Sinai Desert Trekking: Wadi Madsus – Wadi Shetan – Wadi Shellal – Wadi Nasb – Oasis of Nasb

Wadi Nasb Trekking, sinai

This tour is exquisite in its beauty, especially for hardcore safari lovers as it’s not known to mass tourism, yet. The ideal route is north to south to take the steep slope downwards. This trip can be done as a one-day expedition given that you head out early in the morning. However if you choose not to get tied to a schedule, you can do it over two days, and spend the night at the Oasis of Nasb.

The first clefts can be seen about 20 km (twelve miles) into Wadi Madsus, mountains become more distant flaunting an array of colored stones down into the valley.

The wadi’s trail forks into a plateau on the left overlooking Wadi Shellal at a lower level, and a sharp descending track on the right that leads to a composition of dazzling purple, red, blue and yellow sandstones.
snake with prey - On the Way to Wadi Nasb
At the bottom of the slope lays the dome-mounted tomb of a holy Bedouin man. From that point, you can go up the little Wadi Shetan which leads to a breathtaking waterfall where local shepherds bring their flocks to drink.

Returning to the main valley, you will find yourself at Wadi Nasb and if you keep going, you’ll reach the Oasis of Nasb profusely enveloped in vegetation such as wild capers, palm trees, mustard plants, and plush green bushes all of them contrasting against the harsh yellow and brown rocky walls.

At the joining of Wadi Nasb and Wadi Shellal, while heading northeast, you will find yourself entering a beautifully colored canyon with ever-changing shades of pink, grey, red and blue.

Last Updated on Wednesday 22nd December 2010