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Luxor Airport is located 6 km / 4 miles east of downtown Luxor and is the most convenient way to travel to the city for the majority of international visitors. Airlines serving the airport include AMC Air, Air Cairo, Egypt Air, Lotus Air, Luxor Air, Memphis Air, Orca Air (8b Street 199, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, Tel: +20 2-3519-6545, +20 2-3519-8829, +20 2-3519-6664, Fax: +20 2-5196539.), PAS Air/ Petroleum Air Services (PAS), Raslan Air (Raslan Air Service, 82, El-Merghany St., infront of El-Ezaby Pharmacy, Koleyet El-Banat, 3rd and 6th Floor, Heliopolis,Cairo, Egypt, Tel & Fax: +20 2 24182883, +20 2 24144008, +20 2 24182882, +20 2 24182884. Mobile: +20 2 24183846, +20 2 24182883, +20 2 24183596, +20 2 24188655, +20 2 24188659, +20 2 24183619, +20 2 24173833, +20 2 24173832), new EasyJet flight route, from London Gatwick to Luxor and Scorbio Air. Many International flights now go direct to Luxor or fly Cairo-Luxor-Cairo. Contact your travel agent for details.


Luxor is along way upstream from Cairo, a full day's journey by train. The best way to visit Luxor from Cairo is to take the overnight sleeper train. The trains leave Cairo at night and get to Luxor in the early morning. They also leave Luxor at night and arrive back in Cairo in the morning as well.

Luxor’s train station (Midan al-Mahatta) is conveniently located in the centre of town. Abela Egypt Sleeping Train (237 2015; services leave at 8.30pm and 9.30pm daily, arriving in Cairo at 5.45am and 6.45am the next morning. The trip costs US$53/74 per person one way in a double/single cabin. Tickets must be paid for in US dollars or euros. The price includes breakfast. Wagons-lits and other trains depart from Ramses Station. For air-conditioned express trains with a restaurant car, contact Wagons-lits, Tel: 349-2365. Egyptian National Railways:


Bus from Cairo to Luxor directly with two times to move from cairo an vice versa. In the same time Hurghada is a good midpoint in traveling and will make the road shorter in time by 3-4 hours and the departure time all over the day from cairo to hurghada. There is a bus every evening at 5pm to Dahab. It leaves from the bus station, which is past the airport. It takes 17 hours to reach Dahab, via Sharm (16 hours) and Hurgada. The cost was 120LE. By bus or service taxi from the Ahmed Helmi terminal, near Ramses Station. Tel: 846658. For bus schedule and others visit:

Local Ferry and By boat

Local Ferry and By boat , Luxor, Egypt
The Local Ferry is an exciting and adventurous way to cross the Nile, not to mention the cheapest. Traditionally, however, river crossings have been the domain of several ferry services. The so-called 'local ferry' (also known as the 'National Ferry') continues to operate from a landing opposite the Temple of Luxor. For 1LE you can cross from the West Bank to the East or vice versa. You get a real cross section of everyday Egyptian life - business men in suits, mothers with children, felucca captains and city workers. During the high season (October to May), an armada of cruise boats travels the Nile between Esna (for Luxor) and Aswan, stopping at Edfu and Kom Ombo en route. They cost from US$50 per night for full board and can be arranged through any travel agent.
Ferry Trips with Captin Ruby: Tel. 0204881378
Europe's Ferry Booking Visiting Egypt:,5////ET/
Visemar Line, with headquarters in Venice, provides a new ro-pax service connecting Venice, Italy to Tartous, Syria and Alexandria, Egypt:

Caliche and Donkey ride

A Caliche is a horse drawn carriage, and in Luxor the Caliche's are very heavily ornamented with either Silver or Brass. They are a common means of transport, and any visitor to Luxor/Karnak is going to be hassled slightly to ride in one. If you do, pick a Caliche that has a horse that is in good condition. There is a move here to educate the drivers on how to look after their horses that appears to be taking effect, please endeavour to keep it going. When you are in the Luxor area of the Valley of the Kings, it is nice also to take a donkey ride.
Caliche and Donkey ride, luxor

Bikes and Cycling

You can rent bikes on many places, but always from chinese quality. If you go to Luxor, and you like to go cycling have a look in the local shops. Rent a bike and explore Luxor and it's temples' by bicycle. Cycling is easy and fun in Luxor. Everything is very closeby. Phone: 0020104416405, Website:

By Taxi - Luxor, Egypt, EG

If taxi travel is your preferred means of transportation, then you'll find no difficulty procuring a cab as the city has an abundance of them sitting in key locations and driving around Luxor looking for customers. Fares are not metered, however, there are standard rates. Ask your hotel or travel representative for an idea of how much you should expect to pay.
High Quality Taxi / Limousine - Luxor Taxi:
Normal Taxi - Thebes Taxi:
Luxor West Bank - West Bank Taxi:

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