Aswan Transportation

Aswan Transportation

Luxor and Aswan are two important commercial hubs of Egypt, so transportation links are very well established. They both have International Airports offering both international and domestic flights to quite a few destinations. Domestic flights are quick, convenient and fairly inexpensive. Luxor and Aswan are also rail heads so visitors can take a train if that is their preference.

By Air

You may get to/from Aswan is by plane. EgyptAir fly from Aswan to Cairo, Luxor and Abu Simbel. It will be a half-day trip to Abu Simbel to fly to and from Aswan. In order to reach Aswan by air, its better to reach Cairo by any mode of Conveyance and then take a flight to Aswan from there. It would be both cheap and less time – consuming.

The following airlines operate service to Aswan International Airport: Air Memphis (to/from Abu Simbel), Astraeus (to/from London Gatwick), EgyptAir (to/from Abu Simbel, Cairo, Luxor), Iberworld (to/from Madrid), Astraeus Airlines flies to and from London-Gatwick. Air Memphis flies to Abu Simbel and LotusAir (to/from Cairo).

But you can always avail the cheap flights from the following airports: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, East Midlands, Leeds, London and Luton. Do remember when purchasing any internal flight on the Egyptair website, be sure to put Egypt as your home country to get the cheapest rates.

By Train

If you are in Cairo or any other city that is on the river nile site then make your transportation by train and get to know the variety of life styles and cities of egypt. more than 2 trains will take you from Cairo to Aswan.

Aswan Train Station is the main station at the city center on Sharia as-Souq in Aswan with trains heading north to Luxor and Cairo. To take train out of Aswan to Luxor, for example, there are only 3 official trains, 06:00, 18:00, and 20:00 for foreigners.
Train station to High Dam, Aswan
The Cairo-Aswan Train stops in Aswan, but one line actually goes all the way to the High Dam. This is typically used by workers, but tourists also take it, and it's very cheap. It's also the way to go for trips to Kalabsha and Island Temple of Philae, as well as for the dam and Lake Nasser boatrides in general. The train runs at regular intervals during the day.

You may travel to Aswan by over-night train from Cairo, a trip that took around 10 hours. Dinner will be served to the cabin. After dinner, an attendant will be setting up the twin bunk beds for the night. The overnight sleeper train to or from Cairo is $50 US for a shared cabin.Besides the sleeper trains, foreigners are only allowed to take two other trains, which were less comfortable, i.e. no sleeping cars. One interesting fact about taking this train, is the amount of security the government has provided for tourists' safety. The train is accompanied by a group of heavily-armed Army personnel. Egyptian railways run comfortable trains with air-conditioned coaches. Another option is to sail down the Nile from Aswan to reach Luxor or vice versa. More details current info visit Egyptian National Railway website: . For overnight trains visit: . For Aswan to Luxor transportation: .

By Bus

The local buses are the most popular means of public transport. Though there a are a handful number of air conditioned buss available, the number of local buses are great. They are easily available and are quiet cheap. But some of you may have problems by the fact that they are a bit crowded. If you manage to withstand a little pressure of the crowd, buses are the opted means of transpiration.

By public bus from Hurghada to Aswan takes about 8 hours and we were in Aswan. The price is about 30,-Le for one person. In addition to the public transportation system, there is the Aswan Airport from where you can travel to other parts of the world. From Hurghada bus station you can buy tickets for the night bus to Aswan.

Hire a Felucca; the traditional sailing boat cruise along the Nile

If you have time and like to visit places at the islands or the riverbanks, you can hire a felucca, the traditinal sailing boat. Spend a relaxing day on a mattress-covered felucca sailing down the Nile. Trips can be 1 hour, 4 hours, or you could even hire them to take you all the way to Luxor.

This is the best option for you to see all possible sights on one route in Luxor, Edfu, Kom-Ombo and Aswan. You can sail up to the Nubian village, or down to the High Dam in Aswan via felucca.

Accommodation aboard the cruise boat is on full board basis. In other words all meals included buffet style. Your cabin will be fitted with air-condition and a TV set. Every day there is an entertainment program; these up of such program vary from one boat the other. In each major cruise stop you will be given a boarding pass to be able to identify your ship upon your return. So you won’t mix your boat!

You can hire a felucca for just being on the water. Tolook from the water at the shores is even more relaxing. If you want only to visit Elephantine Island, Kitchener Island or the westbank you can take the ferry as well.
felucca trip along Nile, Aswan
There are plenty of these cruise boats on the river, and the majority cruise from Aswan to Luxor, or vice versa.

The cruise boat for three nights of our trip to travel from Aswan up to Luxor such as the "MS Rosetta", the "Nile Bride", the Jasmin, operated by the Wings Group, etc...Its really nice boat, the rooms are very comfortable, clean and everyone had a window. They have a small pool on the top deck, a bar and restaurant etc.

Ferries Across the Nile at Aswan/Transit Service Across the Nile In Aswan

Your best bet to enjoy some great Nile time without spending expensive days doing it is to hire a felucca and captain in Aswan, and sail among the islands for a few hours in the afternoon. Take a short felucca "cruise" to see the sunset on the Nile, took the ferries across and back over the Nile in Luxor, which satisfied our "cruise" needs. Have fun, whatever you choose. Even taking the public ferry across to the West Bank, is very evocative and photo-op rich.

The Nile is swift-flowing between granite boulders there, there's hisorical interest, and the islands have their own worthwhile attractions as well, although if a visit to one or more is your goal, you can access them far more cheaply by public ferry. At Lake Nasser, ferries transport people to a number of islands and villages. Although private tour boats and vans can fill the need for this transportation, the transit ferries are pleasant way to get around.

2 minute ferry across the nile to Elaphantine Island is convenient. Take a boat across to Elephantine Island and walk through the village where women sat on their doorsteps sifting rice and gossip. On the other side of the island you will find another boat to ferry across to the west bank of the river and you will be landed near the walled compound of the villa of the former Aga Khan.

Aswan is much more interesting than Luxor for sailing, although hiring a water taxi and running along the Corniche at Luxor, or even taking the public ferry across to the West Bank, is very evocative and photo-op rich.

The temple of Philae is altogether more modest, and more lovable to Agilkia Island, just below the dam. A taxi from town takes you to the quay between Nubian villages of blue houses, and a boat ferries you across the lake.
ferries or Transit Service Across the nile, Aswan
Also across the Nile are the tombs of the nobles and the departure point for an excellent camel ride out to the early Christian monastery ruins. For all of these, the local ferry is the way to cross the river. The price is about $1-, and the ride takes very little time despite the leisure pace of the passenger ferry boat. Watching the locals in transit is always a favorite form of entertainment, and when couple with the beauty of the Nile River; what more could anyone ask?

Walking and Camel Ride

The beautiful streets of Aswan make walking the most popular means of transportation. The small size of the region also permits the easy accessibility of the place that is well within the reach of the common masses. So most of the common lot prefer to walk to reach their desired destination.
Camel Ride, Aswan
It is easy to find your way in Aswan because there are only three main streets. One of the streets run parallel with the Nile river. Parallel to this street there is the market street: shari as-souq. and next to this street, there is sharia abtal at-tahrir.

In case you like to visit the west bank, camel drivers are waiting at the boatlanding for customers. If you don't want to walk, the camels can bring you uphill to the Monastery of St Simeon. Dont forget to wear long pants, shoes, hat and sunglasses for such a ride.

By Taxi

Taxis in Aswan can be identified by their orange licence plates. All Aswan taxis have a number which is the same as the driver's licence number. There's another number attached to the dashboard which is the taxi's identity number.

International flights to Cairo, or via Cairo and Luxor to Aswan and Abu Simbel. Contact your travel agent for details. Overland by bus or service taxi from the Ahmed Helmi terminal, near Ramses Station, Tel: 846658. Cruises down the Nile, with accommodation en route, can be arranged through your travel agent.

For More Information Visit: Aswan Tourism and Tourist Information

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