Sinai Shopping

Sinai Shopping

In the simplicity of sun, sea, sand, mountains, the luxury of five-star hotels, water sports, shopping and entertainment centers, tourists from all over the world come to the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh regardless of the financial crunch. There are two types of shopping options in the Sinai and Red Sea area and visitors can enjoy each of them for the distinctly different opportunities which they present. The first type of shopping is the kind of mall shopping which visitors frequently engage in during vacation. The other type of shopping for visitors to enjoy in the area is the traditional market shopping at the local bazaars or souks. This shopping takes places with local shopkeepers and is more than just a buying and spending experience.

Shopping in Sharm can satisfy the tastes of even the most spoilt visitors. Apart from offering the traditional shopping centers, boutiques and small shops catering to various tastes of people, Sham is much more than that: it also offers oriental markets with their variety of souvenirs, oriental traditional clothes, spices and clothes. The best supermarket, The Metro, is a ten minute taxi ride away, in Nabq (in front of the Oriental Hotel). This is large and almost of a European standard, and you can buy local and imported produce, fresh and frozen. There is also a 24/7 supermarket at the Grand Azure hotel and a Carrefour in Naama Bay. All prices are fixed. Alcohol can only be purchased from special shops (ie Bacchus). There is one opposite the Metro at La Strada and there are plenty of these in Naama Bay.

Where To Shop:

SOHO Square, Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheik does have its own superb shopping, an array of colorful bazaars and nightlife — including a Hard Rock cafe — along with scuba diving. Have developed various new restaurants, bars and shops. These include ‘Soho Square’, which has five specialty restaurants, Africa’s first Ice Bar, a night club, casino, six-lane bowling alley, ice ring, Culturama, numerous coffee bars and ice-cream shops and a 50 lot shopping arcade. Soho Square project will bring Sharm el Sheikh firmly into the 21st century, providing one square mile of high standard dine & wine entertainment for all ages, as well as the highest standard of shopping. More details: SOHO Square, Sharm El Sheikh, Sinai complete family entertainment centre with restaurants, shopping, cafes, bars, clubs, ice rink and bowling..

Old Market

What a place! Once you step into the old market, all you will see is shop after shop after shop, narrow streets and alleyways with more and more shops, usually selling Sinai and Egypt related souvenirs. If you have the patience to look around, rest assured you will find pieces that are one of a kind! Don’t forget to bargain the prices though!. Once you are done with the shopping, and you are getting hungry, well no worries – the Old Market is the cradle of the local fish stores, where you can indulge in a fish and seafood meal at its best, and in its simplest form.

The so-called old market, is really a rather new market placed in the area of old Sharm el-Sheikh. Still, the houses here were built a few decades ago, and correspond to the typical style of Egypt. The whole thing is far more genuine than what you may expect at a design-made tourist resort like Sharm el-Sheikh. The taste and the prices cant better! Once you have eaten and the sweet tooth in you has awakened what better than fresh fruits? Here too, you will find fruit stalls that sell the best quality fruits in Sharm, so start picking. Don’t forget on your way out to check out Tiran Mall across the road offering you a wide array of stores.
Old Market
Ras Om El Sid, Sharm El Sheikh / Sinai, Egypt

Il Mercato

The latest sensation in Sharm el Sheikh, Il Mercato has come to add pizzazz to Sinai, exclusively bringing in the biggest international brands of apparel, food chains, cafés and more. Located in Hadaba, Il Mercato is the open air version of Dubai’s Il Mercato, designed by the same architect.

Il Mercato stretched over a long area, with a street in the middle for cars to drive through, while cafés, shops and restaurants are visible on both sides of the street along the lovely paved promenade.

When it comes to shopping, you will find brands such as Calvin Klein, Morgan, Guess, and more. Il Mercato is bringing the impatiently waited for Burger King and Starbucks, along with the usual McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Cilantro, Costa Coffee and Beano’s.

Il Mercato is ideal for a stroll on a cool breezy evening, where you can nurse on a frozen coffee, while browsing the shops, and maybe treat yourself or your loved ones to a little gift. Il Mercato Sharm is the gate way of shopping and entertainment at the center of Hadabt Umm El Sid.
Contact and Address of Il Mercato
Iberotel Il Mercato
Hadabet Om El Seed
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Telephone: Tel: +20 69 3662204, 69 3662250, 69-366525

Shopping in Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh

Naama Bay, also down as the center of Sharm El Sheikh, this place has an enormous variety of stores selling almost any product you are looking for. Not only that, Naama Bay has endless choices of restaurants and coffee shops that you can stop at for a break during your shopping escapade. Naama Bay starts to hustle and bustle when the sun goes down, and usually around midnight starts to clear of the keen shoppers, and party people, finely dressed can be seen going from venue to venue.

Through out the holiday in the day and the night Naama Bay is the biggest shopping area. There are shops selling pretty much everything. Normally, visitors go to Sharm or Naama Bay at nights. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and agencies that have open until late night. Plenty of shisha (traditional water pipe) places can be found next to the pavements, and people smoke their shisha while chatting about the experiences of the day. Tobacco for the shisha exists in various flavours, such like apple, strawberry, vanilla etc. and it can be baught in many shops for a very small aamount of money. Also plenty of bars, food resturants on the trip around. The place seems to come to life after dark though. Food, Drink, Clothes, Jellewery, Shoes, Gifts, Pictures, Art , Models.
Naama centre in Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh
Shopping in the Naama centre
The centre is huge and full of shops with huge bargains. Down the road opposite the Sharm Museum is Pallazo di Profumi which is a perfume shop. I have to say, the smell is out of this world and so is their Egyptian hospitality. The staff (ask for Tommy) are easy going and really fun to be around. It is located upstairs in the Naama centre in in Naama Bay (close to Hard Rock) at the end of the main pedestrian street in Naama bay,next to the Hard Rock cafe.There is also now one down in the old market are,its located upstairs in the Tiran centre opposite the exit of the old market. There are lots of trinkets and gift type things here. This is the place to go for a Sharm el sheikh souvenir.

Carrefour Express - Sharm El-Sheikh Store
Carrefour reputation has been built, above all, on the quality and freshness of the products, customer service and competitive prices. Selling goods with quality choices in food, personal care, communication, leisure, entertainment and household goods while continually meeting the needs of local consumers, with the ranging from needed to refrigerate food to clothes under one roof, is trendy as shoppers pick specialized stores. One of the best things about it is the prices – they are all brilliant, cheaper than anywhere in else in Sharm for all items that you use on a day to day basis; the detergents, the soaps, the food, the tissues – that sort of stuff. Moving onto the fruits and vegetables – just as good, if not better than the fruits and vegetables in the Old Market. Carrefour’s own retail brands are a significant medium for brand differentiation and customer loyalty, contributing substantially to the organization’s growth in sales. Carrefour Express is located at the entrance on Naama Bay, in the mall on the right hand side of Mall 8. You can’t miss it, and definitely worth a visit.
Contact Carrefour Express - Sharm El-Sheikh Store
Golden Pyramid - Peace Road - Naama Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh

Al Khan Mall

Opposite Laguna Vista Resort, Nabq, Sharm. Al Khan, is an outdoor shopping area. If you’re bored with the usual hangouts in Sharm, head out to Nabq, destination Al Khan mall. An outdoor shopping area, Al Khan is a long alleyway with two-storey high bungalows with hatched roofs lined up on both sides creating a nice exotic ambiance. Al Khan offers a variety of stores; Billabong, Quiksilver and Guess are just a few of the names available there, not to mention cozy little cafés such as L’Aroma and Nespresso, the famous Salsa juice bar where you can have a fresh cold fruit juice cocktail and a shisha. And that’s just naming a few things you can do at Al Khan. So take your family to Al Khan for a chilled out afternoon of shopping and you’re in for a good time. Al Khan described by the rep at the welcome meeting as the Egyptian Mall and La Strada described by the rep as the more Eurpopean Mall. Al Khan is a long alleyway with two-storey high bungalows with hatched roofs lined up on both sides creating a nice exotic ambiance. With a number of international brands, coffee shops as well as business offices and an upcoming hypermarket across the street. Every Saturday entertainment and activities are arranged for children and families. Al Khan is located across the road from Laguna Vista in Nabq. For more information, call 010-999-0996.

La Strada

La Strada is the new entertainment center of Nabq, Sharm El Sheikh's new hot spot. Nabq is developing into a resort town of its own, quickly becoming the first choice of tourists coming to Sharm El Sheikh. With its luxurious resorts and vast sandy beaches overlooking the Tiran Island, Nabq has 5,000 hotel rooms soon to grow to as much as 27,000 rooms within the next few years.

Oriental Resorts for Touristic development has created La Strada to cater to people of all ages. An open-air affair with spacious walkways featuring shops, restaurants and sizzling night life. Not only the place to shop, but also to mix, mingle, dine, hear music and enjoy the attractive outdoor areas.

Its location being in the center of Nabq and a short walk from all the major resorts of the area has made La Strada the town center of the Nabq coastline. With its unique architecture emphasizing convenience and entertainment, people will visit more often and stay longer.

Address and Contact of La Strada
Nabq Bay, PO BOX 125
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Beside The Oriental Resort, Tiran Island right in the heart of Nabq Bay
Tel: 069 3710060

Alex's Supermarket

Aqua Park Mall, Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 010-7775905


Several branches available in the following areas:
La Strada Nabq
Alf Leila Wo Leila El Hadaba
Mall 8, Naama Bay (first branch)
Mall 8, Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 069-3603948


Several branches available in the following areas:
El Khazan St., Hadaba (first branch)
Naama Bay
Old Market
El Khazan Street Hadaba, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 069-3663133
shoppiing mall in Sharm El Sheikh


Across the road from the Old Market, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 069-3661969

Rodana Optics

A huge selection of sunglasses from different brands like Police, Dior, EScada, Rayban, Chanel, Versace, Champion which are all originals and come with the guarantee. Plus optical service for perscription lens and frames. Located in Domina Coral Bay and in Tiran Mall -Old Market. SEE YOU THERE!!
Plaza Mall next to Nokia Mobile Phone Shop, Sharm El-Sheikh,South Sinai, 46619,
Tel: (069) 3601304

Romantique Flowers & Gifts

Flower & gifts shop, free delivery
Shop 119 Delta Sharm, Sharm El Sheikh,South Sinai, 46619
Tel: (069) 3660212 ext 2595 / 010 9140878


King of Bahrain st., Naama Bay, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 069-3600890

Sharm Express

Exit of the Old Market, Sharm El Sheikh
Tel: 069-3660924

Sinai Flowers

Safety Land Center Old Market, Sharm El Sheikh,South Sinai, 46619
Tel: 012 2111164

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