Cairo Tower

Cairo Tower

If you want more inspiration for your Egyptian fairytale or additional destinations to visit in this amazing country, here are a few well-known favourites. Hurghada is the perfect place for a family holiday. Kids are welcome everywhere. Hurghada is also the ideal winter sun escape if you want a more relaxed atmosphere, but where you will still be able to enjoy some of the many activities Egypt has on offer – water sport activities are fantastic here, so don’t forget to pack your snorkel and fins. Perhaps not the obvious beach holiday destination, but you can’t have a feature about Egypt without mentioning Cairo. Coming to Egypt, there are a few things that you expect and one of them is Cairo – along with the pyramids and temples, the Red Sea and St Katherine’s Monastery of course. But Cairo’s wonderful frenetic buzz is not to be missed...and if you’re en route to Alexandria, Cairo is the natural stopover. But if you’re after on-the-water action, a cruise down the River Nile is a must. Luxury, relaxation and beautiful scenery all in one neat package...what more could you wish for.

One of the best views is from the Cairo Tower, located on Gezira Island Zamalek just north of the Museum of Modern Art (which is also very much worth a visit), which provides a panoramic vision of Cairo. This 187 meter tall tower, in the form of a latticework tube that fans out slightly at the top, is said to imitate a lotus plant, and ranks only fourth among the worlds highest towers. It is made of granite; the same material often used by the ancient Egyptians, and is about 45 meters taller than the Great Pyramid at Giza.

To the late President Gamal Abdul Nasser, the Cairo Tower was the best place to dine out. He used to go together with his family to dine in the tower’s restaurant, where there is also a cafeteria. Today, the restaurant rotates at an almost unnoticeable speed. Signatures of all the presidents and various other prominent figures who visited the tower are here in the honoring book and even engraved in the tower's walls keeping unforgettable memories. But such politicians were not the only ones who loved the tower. In fact, one of its first visitors was Hollywood movie star, Katherine Hepburn, even though the tower had somewhat of a rocky footing back then in Egyptian-American politics. It was actually financed with American funds, but was not exactly what the Americans expected Nasser to do with the money.
cairo tower with nile river

Completed in 1961 under the direction of Naum Chebib, some say that the tower is, after the Great Pyramid, Cairo's most famous landmark. Certainly this tallest of Cairo's buildings is a highlight of the modern city.

The best time to visit the tower, also known as Borj al-Qahira, is at sunset, when millions of twinkling lights come to life. From here, one can make out on a clear day the easternmost extent of Cairo, where the dark gray buildings run up against the cliff face of the Muqattam Hills. Looking west, the pyramids mark the limits of the city and the start of the desert. Below, the Nile River flows serenely north to the Mediterranean, seeming to slice Cairo in two. To better facilitate the view, there are also telescopes.

The Cairo Tower opens every day from 9:00 in the morning until 1:00 the next morning. The whole of Cairo awaits you at the top of the tower. This is not a sight one should miss. Note that one must pay to take photos from the tower, and video camera tickets are somewhat expensive.

Cairo Tower - energy efficient LED lighting

The Cairo Tower officially opened after being given a new nighttime look. The stunning new lighting effects are created by state-of-the-art color changing LED technology, which is extremely energy efficient. The Tower’s various facilties include: Sky Garden Coffee shop on the 60th floor, serves a wide variety of hot & cold beverages and snacks.

The 360 Revolving Restaurant on the 59th floor. This restaurant serves international types of food to satisfy all tastes. The Panorama View: This is the highest spot in Cairo with telescopes to watch Cairo’s beautiful landmarks from all angles. The VIP Restaurant & Lounge, this was newly added and considered the pride of the Cairo Tower with its luxurious furniture & elegant fine menu. The Cairo Tower now has a spacious place to hold conferences and meetings at the highest level.

Open:9am to midnight. Tickets: LE 20 for Egyptians, LE 65 for foreigners. For reservations, please call: +(202) 2736 5112 or (202) 2738 3790.

Last Updated on Monday 10th January 2011