The Blue Desert, Sinai

The Blue Desert, Sinai

Thanks to Belgian artist Jean Verame, this spot has acquired the name of Blue Desert after he painted rocks and boulders of the area in bright turquoise blue, part of an art project celebrating Peace between Egypt and Israel.

With the permission of late Egyptian President Anwar el Saddat, Verame worked on this unique project from 1980 to 1981, using up to 10 tons of paint to complete his work. The artist worked on rocks in an area of four kilometers (two and a half miles), painting boulders as high as 10 meters (30 feet).

These blue stones in the Sinai desert are an artistic celebration of peace by Belgian artist Jean Verame. Verame wanted to paint part of the Sinai blue to mark the peace treaty signed by Israel and Egypt in 1979. He spent two years persuading the Egyptian authorities to let him pursue his artistic dream. After getting approval from the then president, Anwar Sadat, the artist arrived in Sinai with ten tons of blue paint provided by the United Nations.
egypt sinai blue desert
This unusual form of art gives the area a beautiful, out of this world feel, and the color blue contrasts superbly against the stark yellows and beiges of the desert.

To get there, you can take an easy, well beaten trail splitting away from the paved road leading to the Saint Catherine Monastery, in line with the mausoleum of Sheikh Nabi Salah, heading southeast.

You will reach the Blue Desert area after six kilometers (four miles), and you will be able to see the blue rocks from your car, on the right side of the track.

Last Updated on Wednesday 22nd December 2010