Sinai Desert Trekking: Wadi Kid – Oasis of Ain Kid

Wadi Kid – Oasis of Ain Kid

Snaking through the desert from the Central Massif of the peninsula to the Gulf of Aqaba parallel with Nabq, Wadi Kid leads to the Oasis of Ain Kid. About 14 km (9 miles) into the valley, you will come across a pattern of smooth rounded pink granite crisscrossed with deep cracks and fractures. One kilometer further lays the sole Bedouin village of the area, constructed on a terrace of rocks, protected from ravaging rains that could flood this spot.

If you go even further within the valley, the rocky walls gradually close in on you, creating a narrow passage that’s a real sight to see. The canyon’s walls have these amazing shapes and colors that really set the mind free.

Keep going – walking is recommended at this point – and you’ll find yourself face to face with a practically virgin area, incredible in its wilderness and purity. Due to a profuse water table, you will find a number of acacias, ample palm trees and fruit trees. Otherwise you’re bound to find nothing but peaceful silence, dispersed only with the occasional birds’ singing, and the sound of the wind rustling through the palm trees.
Sinai Desert Trekking: Wadi Kid
After walking for a bit, on a slightly rougher trail, you will find an oddly shaped rock, much like a dome, and a somewhat primitively built rocky wall serving as a dam to confine water.

Within Ain Kid, an area that’s still very remote and unknown to tourists, one will find a number of wells - mostly built out of rocks – a garden of date palms, surrounded by mountains.

A jeep will take you us from Naama Bay to Wadi Kid leaving the road to take the desert track in direction of Ain Kid.

After a few kilometers, you will be entered Wadi Mageirat, on the left, and keep going all the way through a place called Ain Umm Saida where large rocks obstruct motor vehicles traveling there.

You may start the journey by climbing mountains in the area of Bir El Humr where the surrounding summits reach 2000m. The paths are narrow and steep, so you have to walk in front of your camels.

Last Updated on Wednesday 22nd December 2010