jets Charter/Private Flights Planes is able to handle all of your air charter services from El-tor, Egypt. Private Jets Charter El-tor will make sure that the flight you pick is the right one for you.
windsurfing in dahab

Wind Sports in Dahab

DAHAB is located 90 km north of Sharm-El-Sheikh. It's a small bedouin village at the Gulf of Aqaba where the wind is blowing at almost 300 days a year at 4 Bft. and above. In summer when temperature raises up to 40 degrees this spot turns into a high wind area(7 bft+) with constant wind. all day and night. In the morning the wind blows a little offshore but in the afternoon it turns to side shore from the left.

Dahab is one of the few places in Egypt where you can do all three, diving, windsurfing and a bit of nightlife. The Windsurfing spot is about 2 km South of Dahab-Village in the so-called Lagoon. Around the lagoon, there are a few of the bigger hotels, but otherwise there is wasteland, you may stay in Dahab-village (Dahab-Masbat/Mashraba)and take a cab out for surfing (will cost maximum 10 Egyptian pounds). Smilies/grin.gifiving spots are both directly in Dahab (Light house reef, for example) or a few kilometers around (like Blue Hole, Eel Garden).

Sailing spots are

Located at the beach of the hotel "NOVOTEL Dahab" you will find a lagoon that's shallow enough to beach start your board.(Good place for beginners). More advanced sailors can sail further out of the lagoon for bump-and-jump conditions and won't get into much trouble even in sick wind, because in the worst case, you'll be blown back to the beach.

At the opening of the lagoon you will find a spit of land. Behind that spit the wind blows a little stronger. There you might find some good air and small wind waves.

Further away from the spit you will find a small reef with a good swell (2-4 meters).

3 Km away from Dahab you will find a small Bedouin village called Asala. There you will find one of the best wave spots in Egypt, discovered from sailors of Israel. A reef is just offshore an gives good wave conditions. The wind blows side shore from the left.

Where to stay:

You can stay on any of these hotels located on the lagoona:

    • Hilton
    • Ganet Sina
    • Dahabeya

you can windsurfing at any of these wind sports club in dahab:

  • culb mistral
  • surf'n action
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