Sinai Clubbing and Nightlife At Um El Sid Hill, Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh

Sinai Clubbing and Nightlife At Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh

Toda Joia

TODA JOIA Lunge Bar & Club is a new generation of clubbing offering the latest trendy addition to Sharm El Sheikh’s nightlife scene. Every Tuesday Toda Joia will delight all sharm EL Sheikh visitors with unforgetable dancing night. Openning Hours from 11:30 p.m. till 03:30 a.m.
Contact and Address of Toda Joia
Alf leila we Leila Fence, Banks Street, Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: +2 010 6018905

La Dolce Vita

Once you walk in, you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of Sharm’s biggest clubbing venue ever (with a capacity of over 5,000 clubbers) surrounded by the medieval décor making you feel like you’re in a Castle, you’ll be awestruck. The ideal timing to go would be on Friday to attend the finest weekly party in Sharm – La Dolce Vita. If you’re a hardcore clubber who likes mass parties, Castello’s the place to be. One Night could not be enough for clubbing in sharm but every Friday La Dolce Vita the only place can make it with a fulfilled glamorous outing at night. La Dolce VIta Club is the biggest Desert party and most famous club in middle east Sharm El-Sheikh.

About Fantasia / Alf Leila we Leila, Sharm El Sheikh
Built like a Moroccan Palace, Fantasia is the place to go for a delectable meal and an entertaining show. Representing the history of Egypt, complete with pyramids and temples, traditional Egyptian horse dancing show, belly dancers and much more, the performance is truly entertaining. Open from 7pm to 3 am, the show starts at 11pm. Fantasia (Alf Leila Wa Leila) is a huge complex full of shops restaurants, inside and out, they have floor shows there - the English speaking one is on a Saturday, but you can go in at any time about 15LE's entrance fee. There are some birds and animals for the children. It is worth a visit, also one block along the same road, is a large new shopping mall.
Contact and Address of LA DOLCE VITA
Taj Club, Hadaba Um Sid, Alf Leila We Leila (Fantasia), Castello Club, Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh
Telephone: +2 012 104 2489

Amar Sina Village Hotel - Zambaleta night club, Sharm El-Sheikh

Located at Ras Um Sid, Sharm El Sheikh, the hotel is located on a quiet road with a spectacular view of the Sinai mountains, 14 KMS from the airport and only 2 KMS from the main bus station. With Main restaurant ( buffet service breakfast, lunch, dinner), there are Abu Sear - Italien restaurant, Morgan - Sea food restaurant, Pool Bar - Snackbar 24th service, Balaleas - Sun terrace bar, Sao Sao pub, Zambaleta night club, Ali baba roof terrace café, Zoba oriental café, Trottoir café, Bedouin tent, Disco.
Contact and Address of Amar Sina Village Hotel - Zambaleta night club
Ras Umm Sid, El Motellat St., Hadaba, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt
Tel: 069 662222

Sharm Cliff Resort Egyptian folkloric shows and belly dancers

Animation team programs are available for Sharm Cliff guests such as water aerobic, pool parties, Tournaments, Enjoy live entertainment programs, day and night, including Egyptian folkloric shows and belly dancers, with Sharm Cliff Singer every night Faces Discotheque: Faces Disco is the place to enjoy the best live In town in a genuine exotic atmosphere Available within Sharm Holiday Resort, Next Door And sister Motel.
Contact and Address of Sharm Cliff Resort Egyptian folkloric shows and belly dancers
Ras Um El Seid Cliff - Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Tel.: 069 3661815

El Fanar Beach and Restaurant

To spend your days in complete relax by lying down an a virgin beach.surrounded by a fabulous coral reef.dive and discover a world of colours and underwater life (hat gives you a deep emolions. Located at the lighthouse in Hadaba, the Restaurant and bar is open air, on a cliff top overlooking the sea. the food is excellent and mainly Italian. It's a perfect place to go for a romantic dinner - it would be hard to find anything so romantic. Walk hand in hand along the cliff path through this venue and watch the sky turn from blue to pink to Grey to black.

Fanar beach is fully equipped and our outstanding service makes your slay more pleasant. During your hours of relax let yourself be carried away by the music of El fanar radio.the soundtrack of your Holidays'. This multifunctional venue offers an exquisite Italian restaurant, one of Sharm’s most treasured beaches and Wednesday night’s cool beach party! Perfect in the summer for dancing with sand between your toes, El Fanar offers its guests a real outdoor experience and amazing sea view while swaying to the beats and stars lighting up the dance floor.
Contact and Address of El Fanar Beach and Restaurant
El Fanar Street, Ras Umm Sid, Hadaba, Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt
Tel: +20 69 366 2218, +20 69 366 2218

The Phoenix Bar Inside Ocean Club Hotel (Ocean Bay Hotel)

Ocean Club Hotel has four restaurants and bars. It has a main restaurant and a large pool bar serving hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks throughout the day. The well known Phoenix roof top bar has a lot to offer to our guests, a huge outdoor space where you can rest enjoying your drink or smoking the traditional Sheesha (water-pipe) while watching the beautiful sun as it sets behind the famous Sinai Mountains or simply breathe the fresh air under the stars whilst sipping your drink and relaxing to the music.

Great viewpoint – especially at sunset – is the hotel’s rooftop bar, which serves snacks and cocktails in the evenings. For proper meals though, head to the main restaurant. Breakfast here is a buffet affair, while evening meals are both à la carte and buffet. With views across to the distant Sinai Mountains, the Phoenix bar located on the hotel's rooftop is an ideal location to watch the glorious sunsets and relax into the evening with your fellow divers.

The rooftop Phoenix Bar is modelled on the Camel Bar and they've almost pulled it off. Nice atmosphere but music choice (as opposed to Camel) is well off at times. The bar also serves snacks - if the fresh air has made you hungry! The Phoenix bar also offers an indoor air conditioned area where you can just enjoy your time in a classic pub atmosphere and watch your favourite sport on our large LCD screens. Located on the Ras Um Sid headland, 750m to nearest beach in old Sharm and 2km to Naama Bay beach & resort centre with shops and nightclub.

Mongolian BBQ Restaurant, Ocean Club Hotel, Hadaba

Located at Ocean College in Hadaba. The Mongolian BBQ gives you the chance to create your own dishes and watch them being cooked in front of you - its also great value for money! Enjoy Al Fresco dining with Oriental flavor. The Mongolian BBQ restaurant is second to no other one in Sharm El Sheikh, where you can relax and enjoy our buffet style serving of a variety of fresh vegetables and meats. All you need to do is mix your favourite ingredients and top it with your choice of nine different sauces and watch it being cooked on the specially designed large grill in just 90 seconds! Your dessert is also included from our freshly made selection.

The Reef Restaurant

This is main restaurant of Ocean Club Hotel where your buffet style breakfast will be served.This restaurant also serves lunch and dinner, just read through our wide selection of dishes on the menu, or help yourself from our buffet
Contact and Address of The Phoenix Bar, Reef Restaurant and Mongolian BBQ Restaurant of Ocean Club Hotel (Ocean Bay Hotel)
Ocean Club Hotel
23, City Council street
Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh
E- Mail :
Tel: (0020)693664302


Inside MARMARA Hotel & Resort
El Fanar Street, Um El Sid Hill, Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh, EGYPT
Phone: +2 (069) 366 50 13 / 14 / 16
Fax: +2 (069) 366 39 45

Vampire Disco Pub & Club

Vampire Disco Pub & Club is located in Delta Sharm Resort, Vampire is open every day from 4 to 11. They have four flat-screen TV’s so that you can catch all your favourite matches as well as delicious international snacks. Also available is a full service bar with a cocktail menu, live entertainment, sisha and a Bedouin style area. The club comes into action with dancing, laser and light shows with resident DJ’s after 11:00 pm. FRESH TAPAS EVERY DAY.
Delta Sharm Resort
El Salam Rd. (El Nour), Intersection Of El Tower Rd.
Between Naama Bay and Old market, In front of Sharm International Hospital
Umm El Sid Hill, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 19331, 069-3623200, 069-3664949, 069-3660216
Fax: 069-3623210
Tel: 069-3623200, 010 73 41 091 (Vampire Disco Pub & Club)
Delta Sharm Resort Website:
Vampire Disco Pub & Club events and others:

Overlooking Ras Um El Seed Hill, Hadaba Tower Bay is adjacent to Sharm el-Maya (Moya) bay Between Naama Bay and Old market, Sharm El Sheikh. Know details about Ras Um El Sid (El Hadaba), Tower Bay & Its Hotels, Fawanees Beach/Sharm El Maya (Moya) Beach

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