Dahab Restaurants, Cuisine and Bar

Dahab Restaurants, Cuisine and Bar

The seafront at Dahab in Sinai, Egypt was engulfed by huge waves, scattering restaurant-goers and destroying fittings. Dahab’s longstanding reputation as a backpacker’s mecca is largely based on tourism, particularly the small-scale catering provided by local Bedouin. Most of the restaurants which line the seafront. Dahab's downtown is the story often told by a backpacker: a two-mile stretch of bazaars, camps, low-budget hotels, laid-back and unpolished town of Bedouin-style restaurants, one discotheque, stores and backpacker camps strung along the seashore a short cab ride from the Coralia club and cafés directly overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba. More Details: The Coral Peninsula of Dahab, Sinai

  • AL Bestro restaurant (Former Pizza N Pasta), Thai Restaurant, Sultan Bar (Former La Terrace Bar), Sunset Bar, Surf Bar, The Lagoon, Zeitouna
    Inside Coralia Club Dahab Hotel
    P.o Box 23, south Sinai, Laguna, Dahab, EGYPT
    Tel: 069-3640301
    In front of tourism police
    Tel. (+20)69/3640301
    Fax. (+20)69/3640305
  • Aladdin Restaurant
    Masbat, Dahab
    Tel: 010-9660464, 010-1544414
  • Aladdin Tent & Beach Bar, Pool Bar, Happy Life Village Restaurant, The Filo Bar, The Love Boat
    Inside Happy Vilage - Dahab/ Happy Life Hotel
    Qounay Valley Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
    Tel: +2 0106689893 / +2 0106689892
    Fax: +2 0106681385
  • Ali Baba Restaurant
    Inside Ali Baba Hotel
    El Masbat Beach Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
    Tel: (+2) 069 3640 504
    fax:(+2)069 3642 630
    Email: or
  • Amigo Dahab Restaurant
    Inside Amigo Dahab Hotel
    Blue Hole Rd. Asla, Dahab
    Tel: 069-9221038, 069-9221037
  • Sea Breeze Bar, Sea Breeze Restaurant, Aqua Bar, Bedouin Tent, Cheers Bar, Le Palmier Restaurant
    Inside Iberotel Dahabeya Hotel
    El Fanadeq St., Laguna, Dahab, P.O. Box 83, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt.
    Hotline: +20-(0)-16416
    Tel: +20-(0) 69 3641 264
    Fax: +20-(0) 69 3641 265
  • Beach Bar, Dyarna Restaurant - Dyarna Dahab hotel
    Inside Dyarna Hotel Dahab
    P.O. Box 7, El Mashraba, Masbat, Dahab – South Sinai - Egypt
    Phone: (+20) 693640-120 / -121
    Fax.: (+20) 693640122
  • Restaurant Ganet Sinai, Pergola Bar, Beach Bar, Speed Bar - Ganet Sinai
    Inside Ganet Sinai Village Hotel
    Dahab City, Laguna, Dahab
    Tel: 069-3640440, 069-3640441, 069-3640442, 069-3640439
  • Beach Bar, Coconut Bar, Mirage Restaurant, Neptune's Restaurant, Portofino Restaurant, Windjammer Bar - Hilton Dahab Resort
    Inside Hilton Dahab Resort Hotel
    South Sinai, Laguna, Dahab, Egypt 55
    Tel: 20-69-364-0310
    Fax: 20-69-364-0424
  • Eldorado, Leilas Bakery & Ralph's Bakery and Blue Beach Restaurant In Dahab, South Sinai

  • Miami Beach Restaurant, Beach Bar, Pool Bar, Lobby Bar - Miami Beach Hotel
    Inside Miami Beach Hotel and Resort
    Canyon Beach Blue hole road, Asla, Dahab, Egypt
    Tel: 012-1140127, 016-4280777, 016-4280555, 016-4280666
  • New Sphinx Restaurant, Beach Bar - New Sphinx Resort
    Inside New Sphinx Resort
    El Mashraba, Masbat, Dahab
    Sphinx Hotels: (002)-069-3640032 / (002)-069-3640494
    Sphinx Diving Center: (002)-069-3640458
    Fax : (002)-069-3640032
  • Beach Bar, El Khaima Restaurant, Lokanda Restaurant & Bar, Zeytoun Restaurant - Swiss Inn Dahab Resort
    Inside Swiss Inn Resort Dahab
    Laguna, Dahab, Beside Hilton Dahab Resort
    Tel: +20 69 36 40 471/2, 69 36 40 054/5, 010 2505201 – 2
    Fax: +20 69 36 40 470
  • Bedouin Corner
    Inside Mirage Village
    P.O. Box 46,El Fanar St.Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai,Egypt.
    Telephone: +20 (69) 3640341
    Fax: +20 (69) 3640332
    Mobile Phone Number: +20 (16) 9797529
  • Nesima Restaurant, Bedouin King Chicken Restaurant, Down Stairs Bar, Pool Bar, Italian Restaurant, Little Coffee Shop, Roof Bar
    Inside Nesima Resort
    El Mashraba, Masbat, Dahab
    Nesima Restaurant serves the best steaks in all Dahab. If you stay over New Year you shouldn’t miss the Nesima New Year Gala dinner.
    Tel: 069-3640320, 012-1024062, 069-3640319, 069-3640366
  • Bedouin Moon Bar and Restaurant
    Inside Bedouin Moon Hotel
    Postal address: Reef 2000, P.O. Box 60, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt.
    Visiting address: Reef 2000, P.O. Box 60, Blue Hole Rd., Asla, Dahab, South Sinai, Egyp
    Phone: (002) 069 3640 087
    Urgent: 00 20 12 78 450 52
  • Blue Beach Restaurant, Furry Cup
    Inside Blue Beach Club Hotel
    P.O. Box 45 El Melal Street , Asla, Dahab Beside National Bank Of Egypt South Sinai Egypt
    Tel: +20 (0) 69 3640 411
    Fax: +20 (0) 69 3640 413
  • Dahab Al Capone Restaurant and Dahab Al Capone Blue Hole Restaurant
    Cuisines: International, Italian, Seafood and Egyptian.
    Masbat, Dahab. It is right next to the bridge on the seafront in Dahab.
    Dahab Al Capone Blue Hole Restaurant is a Branch Of The Dahab Al Capone Restaurant.
    Call: 010-3722220
  • Chill Out Cafe
    Masbat, Dahab
    Tel: 069-3640232
  • Chinese Restaurant, Napoleon Restaurant, Thai Restaurant
    Inside Seven Heaven Hotel and Divers Down Under
    Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt, Beside napoleon restaurant
    Email: or
    Telephone: + 2 069 3640 080
    Mobile : + 2 012 3612 964
  • Dai Pescatori Italian Fish Restaurant
    At Sheikh Salem House, El Garden, Masbat, Dahab
    Tel: 012-7972361
  • SeaSun Restaurant, Pirates Bar, Moonlight English Bar, Ristorante Da Mario, Welcome Bar
    Inside SeaSun Hotel Dahab
    53 Blue Hole Road, Asla, 2345 Dahab, South Sinai - Egypt
    Tel: +2 016 880 32 80
    Fax: +2 016 880 32 81
  • Funny Mummy Restaurant
    Inside Shams Hotel and Restaurant
    Just 2-minute walk from Bishbishi Garden Village
    Mashraba St., Dahab - South Sinai- Egypt
    Tel: 069-3640727
  • Green Valley Restaurant
    Masbat, Dahab
    Beside National Bank Of Egypt
    Tel: 069-3640097, 010-6625263, 010-1682388, 010-6780484
  • Horizon Bar, Omar Cafe, Sails Restaurant & Bar, Vie Restaurant
    Inside Le Meridien Dahab Resort
    Al Tahrir Street, Dahab P.O.Box 2, Laguna, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
    Tel: 069-3640427, 069-3640426, 069-3640425
  • La Reine Restaurant
    Inside La Reine Dahab Hotel
    El Salam Rd. Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai - Egypt
    Telephone: 0020-69-3641-642, 0020-69-3641-643
    Fax: 0020-69-3641-644
  • Lagona Restaurant
    Inside Lagona Village Dahab Hotel
    Laguna, Dahab In Front Of CIB - Commercial International Bank
    Tel: 069-3640352, 069-3640353, 069-3640352, 069-3640354
  • Nemo Restaurant
    El Mashaya St., Masbat, Dahab
    Tel: 010-7027913, 012-9495318, 012-9959756
  • Octopus Restaurant, Octopus Cafe
    Inside Octopus Garden Resort
    El Mashraba St. Masbat, Dahab
    Telephone : +20 69 3641 204
    FAX : +20 69 3641 272
    Mobile : +20112317644
  • Penguin Restaurant
    Inside Penguin Village Hotel
    P.O. Box 13, Mashraba st, Masbat, Dahab, Egypt, Beside New Sphinx Resort
    Telephone: +20-693641047
    Fax: +20-693641047
    Mobile Phone Number: +20-103015159
  • SeaSun Restaurant
    Inside Seaview Resort
    El Mashraba St., Masbat, Dahab, Beside Dyarna Dahab Hotel
    Email: , ,
    Telephone : +20 69 3641 272
    FAX : +20 69 3641 272
    Mobile : +20 11 2316197
  • Star Of Dahab Restaurant
    Inside Star Of Dahab Hotel
    El Mashraba, Masbat, Dahab
    In the sea side of mashraba. A good place to eat some fresh fish
    Tel +2 069 3640130, Mobile +2 010 111 3481
  • Tota Restaurant
    Masbat, Dahab
    Tel: 069-3640014, 016-1858703
    Restaurant and pizzeria with Italian and international cuisine
    Between Penguin Village and Inmo Hotel
    Tel. +20128284612 -
  • Eldorado Restaurant
    Around Eldorado Lodge Hotel
    Contact Eldorado Lodge Hotel, Dahab
  • Same Same Dahab But Different Restaurant
    Awesome food, with locally sourced ingredience, and home- grown herbs, serve fresh seafood, egyptian food & moroccan food , famous with the best milkshakes in dahab,
    Same Same Dahab But Different Restaurant
    Almasbat, Dahab, Egypt
    located in the center close to Tota.
    Tel: +2 0106466863
  • Sea-Bride Fish restaurant
    fantastic fish dishes for astonishing little money. Sea Bride is located directly in the center of Mashraba pedestrian street, close to Nesima Resort and Dahab Plaza Hotel. Great fish restaurant reasonably priced. But the main direction of this place is a seafood which is accompanied by seafood soup, rice, salad and dips. You pick your fish, they prepare it for you!
    Inside Dahab Plaza Hotel
    Al Masbat area, Peace Road before Magra Al Seal, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
    Located in Mashraba pedestrian street.
    Mobile lines +20 12 333 52 35, +20 16 385 00 87
    Tel./Fax: +20 69 364 18 78
  • Eldorado Lodge Hotel & Restaurant
    Eldorado Lodge Hotel overlooks directly the Gulf of Aqaba, has private beach with sundeck chairs and umbrellas available for its clients, and from the reef stretching just in front you can snorkel looking for the multicoloured fishes and corals of the Red Sea. Eldorado Restaurant serves great Italian restaurant.
    Eldorado Lodge Hotel
    Assala, Around Town, Dahab - Red Sea - Egypt
    At the beach promenade between Lighthouse and Eel Garden.
    Tel. / Fax : 002 069 3641027
    Mobile: 002 012 7593235
  • The Kitchen Restaurant
    The Kitchen Restaurant provides a new style of dining, where you can choose from a creative mix of modern & authentic Indian, Thai and Chinese cuisine. The Kitchen also offers Japanese Sushi on the menu, with a wide variety of choices. The Kitchen Restaurant is located in Masbat in the center of Dahab besides Tota, along the beach front, next to the big Ghazalla supermarket. Nice location, brilliant sea view and tasty indian cuisine. Provide Take Away & Delivery.
    The Kitchen Restaurant
    Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt, 50660
    Takeaway & Delivery: 019 59 59 764
    Reservation: 019 59 59 764
  • Leila’s Bakery, Restaurant and Holiday Villas
    • Leila’s Bakery El Fanar Lighthouse
      From handmade wholemeal breads, baguettes, pretzel and rye roll, pastries and cakes including apple strudel and black forest gateau. Not only very very tasty, but authentic and very popular in Dahab but customers come from Sharm el Sheikh and even the reaches of Cairo who have heard of the fantastic tastes of Leilas Bakery. Leila’s German Restaurant is Traditional Bavarian Restaurant.
      Leila’s Bakery and Restaurant
      El Fanar Street (Lighthouse road), Dahab / South Sinai
      Opening hours: 7am to 7pm
      Phone: (02)-069-3640 594
      Mobil: (02)-016 950 9167
    • Leila’s Holiday Villas
      • Villa Boheme and Villa Sunshine
        The Villa Boheme and Villa Sunshine are both located across Alf Leila Hotel and German Bakery. It is a very quiet alle off El Fanar Street (Lighthouse road) It is just 2 minutes away from the beach, the restaurants, shops and dive centers of the Masbat Bay.
      • Palm Beach Villa 1 and Palm Beach Villa 2
        Palm Beach Villa 1 and Palm Beach Villa 2 are both located right on the beach in the Eel Garden area close to Assalah market
      • Leila’s Holiday Villas
        Atelier Boheme
        Lawrence: 0020123707774
        Eva: 0020106935669

    • Leila’s Bakery, Restaurant and Holiday Villas website:

  • Yalla Touristic Bar and Restaurant
    light house
    Masbat, Dahab
    Tel: 069-3642166
  • Nirvana Indian Restaurant
    Masbat, Dahab
    Tel: 069 364 126
  • Al-Hussein Seafood Restaurant
    Sharia Al-Mashraba Mashraba, Dahab
  • Carm Inn Restaurant For Indian Food
    Masbat, Dahab
    situated in the bay not far from the bank directly at the beach promenade close to the Lighthouse offers a cosy restaurant with international cooking and brilliant vegetarian meals
    Tel: 069/3641300
  • Gado Restaurant
    Mashraba Sharia Al-Mashraba, Dahab
  • Jays Cafe & Restaurant
    El Masbat St, Dahab
    Beside Cairo Bank
    Tel: 002/010 1888907
    Corner El Fanar St. & Main Road
    Ralph +2 012 4675950
    Bakery +2 069 364 05 94
  • Kushari House
    Sharia Al-Mashraba, Mashraba

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