Sinai Desert

Sinai Desert Mountains (Red Sea mountains) while visiting Sharm El Sheikh

Getting from one place to another in Sinai is a very scenic and interesting experience. The Sinai desert is so exciting, and it so beautiful, that it is a pleasure, and never boring to drive through it. In summer you can be driving in 45C temperatures, and as soon as you got into a valley between the mountains, the temperature drops by 20C. It is amazing. It is a geologically diverse desert with mountains, valleys and plain sand.

Things to do in the desert while visiting Sharm El Sheikh

Sinai region is known not only for its gorgeous sea and white-and-yellow sand dunes with Bedouins inhabiting the desert, but also for its great national parks, historical and cultural sites, old Bedouin culture, amazing colorful mountains and the unforgettable combination of blue, yellow and green.

In the Sinai Mountains and also the Red Sea mountains, which stretch along the east side of the country along the shore of the Red Sea, there is generally more rain as rain clouds tend to develop when warm air evaporates and rises as it moves across higher terrain.

Trekking, Camping, Quads and off road, excursions in Sinai Desert near Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab. You see, it absolutely doesn't matter what your interests or preferences are - as you can find all of them here. Come and see it with your own eyes. See you in Sharm, then!

But first things first...

National parks of the region strike tourists with their amazing beauty. They present a perfect solution for those who want to explore the wild life of the area, the lifestyle of the Bedouin communities inhabiting most of these places or just enjoy the meditative peace of the region. Ras Muhammad, for example, is famous all over the world for its outstanding marine life. This place is also known for its divers flora and fauna, which is protected by the local authorities. Abu Galum is yet another place worth visiting. Here you will be able to integrate with the local Bedouins, whose sole source of food is fishing. Here you will be able to listen to their stories, taste their marvelous tea, have a wonderful talk during the dinner and even buy some hand-made souvenirs. Nabq National Park is a wonder in itself. Not only it is known for being one of the biggest in the region (the park occupies the territory of six hundred square kilometers), but it is also known for having the biggest mangrove forest in Sinai, which is the house of many wild animals and birds. This place is also perfect for divers, as Maria Schroeder wreck is found in the waters of Nabq National Park, attracting hundreds of visitors every month.

Visiting national parks of the region, pay attention to several facts: firstly, that the entrance fee is about 5 USD per person (or more due to the constantly increasing prices on excursions); secondly, in most of these protected areas you are not allowed to feed the animals, though providing them with water is not prohibited; thirdly, the ticket you buy is a full-day pass, so it's better to go there early in the morning to fully benefit; furthermore, don't forget to wear appropriately while visiting Bedouin communities, have respect to the traditions of the place, and, lastly, don't forget to take water, suntanning cream, hat, a pair of comfy shoes and a camera with you.

Those who like culture and history can pay a visit to one of the many sites in the region, which include St. Catherine Monastery with its famous Basilica, Chapel of the burning bush, the library with the second after Vatican biggest collection of ancient books, the Mosque and the Gallery of Icons.

Another cultural and religious attraction is the so-called 'Gebel Musa' or in English Moses Mountain where according to the common belief Moses got the ten commandments.

If healing and medicine are in the field of your interest, then attend the herbal medicine school run by Dr. Ahmed Mansour who offers education in such fields, as: old Bedouin traditions, rock/mountain climbing and survival skills in the desert, as well as preparation of herbal medicines. But of course you will also experience a nice spiritual talk with the Dr. which is definitely unforgettable.
Sinai desert is so exciting, and it so beautiful
Yet those who would just like to enjoy the nature and explore the region can have sun-rise or sun-set trips on camels and horses. Those trips are extremely practical as camels, for instance, can reach such places in a desert that a bike or car can not reach. At the same time if you like wind, speed and adrenaline - jeep trips and quad safari can be perfect for your sharm el sheikh desert trips. Don't forget to wear long pants and comfortable shoes though, as sand will be everywhere during your ride. This is also the reason why it is extremely recommended to take sunglasses, a hat and a scarf to cover your face with you - you would not want to have sand all over your face, right? Another thing that you have to keep in mind while being in a desert is that it is forbidden to pollute the place, and those who are caught will be severely fined by the authorities.

We truly believe that desert can be not only a fun experience but a learning experience as well, that is why we are confident that you will not regret it, if you pay it a visit. Give it a try!

What To Do In Sinai Desert

Last Updated on Saturday 15th January 2011