Sharm El-Sheikh Neighborhoods

Coral Beach Rotana Resort Montazah, Sharm El Sheikh

Tourism industry in Sharm El-Sheikh is considered the core of development. The development in the city offers an exclusive world of luxury and elegance. A fantasy world of space and style is there comprising glamorous low density resorts, exclusive residential compounds and facilities, unparalleled food courts and shopping centers.

Sharm-el-Sheikh city is a region that combines Naama Bay, Hay el Nour, Montazah, Hadaba and Rowaysat and Shark’s Bay that form the metropolitan area. The area includes many tourism resorts, green and open areas, social services, roads, urban housing, social services, handcrafts and small industries etc. A hierarchical planning approach was adopted for the Gulf of Aqaba, whereby their components were evaluated and subdivided into zones, cities and centers. In accordance with this approach, the Gulf of Aqaba zone was subdivided into four cities: Taba, Nuweiba, Dahab and Sharm El-Sheikh. Sharm El-Sheikh city has been subdivided into five homogeneous centers namely: Nabq, Ras Nusrani, Naama Bay, Umm Sid and Sharm El Maya. Sharm El-Sheikh city together with Naama Bay, Hay el Nour, Hadaba, Rowaysat, Montazah and Shark’s Bay form a metropolitan area. The land plan shows that the total area of Sharm El-Sheikh is expected to be about 42 km², in the year 2017.


One of the upscale neighborhoods in Sharm, Montaza consists of residential compounds that include everything from studios to big villas with individual gardens overlooking Tiran Island. Located 10 km away from Neama Bay and close to the airport and the 5 stars hotels next to it, rent over there is quite high, ranging from 3,000 EGP to 7,000 EGP.

Available services:

  • Supermarkets Pharmacies
  • Hotels
    • Coral Beach Rotana Resort - Montazah - Sharm El Sheikh
      Ideally located on Ras Nasrani, Sharm El Sheikh’s most beautiful Beach, Coral Beach Rotana Resort-Montazah is 5 Minutes from Sharm El Sheikh International airport and 15 minutes from the commercial and shopping center of Na’ama Bay. Sharm El Sheikh’s beach Resort is set in a beautifully landscaped tourist village and close to many of the region’s tourist attractions and in the envious position to explore the beauty of Ras Mohamed Sinai with breathtaking mountains and virgin beaches.
      Coral Beach Rotana Resort Montazah hotel/ Coral Beach Club Montazah Hotel
      Ras Nousrani, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
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Hay el Nour

The first residential area in Sharm El Sheikh and a nature extension of Naama Bay residential area is located about 2.5 km away from Naama Bay with both old and new buildings. Hay el Nour has been recently expanded to include the brand new extension located next to the largest church in Sharm.

The whole area is divided into two parts, and part of an elite part of an economy class. The elite of the area is a luxurious villa or private mansions, which is located studios and apartments.And egyptions and foreigners living here. It's very quiet, peaceful place. This area is situated on a hill and close to the mountains, so almost all the houses a magnificent view of the sea and mountains. Adjacent to the Church is a beautiful Muslim Mosque.

Although a residential area, a lot of businesses are starting to open up there, as well as new malls that offer office space. Available Services include: Malls, Pharmacies, Nurseries & Schools, and Public Transportation. There is also a El Sama-eyeen (The Heavenly) Cathedral of the Coptic Orthodox Church.
Delta Sharm Resort,  Hay El Nour, Sharm El-Sheikh
Delta Sharm Resort
Overlooking Tiran Island and located in the famous resort of Sharm El Sheikh, this wonderful spa is nestled between the Sinai Mountains and the coast of the Red Sea. The resort provides the ideal location for those seeking a private getaway and ultimate service, whilst not sacrificing access to main attractions; within minutes you can find Naama Entertainment and shopping area and the old Sharm City.
Delta Sharm Resort
In Front Of Sharm El Sheik International Hospital
Um El Seed, Main Road & El Tower Rd, Hay El Nour, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt
Tel: 19331, 069-3623200, 069-3664949, 069-3660216

Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh

Hadaba is a quiet, sun soaked resort on the outskirts of Sharm el Sheikh. Hadaba’s wide range of hotels and holiday villas are situated in beautiful locations on the Ras Om Sid promontory. Staying at Hadaba, holiday residents are a five minute taxi or bus ride to Naama Bay, the bustling heart of beach and dive hot spot Sharm el Sheikh. Hadaba is known as "The Cliff" in Arabic accent, it relates to an elevated area. Hadaba is a residential area elevated above the sea. When you visit here you will find that this place is really exotic filled with varied activities and things to do, local markets and night time shows..Read Full Details: Hadaba near Naama Bay, Sharm el Sheikh
Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh


This charming area used to be a Bedouin settlement, but is gradually becoming a residential neighbourhood. Rowaysat began life as a Bedouin residential zone in 1998. Its scenic desert location and cheap land prices meant however that it soon transformed itself into an up and coming residential area. For here it was possible to buy land and build a one-story house to your own design, rather than select from several off-plan options. The village attracted the long-term residents of Sharm El Sheikh. Located on the mountain side about 7 km away from Naama Bay, houses there are usually quite spacious with a garden and a beautiful view complete with camels and sheep surrounding them, adding a touch of authenticity to the neighborhood. It is also very famous for the workshops and craftsmanship available for almost any need. El Gouna Rowaysat bus station is departed from the main bus station located in Rowaysat.


20 km away from Naama Bay (10 km away from the airport), Nabq is 15 km strip of land past Tiran Island with a slightly cooler weather than the rest of Sharm El Sheikh. The beach formation at Nabq is different, as it consists of a 1 km shallow ankle-high water, followed by a sharp drop off. Nabq Bay, a quiet bay located a half an hour drive from Na'ama Bay, offers incredible opportunity for “wild” (unguided) snorkeling experience along with good views over to Tiran Island. More Details about Nabq, Sharm El Sheikh

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