National Parks of Sinai

western reef heron in National Parks of Sinai

Sharm El Sheikh, City of in Egypt. The simplicity of sun, sea and sand. The luxury of five-star resorts, water sports, shopping and entertainment., The Park’s authorities are very strict in their regulations and policies to maintain the area’s delicate natural balance, upheld by its occupants. Like for example, the mud crabs that play a crucial role in the oxygenation and fertilization of the land in the area, simply with their constant and vehement – and seemingly useless - digging.

There are four national parks in the area, which equally strike with their beauty. They are: Ras Muhammad, Abu Galoum, St. Catherin National Park and Nabq National Park. They present a perfect solution for those who want to explore the wild life of the area, observe the lifestyle of the Bedouin communities inhabiting most of these places or just enjoy the meditative peace of the area. Camping, land or boat cruising are just perfect in these national parks. Pay them a visit!

The South Sinai is one of the most spectacularly beautiful landscapes on the planet, some of which has in recent years been set aside as national parkland. These parks are comparatively young Ras Mohammed having been established only in 1983--and they have been joined even more recently by the region surrounding St. Catherine Monastery. Encompassing Mount Sinai as well as a number of other attractions of the area, the park at St. Catherine's is perhaps the best example of the purpose and the need for the Sinai's protected areas.

National Park of Nabq – Oasis of Mangroves – Wadi Qabila

A beautifully plush area, brimming with life right in the middle of the desert, the region of Nabq has been announced as a protected spot in 1992, and has been made part of the Ras Mohamed National Park’s territory. More details about National Park of Nabq

Ras Mohamed National Park

Ras Mohammed, the extreme tip of the Sinai, has every right to be considered one of the finest dives of the world. Because of its geographic position, the Ras Mohammed peninsula is a privilege area. Mainly because of the powerful streams and currents that bring large quantities of planktons and other food that give rise to an extraordinary growth of stony and soft corals and attract large schools of both reef and pelagic marine fauna. More details about: Ras Mohamed underwater national park
Scorpion Fish in Ras Mohammed National Park
Scorpion Fish in Ras Mohammed National Park

Natural Park of Abu Galum - Abu Galum Trekking

Part of the effort of the National Park of Ras Mohamed’s authorities set out to preserve the natural environment in the peninsula; the Natural Park of Abu Galum is an unspoiled wild area, mainly due to the fact that it’s somewhat distant from the usual tourist attractions. More details about Natural Park of Abu Galum

St.Katherine National Park

The lofty peak of Mount Sinai, or Gebel Musa, lies within the Saint Katherine Protectorate, which covers 4300 km2 of the high South Sinai mountains. Management of the Saint Katherine Protectorate began in 1996. More details about St.Katherine National Park

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