Terrazzina Beach - Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai Beach, Red Sea

Terrazzina Beach regular events at Sharm El Sheikh

One of Sharm el Sheikh’s most picturesque stretches of sand, Terrazzina Beach is a great place to chill out for a while. After exploring Sharm el Sheikh’s other interesting attractions, visitors can take a much-needed break by simply lounging around on the sand and swimming in the cool, clear waters.

Terrazzina is the local hot spot. Currently, Terrazzina Beach Club hosts regular events including: guest DJ's, beach barbecues, morning after parties and evening buffets by the fire. This hugely popular beach with Sharm residents and visitors, at Terrazzina beach you can swim, dine and dance from sunrise till sunset. Situated on the gorgeous Sharm El Maya Bay, this trendy beach holds many top party events and soon it will start Monday's 'Next Generation' progressive parties. Watch the sun go down from here and you're guaranteed a spectacle of nature as colors from the surrounding Sinai Mountains light up the sky with hues of pink, purple and gold.

Terrazzina Beach is on the bay of Sharm el Maya (Moya); about five minutes from Na'ama Bay. It is the only bay in the area specifically designated for water sports activities. It is the ideal location for wakeboarding and water skiing due to the fact that it is almost completely surrounded by high cliffs and mountains, providing shelter from the winds. With 365 days of sunshine a year, and water temperatures ranging from 20-30 degrees, Aquatic Vibes ( can provide you with the best sea conditions to learn or improve on your skills.
Terrazzina Beach on the bay of Sharm El Moya; near Na'ama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai Beach, Red Sea, Egypt
If you get bored of your hotel beach you can always go to a different one.There are two in the old town part of Sharm that you can use.The first is the public beach,run by the government.It is only LE10(£1) to enter(including towel) but is pretty basic.The sea is gently shelving making it very safe for the young. The second beach, Terrazzina, is far more cosmopolitan and well looked after but it is a privately owned beach and costs LE35(£3.50) including towel to use. It has a good restaurant that can be accessed free if just dining.They also serve drinks (including alcohol) and snacks and have live foreign DJs every day until after dusk for that chilled Ibiza feeling.

Terrazzina Beach Restaurant is one of best restaurants in Sharm el Sheik. Its situated in Old Sharm town about 5k from Naama Bay, next door to the Iberotel Palace Hotel. Terrazzina Beach is one of the few beaches in Sharm with sandy entrance to the red sea just like all the beaches at Sharm El Maya bay. It is right on beach with tables next to the sea. There is a covered eating area and also an open area where you can lie in the sun and relax on big cushions and loungers. They have a fantastic sound system where you can hear great music as you eat your food or just chill out. After you have finished your meal you can take a nice dip in the sea or smoke some Egyptian tobacco with the shisha pipe. Its also open at night, where the atmosphere is really chilled by candlelight.

It is difficult to characterize Terrazzina as it has many different moods. Depending on the time you are there, you could experience a huge party or a peaceful afternoon. At times, families choose this spot because of the shallow water and the abundance of local kids - ensuring a bit of a rest for Mom and Dad. It is advisable to check it out and see if the mood suits you. Don’t forget the option of a perfect beach lunch or our candle light romantic dinner under the beautiful stars in Sinai.Have a taste of the most exotic Mediterranean seafood, Italian, Russian, Egyptian and International cuisine. Terrazzina beach club is a bar on the beach near the Old Town which hosts daytime and night time beach parties. During the day you can swim, eat, drink and dance and at night when the divers return the area becomes one big beach party. If you love beach party keep on eye Terrazzina Beach Club website for next events.

Terrazzina Beach Club
Sharm El Maya/Om el sid, Sharm El Sheikh, Old Sharm, next to Iberotel Palace hotel, South Sinai, 46619,

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Direction: Sharm El Maya/Om el sid - both are very near the taxi station in the old town/market area of Sharm,Terazzinna is at the junction of Mohamed El Yamani St whilst the public beach is at the junction of the peace road.The other beaches are spread along the om el sid hill top.
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