Sinai Family Fun

Sinai Family Fun

Sharm El Sheikh has so many activities to offer from diving, golfing, water skiing, go- karting, horse riding, bowling and Quad Biking. Sharm has it all! If you feel the need for speed, but not of the skyward variety, then check out go karting. It’s not just for kids! If you are an early bird and love horses, then take the opportunity to go on a sunrise trip out in the desert or along the beach.

Bowling in Sharm el sheikh

Just up the road from the Hard Rock Café is the MAS bowling center. Grab a group of friends (up to eight per lane) and head off for a night of fun and friendly competition. There are six computerized lanes that can be chosen from, with a convenient overhead tracking display; the facilities are top of the range and to AMF standard. Onsite, there is a snack bar for when your in need to refuel. Each player has his or her name programmed into the overhead display so everyone can keep a track of the game. The player has ten throws with a second attempt if a strike is not achieved. There are a variety of weights and sizes of bowling balls, so even kids can play. The center is open from 12:00pm 1:00am every day and is fully air-conditioned. There is also a full bar, along with a variety of snacks. Plus there is a skateboard half pipe and kids corner complete with a climbing area.
MAS Bowling and Entertainment Center
Al Amir Abdullah St.,
Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh,
Tel.: +20 69 3602220.

Go Karting In sharm el sheikh

Go Karting is a great activity for both inexperienced and experienced drivers. Take in the excitement of driving fast against each other, as electronic timing devices on board the go karts record all your movements. Afterwords, you get print outs of your times and positions. When you plan your karting day, it is advisable that you plan it on a day followed by a more relaxing one, because as a result of the fact that you haven’t karted recently, you may wake up with sore arms the next day. But no worries, it is the nice sweet pain, so don’t let it be the reason for you not to go.

Karting clubs usually offer special clothing as well as helmets and gloves – everything which will make you comfortable and safe while driving. The staff in these places is usually much trained, and they speak English, Russian, Italian and German. The prices start from 15 USD and may go up to 150 depending on the session you are taking. Please also note that karting in the evening is more expensive, so if you don’t have the budget, go in the morning. Such places are usually open since 10-11am.

Go Karting Service Provider:

Ghibli Raceway Sharm
Looking to get karted off to a race track near you? Ghibli Raceway will help you pick the best venue for your next high octane petrol sniffing adventure. If you’re a big group of people and you’re looking for something ‘different’ to do, this is it. In line with Ghibli Raceway’s “Formula to Strive” slogan, Ghibli provides karts to suit drivers of differing sizes and driving capabilities. Trained Pit Marshalls will judge the ability of drivers able to progress onto higher karting categories.

If you like high speed and sport activities, come to drive our Leisure Karts with your family, friends and colleagues, chhose from Cadet Karts or Twin Karts or Regular Karts. And if you like professional Karts produced by CRG, Rotax and other suppliers for the national and international championships, there are Junior Configuration, Senior Configuration and Professional Gearbox.

Ghibli Raceway Sharm
Naama Bay, Peace Road, near Hyatt Regency, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: +2-069-360-3939, +2-069-360-3737

Noos Karting Sharm El Sheikh
Noos International Karting circuit has always been unique in its philosophy towards the Egyptian and the International Karting Society, along with being the first track not only Egypt, but also in the whole middle east to cross the line of 1000 meter long with 1205 meter length and width that ranges between 9 M to 14 M. Powered by Birel Karts, the best Kart Manufacturer in the world, Noos Kart has set a bench mark for Karting In Egypt and the Middle East. The venue has a variety of Karts that suits everyone who wants to Race against time, no matter of what age group you are, starting from Cadets for kids (8-12 years), with 2.5HP engines, to rental Karts with the drivers choice of 6.5 Hp with speed of 60 Km/hr or 9 HP with speed of 90 Km/hr.
Noos Karting Sharm El Sheikh
el fanar rd., In front of The Ritz Carlton Hotel
Hadaba Umm El Sid Hill, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: +20 69 3662539
Fax: +20 69 3661201

Go Kart El Hadaba
Magles El Madina St., In Front Of Ocean Blue Hotel, Umm El Sid Hill, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 069-3664555, 010-6690339

El Gouna Go Kart
Inside El Gouna Village, Downtown, Hurghada
Tel: 065-3549702

Go Kart
Inside senzo mall, Villages Rd., Hurghada
Tel: 010-5850098

Pharaonic Go Kart Club
Airport Rd., Magawish Island, Hurghada
Tel: 065-3448122, 012-2177418, 012-1827789

Karting, Sharm el Sheikh

Horseback Riding on Sinai beaches

If you are an early bird and love horses, then take the opportunity to go on a sunrise trip out in the desert or along the beach. There are a couple of stables offering excursion rides. There is nothing nicer than being on horseback in the peaceful desert at dawn, while it is still cool and enjoyable. If dawn is not your thing then there are also sunset rides. Just be honest and let the guide know if you are a novice or experienced, so you are ensured a suitable horse and pace. Concorde Hotel and Sofitel just outside Naama Bay have a well run and profession operations and the horses are well looked after. Most rides vary from one to two hours.

Integrating with Sinai nature is great, but integrating with Sinai nature on a camel/horse trip is even greater. Here your options are unlimited: you can enjoy sun rise or sun set excursions, as stables work 24 hours. So if you are in for a romantic atmosphere, this is the thing to go for.

Just for a general note: Since the stables are located in the desert, not many taxis will agree to take you there, and even if they do, the prices will be magnified. This is why it is recommended to call the place beforehand, as they organize a free transportation for their guests to and from the stable. Another thing to pay attention to is the choice of the horse: if you are a beginner, ask for a horse between 6-18 years of age. Also keep in mind that the temperament of the horse should suit with the rider. An expert rider may require a horse that is highly responsive to his commands, whereas a novice should have a much milder horse.
Horseback Riding Operators:
Edelweiss Equestrian Centre is Professional Horse riding stables offering lessons for beginners to intermediates for children and adults. Also stable accommodation, dressage, and desert and beach sunset and sunrise rides. Contact Edelweiss Equestrian Centre, Competition grounds, Concorde El Salam Hotel Off Peace Road, South Sinai, Tel.: 010 534 00 28. Omar Riding Club is at Ring Road, Rowaysat, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh, Tel: 012-7947973, 012-3493830, 012-2154463.

Sea Spi In Red Sea

Sea Spi on the Red Sea the best way to spot red sea corals. Water lovers and land lovers alike will embrace the Sea Spi and experience the whisper quiet, water craft. It comes in one and two passenger models. Embark, and in seconds, find yourself above the reef and greeted by schools of colorful fish and coral. Glide undetected through clear Red Sea waters, while laying face down on your watercraft and look through the viewing glass and see the amazing marine life below the surface. Be thrilled as you travel along seeking corals, napoleons, rays,and all other sea creatures waiting to be discovered. Hiring Sea Spi's on the beach is just like a jet ski that you lie on and the bottom is glass so you can see all the fish.

Sea Scope Glass Boat

Enjoy red sea marine life beauty without getting wet. The Discovery Glass bottomed boat leaves from the pier in front of the Hilton Fayrouz hotel in Naama Bay. The boat goes around the bay for about an hour or so and its a great way for people who don't dive and snorkel to see the beauty of the Red Sea marine life. There are many operators that run glass-bottomed boat trips out to the corral. The trips last one hour.One of the highlights of the trip, is that you get to see the largest Brain Coral in the world, and it is huge. There are a number of very colourful fish, and at one point someone gets out and puts some bread on the bottom of the boat, so a number of little fish get very close to you. It is a good way to spend an hour, and you get a nice view of the Sharm coastline.

Golf Resorts in Sharm El Sheikh

Imagine yourself, surrounded by the Sinai Mountains and the glorious Red Sea, leaning over the ball on the eighteenth hole, anticipating a cold beer on the 19th and watching the sun go down. Sharm el Sheik hosts a beautiful 18-hole golf course situated at the Maritim Jolie Ville Resort & Casino (Formally the Movenpick). Located right on the beach promenade that runs along Naama Bay's fine sandy shores, the Maritim Jolie Ville Resort & Casino Sharm El Sheikh is a genuine holiday paradise. Besides elegant rooms and a wide range of culinary specialities, the spacious hotel provides excellent sporting and relaxation facilities including a private beach. Naama Bay is home to a diverse range of restaurants, bars and boutiques, many of which are close to the hotel. Those who "play their cards right" at the adjoining "Casino Royale" will find the shopping even more fun. The course is 6021 yards and graded as a par 72. Outside guests are welcome, however, we recommend a reservation. Golf lessons available upon request and karts can be rented in the golf shop. If you just want to hit a few balls - the driving range is waiting for you. Book directly from Maritim Jolie Ville Golf:

Ice Skating in Sharm el sheikh

Believe it or not there is an ice ring in Sharm el Sheik. It is real ice, so it’s really cool, making it a pleasant way to escape the heat during the day. The rink is 300 m2, which is large enough to get some speed up. Ice hockey, figure skating plus sound and light shows are planned for the future. The skates are good quality with a variety of different sizes. You will find a different selection of music being played, for your skating pleasure. There is a snack bar and a few seating areas for you to rest. The rink is situated in the sporting area of the Concorde Hotel on the airport road north of Naama bay. Sharm's only ice skating centre in Sharm El Sheikh is in Sharm El Sheikh Concorde Hotel including five swimming pools, two beauty centres, two health clubs and a fully equipped sports centre with international size football court, tennis and squash courts. Contact Concorde El Salam Hotel Sharm El Sheikh:


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