El Masrien Grill Restaurant

El Masrien Grill Restaurant

This is a meat lovers paradise Egyptian style. Get into the buzz of the Old Market and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this traditional Oriental grill restaurant. For good oriental and Egyptian food at affordable prices. Famous for its tasty grills. Forget about menus and dining etiquette – at El Masrien you order by the kilo. Start off with traditional mezza with all of the dips accompanied by salad and flat bread and then move on to the grill.

El-Masrien restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh, it has been established in 1988 to offer meat grill is an oriental Egyptian food. In your next visit to Sharm El Sheikh, do not forget to visit, They will welcome you, and offer an exciting experience to taste our famous dishes. The Restaurant gains its popularity by offering one of the most well known dishes in Egypt "Mashy".

The menu is pretty extensive with all types of traditional Egyptian food and grilled meats. We ordered for everyone and tried Kofta, kabab, shish tawook, grilled chicken, lamb and veal chops, steak, and fried pigeon. We also ordered fatta a rice dish with pieces of bread and meat inside. It was an extravaganza, a meat lover’s paradise. Just the smell of the open grill BBQ gets you salivating for the food. It arrives on big platters and everyone digs in. The meat is exceptionally tender and tasty, marinated for hours and flame grilled. Also offer home delivery in Sharm El-Sheikh

El Masrien Grill Restaurant
The Old Commercial Market
Exit Gate, Shop No. 15,
El Souk El Kadim, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 010-3132020, 069-3662909, +2-069-3662904, 012-4177500, 069-3662908
Fax: 069-3662910

Last Updated on Saturday 15th January 2011