Taba Heights - A Breathtaking Escape in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Taba Heights - A Breathtaking Escape in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

Located in one of the most beautiful sites in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Taba Heights Resort brings you a natural and magnificent setting where the beautiful mountain ranges meet one of the world’s richest coral seas: the Red Sea. The resort’s village and luxury hotels offer you a unique experience of leisure and activities with their numerous facilities.

Taba Heights is home to a full service of wide ranging activities. From fivestar water sports and diving centers offering sports like windsurfing, diving and sailing, to a range of spas, swimming pools, full-service beaches and the 18-hole championship golf course.

Located only a short distance from Sinai’s cultural treasures and religious sites Taba Heights will enable you to explore the wonders of the whole area by taking desert hikes and Safaris at the Canyon Safari, discovering the Colored Canyon, the medieval facility Castle Zaman and Mount Sinai. Day trips to other sites in Egypt are easily arranged.

The Gulf of Aqaba is created by seismic activity along the Afro-Syrian Rift, the Gulf of Aqaba is a deep narrow body of water, bordered by Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and is one of the hinges connecting the Asian and African continents. The gulf extends 180 km from Eilat and Aqaba and joins the Red Sea at the Straits of Tiran, with its widest point spanning 28 km. Israel's gulf shore extends only a few kilometers, from the city of Eilat to the border with Egypt at Taba. Jordan's shore reaches some 20 km in length, extending to the Saudi border opposite Marsa al Muqabila in northern Sinai. Egypt enjoys the longest gulf border, which stretches some 170 km between Taba and the Straits of Tiran.

The Taba Heights experience is made special by nightly programming featuring local performance talent, as well as the thrill of gaming at the 24-hour casino. Each hotel offers a range of entertainment options, including: nightly programs, Casino, Nubian Troupes, Bedouin experience, camel rides and animation programs. The weekly El Wekala street festival in Uptown causes guests and residents to gather in the village centre for an evening of local entertainment, music, and good food.

In addition to the breathtaking setting and ideal location, Taba Heights provides luxurious five-star hotels that will meet each and every one of your needs. Also See: Nuweiba, Taba and Pharaoh's Island - Sinai
Taba Heights - A Breathtaking Escape in Egypts Sinai Peninsula

Taba Heights Marriott Beach Resort

Situated in over 44 acres of lush gardens, 2800 square meters of pools and waterfalls with over 500 square meters

of private beaches. The resort’s Spa offers every amenity to relax and rejuvenate; different types of massage vary from Thai and Swedish to aromatherapy and reflexology. Sofitel Taba Heights is inspired by traditional Oriental architecture. There are six restaurants and bars to sample a mouth-watering range of cuisines.

Hyatt Regency Taba Heights is set on five kilometers of a secluded beach and private bay. The resort features a 3105 square meter seawater lagoon.

Taba Heights Beach Resort

Taba Heights Sinai Peninsula Beach Resort village and hotels meld smoothly into the breathtaking natural backdrop of untamed desert, cinnamon mountains, and vibrant sea. The breathtaking natural setting is complemented by an offering of lavish five-star hotels. Swimming pools, massage, gourmet cuisine, a golf course and a marina in addition to a myriad of activities and culinary delights. Taba Heights has been carefully created and developed by some of world’s best known architects and designers and covers a total of 4.3 million square meters of land.

Restaurants and bars in Sinai. Enjoy dining at Taba Heights hotel Sinai. Take advantage of the Dine Around Privilege, a special dining scheme that allows guests to sample a wide variety of cuisines at any of the many hotel restaurants throughout the resort, regardless of your hotel of residence. In addition to activities within the resort such as organizes quad biking and hiking trips, camel riding, desert safaris and diving, in just a few hours guests can be standing before the Great Pyramid at Giza, the haunting canyon Treasury of Petra, or the solemn Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

With its variety of luxurious hotels, Taba Heights offers an ultimate dining experience with more than 14 restaurants and bars with delightful cuisine. Breeze Restaurant located in the Hyatt Regency, offers à la carte seafood menu. For an Oriental evening Flying Carpet located uptown will bring you the harmony of Egyptian hospitality and warm European welcome in a cozy restaurant and pub with the option of an outdoor terrace. Grotto Bar & Grill in the Marriott will bring traditional Middle Eastern fare. Whether you dine outside and listen to the waterfalls flowing from the roof of the cave or sit like a Bedouin on cushions, there is something for everyone.

For a nice evening, Pub Tandoori located uptown is a Traditional English Pub serving Indian specialties indoors or outdoors with spectacular views of the resort, golf course, sea, and the mountains. The pub is a friendly place to watch your favorite sport on giant screens. For a special night, the Hyatt Regency offers a Bedouin campsite in the nearby mountains for dining under the stars.
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  • Located 450 kilometers from Cairo, Taba Heights is accessed by the Sinai Peninsula overland route, a six-hour trip either by private car or public bus.
  • International marina, officially recognized as a legal port of entry to Egypt, accommodating up to 50 yachts and organizing day trip excursions.
  • Access from Taba International Airport is 40 minutes by car and three hours by car from Sharm El Sheikh Airport.
  • Getting to Taba Heights

    From whatever point you start your holiday, whether by land, sea or air, getting to Taba Heights is simple.

    • From Cairo by Air Taba Heights is best accessed from Cairo via the Egypt Air Express round-trip twice-weekly flights linking Cairo International Airport directly to Taba International Airport located just 30 km from the resort. Ask your preferred travel agent for flight details of call the Egypt Air hotline on 1717 from any mobile or landline in Egypt.
    • From Europe by Air Within easy reach, the local Taba International Airport means that Taba Heights is only a short flight from any European or regional city. Located only 30 km away, a 40 minute drive, the airport receives a full range of regional and international flights.
    • Egypt Overland Located 450 kilometres from Cairo, Taba Heights is accessed by the Sinai Peninsula overland route, a six-hour trip either by private car or public bus.
    • Arrival by Sea Taba Heights is also home to an international marina, officially recognised as a legal port of entry to Egypt. Visitors wishing to cruise directly to Taba Heights by private yacht or charter vessel from the Aqaba, Jordan port can gain access and entry to Taba Heights and Sinai's historical sites by boat.
    • Access
      • Taba International Airport: 30 km, 40 mins by car
      • Cairo International Airport: 450 km, 60 minutes by plane
      • Sharm Airport: 180 km, three hours by car
      • Eilat Airport (Israel): 25 km, 30 mins by car

A Day trip to St. Catherine’s

A short trip from Taba Heights can take you to St. Catherine’s Monastery. This is located in a valley at the foot of Moses Mountain. It was founded by the Byzantine emperor Justinian between A.D. 527 and 547. The Monastery was enlarged in a number of different phases of construction over the subsequent periods. It is one of the great destinations for Christian pilgrimages. The gallery of Icons, the fountain of Moses, the well of Jethro, which is the main source of fresh water for the convent as well as the abundance of wealth and furnishings, are only examples of sites that cannot help but surprise the visitors. Details About Visiting St. Catherine Region

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