Sinai Top Attractions - Sinai Places to see

Sinai Top Attractions - Sinai Places to see

Though most people come here in search for good weather, warm sea and amazing diving spots, little they know that this place is an outstanding historical and cultural site, and every person who is interested in history or in the ancient civilizations as well as in the traditions and the customs of the people inhabiting this place, it is absolutely a must to pay a visit to at least one of the places mentioned in this section.

Such trips can be organized by your tour representatives, but they can be also purchased in Naama Bay and Hadabah through different excursion offices. Prices on these excursions vary through place to place, but discounts are sometimes practiced.

Sinai Major Cities and Towns

National Parks

There are four national parks in the area, which equally strike with their beauty. They are: Ras Muhammad, Abu Galoum, St. Catherin National Park and Nabq National Park. They present a perfect solution for those who want to explore the wild life of the area, observe the lifestyle of the Bedouin communities inhabiting most of these places or just enjoy the meditative peace of the area. Camping, land or boat cruising are just perfect in these national parks. Pay them a visit!

Sharm El Sheikh

This place will definitely charm you, as it contains all the things you’d love to have on your vacation. To begin with, Sharm has the gorgeous Red Sea, with corals to amaze every visitor, fish of all size and color, wavy and non-wavy areas and luxurious sandy beaches. Secondly, Sharm has all the entertainment one needs to both feel at home and feel abroad. This means that, on the one hand, Sharm has the desert and the Bedouins – true representatives of Sinai; and on the other, the town has bowling and karting, figure skating and parasailing, horse and camel riding, aqua parks and sea viewing excursions. It is up to you to choose what you want to do and Sharm will take care of it. Read More Details About Sharm el-Sheikh - The Red Sea resorts of the Sinai Peninsula

Taba & Nuweiba

Taba is a frequent vacation spot for Egyptians and tourists, especially those from Israel on their way to others destinations in Egypt or as a weekend getaway. The place attract tourists with its "Aqaba Coast Area of Sinai", ( stretching from Taba down to Sharm el Sheikh, and including Nuweiba, St Catherine and Dahab ), marvelous diving spots where many people come to either free dive, scuba dive or learn to dive via the many PADI courses on offer and newly established desert style golf courses.

Just like Taba, Nuweiba attracts tourists with its diving spots and the desert activities one can do in the area, one of which is camping.Tarabin village, located not so far away from Nuweiba, is well known for its Bedouin-style camps where you can rent cheap huts with or without air conditioner. Quiet and beautiful, Tarabin is paradise for anyone willing to enjoy a good rest and fun holidays. Nevertheless all the camps don't offer the same quality (particularly the food). For a good restaurant, Petra camp is considered as the best in the village. It also offers huts with air conditioner pretty cheap regarding others (between 20-60 L.E. at summer).
sinai Peninsula

Sharm El Sheikh Beaches

In the greater resort area of Sharm el-Sheikh, the bays include, from south to north, Sharm el Maya, Na'ama Bay, Garden Bay, Tiger Bay, Sharks Bay, and Nabq Bay. There are all sorts of hotels and resorts along this strip of coastline. Some are resort compounds, similar to those more frequently seen on the Red Sea coast, which attempt to provide every option to vacations in one spot. Others are more open, particularly along Na'ama bay, where the board walk provides access to various hotel facilities making them available to everyone.

Sinai In the Water - Diving in Sinai

Considered to be one of the top diving locations in the world, the Red Sea is every diver’s dream come true. With an enormous variety of colorful corals, marine life of all shapes and sizes, wrecks that take you back through time, and a crystal-clear visibility, diving in the Red Sea is, simply put, HEAVEN! More details about Sinai Diving

Sinai In the Desert

Dont Forget To Visit:

Ayun Musa (Moses springs)
Blue Hole
The Blue Desert, Sinai
Coloured Canyon of Oasis of Ain Umm Ahmed, Sinai Desert
Pharaoh's Island at the very top of the Gulf of Aqaba
Pharaoh’s Bath/Hammam Pharaon
Mount Sinai also called Jebel Moussa, a mountain in Egypt's Sinai desert
Formation of Nawamis Tomb
Qalaat Al-Guindi fortress, Ras Sudar
Four National Parks of Sinai
Natural Park of Abu Galum
Red Sea/Ras Mohammed National Park just south of Sharm el Sheikh
Nabq Bay - Sharm El Sheikh
Serabit el-Khadem, Sinai Desert
St. Catherine's Protectorate
Diving Straits of Tiran & Nabq, Tiran Island
Wadi Madsus – Wadi Shetan – Wadi Shellal – Wadi Nasb – Oasis of Nasb
Wadi Feiran Oasis (Pearl of the Sinai) - Sinai Desert

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