Hotels Near Dahab

Hotels Near Dahab

Dahab is one of the best diving resorts on the Red Sea and is also popular with backpackers and package tour operators. April is one of the the resort's busiest months. The main resorts with the sun-and-fun experience at Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, the northern Sinai coast is Dahab, Nawab and Taba.

Dahab is about 100km north of Sharm el-Sheikh, on the South-East coast of a sleepy town on the Sinai peninsula, there's more to diving than breathing. Dahab is the perfect complement to the highs of diving. It clings for dear life to the Red Sea coast. The Sinai mountains loom in the background, with a great expanse of desolate, grey desert in front of it, looking ready to push this seaside oasis into the sea, like a menacing two-pence nudger. Perhaps more than any other location in the Middle East, Dahab has been a meeting point between the West and the Arab world. There is no other place where Israelis and Arabs forget their animosities and party together so heartily. Dahab is also a magnet for skin divers and backpacking bohemians, who are variously drawn to its famous coral reefs, gorgeous desert moonscapes and hashish-induced laid-back vibe.

To the front lies the turquoise waters of the Red Sea and its coral, freckled depths. To the fifteen kilometres north of the main tourist area of Dahab, in between the Bedouin village of Assalah and the spectacular coral reef known as Blue Hole. Dahab boasts the Blue Hole, a vertical rift of current-free, warm, clear water in the coral which is one of the world's best free-diving destinations. This spectacular Blue Hole, rated among the top 10 diving sites in the world and one of the "most dangerous" too. It goes 200 metres in diameter and plunges deep. Indeed, it is a dive site that needs to be treated seriously for many have lost their lives there. Nevertheless, it remains chillingly exciting as a diving and snorkelling site. Other sites include the Canyon, Eel Garden, Lighthouse and Southern Oasis. One needn't worry about booking trips, be they seafaris or safaris. Dozens of offices arranging interesting itineraries are located in the downtown area and in every five-star hotel.

An hour's moderately smooth ride north from Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab is on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula, on the Gulf of Aqaba. Here lie the Sinai Mountains and desert: a relentless terrain of granite rocks and red-gold sand, in which only the traditional Bedouin successfully survive in. The town is located at a dramatic meeting of land and sea, the red and gold Sinai Mountains descending dramatically into the Red Sea, leaving barely any space for land or beast.

Dahab has a long history of luring travellers – and trapping them for days or weeks on end – with its cheap ocean-side camps, golden beaches and rugged mountain backdrop. In recent years Dahab has expanded beyond its humble origins, and now boasts a smooth fusion of hippie mellowness and resort chic. The banana pancakes, moonlight spliffs and hardcore backpackers still remain, though they now coexist with upscale restaurants, boutique hotels and holidaying European families. However, while the vast majority of Sinai is being packaged and sold for mainstream consumption, Dahab is a place where individual travellers are still the rule rather than the exception.

While the rather exclusive hotels in Dahab City offer the advantage of the lagoon with a comfortable sandy beach and good windsurf possibilities, so are the “old Dahab” - hotels of Mashraba and along the Seafront having another advantage, being along the beach promenade, in the middle of the busy life of the pictorial bedoiun town with restaurants, bars and diving schools. Packages Hotel and Diving/Safari generally offer in a one week package with fun Diving and Courses. Enjoy the beautiful reefs of Dahab and luxury accommodation in some of the best hotels in Dahab.

Neither rocky nor slippery are to-die- for qualities when one is in Dahab (translated as gold, it is widely presumed the Bedouins gave it such a name because they associated its shimmering sands with gold dust), due to the fact that the downtown area, although overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, is not an open-sea like the one at the Hilton or its neighbouring hotel, Le Meridien. There, the colour of the water isn't azure and doesn't look mesmerising as "up there" and the seabed isn't very smooth.

For those looking for some action, due to its strong wind, Dahab is equally famous for its water sports especially windsurfing. The city beats the fame of Ras Sedr and El-Gouna in this particular sport. Windsurfing is a common feature in Dahab, where along with diving and snorkelling resemble a major attraction for visitors and regulars. In Poole Harbour, for instance, the water is warm and shallow and the bay has a sandy bottom. It's not so different to Dahab. If you can join a club back home you will get better, and think how much more fun you will have windsurfing on your next holiday. Aside from strolling down the promenade or visiting Tuta, the loner discotheque shaped as a boat, there's nothing much to do in Dahab at night. The city appeals more to early birds rather than night owls. More details about: The Coral Peninsula of Dahab, Sinai

  • Dahab Hotels and Diving Resorts

    • Ali Baba Hotel
      El Masbat Beach Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
      Tel: (+2) 069 3640 504
      fax:(+2)069 3642 630
      Email: or
    • Bedouin Lodge Hotel
      Bedouin Lodge Hotel is a very lovely & familiar hotel - owned by a Bedouin Family from the area of Dahab. The hotel is located directly on the beach, offering 26 rooms with private bathrooms, fan or air con. From our restaurant & roof terrace you have a lovely view on the sea - and our house reef invites for diving & snorkeling. For sure we run a dive center - Bedouin Divers - as well. Once you are here, you have to ask for Safaris in Sinai!!! The family can arrange everything, and acts very individual.
      Facilities of Bedouin Lodge Hotel
      • Bedouin Restaurant
      • Private Baths
      • Private Beach
      • Roof Terrace

      Bedouin Lodge -HP D F W E
      Mashrabia, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
      Postal Address: El Mashraba P.O.Box 71, Dahab,South Sinai, 46617,
      Phone: +20-62-640317
      Fax: 002 062 640392
      Web Site:

    • Christina Hotels/Christina Beach Palace Dahab, South Sinai
      Two pension style hotels Christina Beach Palace and Christina residence, both owned and managed by an Egyptian-Swiss couple. The hotels are perfectly locatedin the quiet, southern part of Dahab yet only five minutes walk away from the busy bazzar. There are several shops and dive schools located in the immediate neighbourhood to the hotel. CHRISTINA HOTELS EGYPT consist of the CHRISTINA RESIDENCE and the new beachside wing CHRISTINA BEACH PALACE. Both houses are built and managed jointly by an Egyptian-Swiss couple and are situated in the southern part of the charming village of DAHAB in the Sinai Peninsula. In the immediate vicinity there are shops, diving schools, guest houses and delightful Bedouin-style beach access. Christina Hotels is ideally located in the quieter part of Dahab village, the CHRISTINA RESIDENCE is situated by the village road, right across the Main entrance / Reception of Christina POOL and BEACH PALACE which overlooks the sea. Christina Residene is 2 minutes walk fro mthe beachand Christina Beach Palace is right next to it.
      Hotel facilities
      • Choose your room among 3 different room types
        • Christina RESIDENCE* – the backpackers’ house since 1996
        • Christina Beach PALACE** – directly by the sea, sea or garden view, since 2000 or
        • Christina Beach POOL*** – newly opened, stylish rooms with pool view
      • directly on the Sea
      • ideally located
      • In-house Dive centre (new!)
      • private Coral beach
      • swimming pool
      • restaurant
      • free Wireless Lan network & Guests’ PC
      • free room safes
      • beach towels
      • travel & Information desk
      • Yoga/dance hall
      • Rates

      Christina Residence Hotel - B HP D F RP
      El Mashraba Street, Beside Banque Du Caire, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
      Tel: ++20 69 3640 390
      Fax: ++20 69 3640 296
      Reservations hotline, for urgencies: +20 12 33 51 226

    • Amigo Dahab
      Blue Hole Rd. Asla, Dahab
      Tel: 069-9221038, 069-9221037
    • Auski Camp
      Masbat, Dahab
      Tel: 069-3640474, 010-3584349
    • Bamboo House Hotel
      El Mashaya Masbat, Beduin Village, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
      Tel: +2 (0)69 36 40 263
      Fax: +2 (0)69 36 40 466
    • Bedouin Moon Hotel
      Postal address: Reef 2000, P.O. Box 60, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt.
      Visiting address: Reef 2000, P.O. Box 60, Blue Hole Rd., Asla, Dahab, South Sinai, Egyp
      Phone: (002) 069 3640 087
      Urgent: 00 20 12 78 450 52
    • Jasmine (Jasmine Pension) Hotel & Restaurant, dahab

    • Jasmine (Jasmine Pension) Hotel & Restaurant
      Located on the seafront of the South Reef in Dahab
      Mashraba St., Dahab - South Sinai- Egypt
      Tele/Fax: +20 69 3640 852
      Mobile phone: +20 12 355 231 8
    • Bishbishi Garden Village
      El Mashraba Masbat, Dahab, Beside Ekramy Pharmacy
      Telephone: +20 69 364-0727(international), 69 364-0727(from Egypt)
      Mobile: +20 10 548-8708 or +20 16 479-9737(international), 010-548-8708 or 016-479-9737(from Egypt)
    • Shams Hotel and Restaurant (Partner hotel of Bishbishi Hotel)
      Just 2-minute walk from Bishbishi Garden Village
      Mashraba St., Dahab - South Sinai- Egypt
      Tel: 069-3640727
    • Blue Beach Club Hotel
      P.O. Box 45 El Melal Street , Asla, Dahab Beside National Bank Of Egypt South Sinai Egypt
      Tel: +20 (0) 69 3640 411
      Fax: +20 (0) 69 3640 413
    • Coralia Club Dahab
      P.o Box 23, south Sinai, Laguna, Dahab, EGYPT
      In front of tourism police
      Tel. (+20)69/3640301
      Fax. (+20)69/3640305
    • Dahab Divers Hotel and Dive Center
      Dahab Masbat 46617, South Sinai Egypt El Fanar Street, PO. Box 4, Masbat, Dahab Beside National Bank Of Egypt
      Phone: 0020 69 3640381, 0020 69 3640382
      Fax: 0020 69 3640180
      Mobile: 0020 10 1113481
    • Dahab Plaza Hotel
      Al Masbat area, Peace Road before Magra Al Seal, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
      Mobile lines +20 12 333 52 35, +20 16 385 00 87
      Tel./Fax: +20 69 364 18 78
    • Dyarna Hotel Dahab
      P.O. Box 7, El Mashraba, Masbat, Dahab – South Sinai - Egypt
      Phone: (+20) 693640-120 / -121
      Fax.: (+20) 693640122
    • Ganet Sinai Village
      Dahab City, Laguna, Dahab
      Tel: 069-3640440, 069-3640441, 069-3640442, 069-3640439
    • Happy Vilage - Dahab/ Happy Life Hotel
      Qounay Valley Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
      Tel: +2 0106689893 / +2 0106689892
      Fax: +2 0106681385
    • Hilton Dahab
      South Sinai, Laguna, Dahab, Egypt 55
      Tel: 20-69-364-0310
      Fax: 20-69-364-0424
    • Iberotel Dahabeya
      El Fanadeq St., Laguna, Dahab, P.O. Box 83, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt.
      Hotline: +20-(0)-16416
      Tel: +20-(0) 69 3641 264
      Fax: +20-(0) 69 3641 265
    • Inmo Divers Home
      15 El Mashraba St.Masbat, Dahab P.O. Box 15 - Dahab - South Sinai - EGYPT
      Tel.: (0020-69) - 3 640 370 / 3 640 371
      Tel.: (0020-69) - 3 640 455 / 3 640 456
      Fax: (0020-69) - 3 640 372
    • Khattab Hotel
      Masbat, Dahab
      Tel: 069-3641411, 069-3641410
    • La Reine Dahab Hotel
      El Salam Rd. Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai - Egypt
      Telephone: 0020-69-3641-642, 0020-69-3641-643
      Fax: 0020-69-3641-644
    • Lagona Village Dahab
      Laguna, Dahab In Front Of CIB - Commercial International Bank
      Tel: 069-3640352, 069-3640353, 069-3640352, 069-3640354
    • Le Meridien Dahab Resort
      Al Tahrir Street, Dahab P.O.Box 2, Laguna, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
      Tel: 069-3640427, 069-3640426, 069-3640425
    • Mercure Dahab Bay View
      Wadi Qunai, Laguna, Qunai Valley, DAHAB. Beside Le Meridien Dahab Resort
      Hotel code: 7597
      Tel : (+20)69/3642580
      Fax : (+20)69/3642570
    • Miami Beach Hotel and Resort
      Canyon Beach Blue hole road, Asla, Dahab, Egypt
      Tel: 012-1140127, 016-4280777, 016-4280555, 016-4280666
    • Mirage Village
      P.O. Box 46,El Fanar St.Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai,Egypt.
      Telephone: +20 (69) 3640341
      Fax: +20 (69) 3640332
      Mobile Phone Number: +20 (16) 9797529
    • Club Red Lodge
      Club Red Sea Dive Center
      Masbat, P.O. Box 12, Dahab – South Sinai, Egypt
      Tel : +20 (0) 693.640.380, +20 (0) 103.739.599
      Fax : +20 (0) 693.640.380
    • Neptune Dahab Hotel
      Magra El Seil St. Masbat, Dahab
      Tel: 069-3640568, 012-3335771
    • Nesima Resort
      El Mashraba, Masbat, Dahab
      Tel: 069-3640320, 012-1024062, 069-3640319, 069-3640366
    • New Sphinx Resort
      El Mashraba, Masbat, Dahab
      Sphinx Hotels: (002)-069-3640032 / (002)-069-3640494
      Sphinx Diving Center: (002)-069-3640458
      Fax : (002)-069-3640032
    • Octopus Garden Resort
      El Mashraba St. Masbat, Dahab
      Telephone : +20 69 3641 204
      FAX : +20 69 3641 272
      Mobile : +20112317644
    • SeaSun Hotel Dahab
      53 Blue Hole Road, Asla, 2345 Dahab, South Sinai - Egypt
      Tel: +2 016 880 32 80
      Fax: +2 016 880 32 81
    • Penguin Village
      P.O. Box 13, Mashraba st, Masbat, Dahab, Egypt, Beside New Sphinx Resort
      Telephone: +20-693641047
      Fax: +20-693641047
      Mobile Phone Number: +20-103015159
    • Seaview Resort
      El Mashraba St., Masbat, Dahab, Beside Dyarna Dahab Hotel
      Email: , ,
      Telephone : +20 69 3641 272
      FAX : +20 69 3641 272
      Mobile : +20 11 2316197
    • dahab - east of Sinai Peninsula on the Red Sea

    • Seven Heaven Hotel and Divers Down Under
      Masbat, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt, Beside napoleon restaurant
      Email: or
      Telephone: + 2 069 3640 080
      Mobile : + 2 012 3612 964
    • Sheikh Salem House
      El Melal Street, Eel Garden Area, Assalah, Dahab, South Sinai, Egypt
      Tel: 002 069 364 1820
      Fax: 002 012 730 4871
    • Star Of Dahab Hotel
      El Mashraba, Masbat, Dahab
      Tel: 069-3640130, 010-1113481
    • Leila’s Holiday Villas
      • Villa Boheme and Villa Sunshine
        The Villa Boheme and Villa Sunshine are both located across Alf Leila Hotel and German Bakery. It is a very quiet alle off El Fanar Street (Lighthouse road) It is just 2 minutes away from the beach, the restaurants, shops and dive centers of the Masbat Bay.
      • Palm Beach Villa 1 and Palm Beach Villa 2
        Palm Beach Villa 1 and Palm Beach Villa 2 are both located right on the beach in the Eel Garden area close to Assalah market

      Leila’s Holiday Villas
      Atelier Boheme
      Lawrence: 0020123707774
      Eva: 0020106935669
      More details about: Leila’s Bakery, Restaurant and Holiday Villas

    • Eldorado Lodge Hotel & Restaurant
      Eldorado Lodge Hotel overlooks directly the Gulf of Aqaba, has private beach with sundeck chairs and umbrellas available for its clients, and from the reef stretching just in front you can snorkel looking for the multicoloured fishes and corals of the Red Sea. Eldorado Restaurant serves great Italian restaurant.
      Eldorado Lodge Hotel
      Assala, Around Town, Dahab - Red Sea - Egypt
      At the beach promenade between Lighthouse and Eel Garden.
      Tel. / Fax : 002 069 3641027
      Mobile: 002 012 7593235
    • Swiss Inn Resort Dahab
      Laguna, Dahab, Beside Hilton Dahab Resort
      Tel: +20 69 36 40 471/2, 69 36 40 054/5, 010 2505201 – 2
      Fax: +20 69 36 40 470
    • Casa Del Mare Resort
      Casa del Mare, new in Duna offers 14 comfortable rooms, all sea view, A/C and 2 suites. Only a few feet away from the wonderful Red Sea overlooking the beautiful gulf of Aqqaba, Casa Del Mare resort is ideally situated on the Southern part of the Sinai Peninsula on the gulf of Aqqaba, overlooking Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia and has the perfect combination of lavishness, comfort, tranquility and professional friendly service. Casa Del Mare resort is a family owned and run resort, this is evident in our friendly, homey atmosphere and our staff treating all our guests as cherished family members.
      Services of Casa Del Mare Resort:
      • Transfers TO and FROM
        • Tarabeen & Down-town
        • Israeli’s Eilat Border
        • Sharm El Sheikh International Airport
        • Bus Station
        • Nuweibaa Port
        • Naqb Airport
      • Horseback Riding
      • Camel Riding
      • Snorkeling (Equipment & Guide Available)
      • Beach Volley
      • Racket

      Casa Del Mare Resort
      15 Small Dune Bay, Nuweibaa City – South Sinai, Egypt.
      PO Box: 37 Nuweibaa
      Tel & Fax: (+2) 069 350 1213/14
      Mobile: 0101121100 ,

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