Red Sea Fish - Seafood Restaurant

Red Sea Fish - Seafood Restaurant

In the heart of Sharm El-Sheikh, exactly in the old market known as “Sharm Old Market”, Red Sea Fish restaurant was establishes by its founder Chef Medhat. Located in Sharm el sheikh old market. The area is characterized by a very special atmosphere; the restaurant serves the best sea food dishes at Sharm El-Sheikh, and the 32 years of experience in that field gives it the real fine taste.

Main dishes are: Grilled & Fried Fillet Fish, Grilled & Fried Calamari, Grilled & Fried Shrimp, Grilled Lobster, Lobster With spice (American ) Trmider, Fish Frying Pan with Sauce & Tomato, Calamari Frying Pan with Sauce & Tomato, Shrimp Frying Pan with Sauce & Tomato, Mixed Frying Pan with Fish & Calamari, Mixed Frying Pan with Fish & Calamari & Shrimp, Shrimp Frying Pan & Calamari. More ever there are Soups, Apetizer, Pasta, Special Dishes, Desserts, Drinks.. Some of the most famous dishes at Red Sea Fish are :

  • Tagen Fereek with Sea food
  • Tagen Lessan asfour
  • Red Sea fish special sea food dish
  • Venniciana, shrimps cooked in a special sauce
  • Provincial, shrimps and calamari chef medhat’s style.

These dishes are, only, some of the most delicious, tasty dishes among a rich menu, you can check our monthly recipes.

As you enter the restaurant you’ll face the “Reception Area” which lies in the lower floor. With a new look, recently renewed lies the “Main Restaurant” at the upper floor. On the same floor on the left hand side you can enjoy your meal in the “Bedouin Terrace”; which serves a variety of flavored shisha, besides the oriental main dishes and desserts. On the right side, also, have a relaxing stay at the “Bahary Terrace”.

The restaurant opens daily, from 12:30pm till 1:00am. Catering and delivery services are available upon any special request.

Contact Red Sea Fish - Seafood Restaurant
City Center, Beside Exit Gate,
El Souk El Kadim, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 069-3664250, 012-3268833, 016-5388833
For reservation and special occasion you may contact Chef Medhat: 01232368833
Fax: 069-3664250

Last Updated on Saturday 15th January 2011