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Only One Apnea free diving center in Sharm El Sheikh

Into The Blue - Free diving Broadly speaking (and open for debate), free diving encompasses any aquatic activity where you hold your breath – from floating face down in a swimming pool (static apnea) to the extreme sport of no-limits diving, which entails plunging 500+ feet on a weighted sled. However, the majority of the world’s 20,000+ free divers are in the ‘constant ballast’ category, relying on little more than a mask and elongated fins to dive as deep as their lungs will allow.

Want to learn to free dive?
Here in Sharm, we are really fortunate to have ONL Y ONE Apnea Center a fantastic free diving center located in 5 star Sharm Club, Tower Bay. Only One offers all levels of freediving courses at their Apnea Academy, plus private lessons and personalized training, as well as being a free diving instructor development center. They also hold national and world record attempts in every discipline. So where better to develop your latent free diving abilities? After a few weeks training you too will be experiencing the intense pleasures of free diving and pushing the boundaries both physically and mentally.

Diving reflex
The average man’s total lung capacity is around 4 litres. Francisco ‘Pipin’ Ferreras, the Cuban world record holder in free diving (531’), has a lung capacity of 8 litres! Marine mammals, such as whales, dolphins and seals have a strong diving adaptation called the ‘mammalian diving reflex’, allowing them to stay underwater for a long time. Humans also share this diving reflex, albeit a weaker version ... we are all born with the ability to dive; the reflex being strongest when we are babies. This diving reflex kicks in simply by immersing your face (no other part of your body will do) in cold water (less than 21°C).This causes a slowing of the heart rate and other oxygen-sparing adaptations, so helping to prolong the dive. We are actually using this reflex every time we splash cold water on our faces to calm down or wake ourselves up.

The average man’s total lung capacity is around 4 litres. Francisco ‘Pipin’ Ferreras, the Cuban world record holder in free diving (531’), has a lung capacity of 8 litres!

Free diving renaissance
Free diving can be traced back as far as 4500BC with the mother-of-pearl divers in the Mediterranean; plus forms of spearfishing and collecting of sponges and the like. Japanese Ama divers having been free diving for pearls for the last 2000 years. However, when scuba gear became widely available in the 1950s, free diving almost disappeared ... until now. Over the last few years, free diving has been undergoing something of a renaissance, where people are wanting to test the limits of possibility, searching for the ultimate underwater experience and freedom, unencumbered by clumsy scuba equipment, at one with the sea, achieving a meditative, Zen like quality in both mind and body.

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