Agricultural Museum, Cairo

Agricultural Museum, Cairo

There is much truth in the famous saying: “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”. This is because the Nile is the major source of water used in agriculture in Egypt. Therefore, because of agriculture's ancient and continuing importance to Egyptian life, during the 1930s the Egyptian government decided to build an agriculture museum. Highlights include the bread museum, a room of wax models of typical meals of Egypt, a large selection of preserved animals, digestion displays including an inflated cows stomach, and the museum of disease and health.

A huge complex with gardened grounds covering about 100 thousand square meters and buildings occupying another 20 thousand square meters, the Agricultural Museum of Cairo is a lot to take in. Founded in 1930, the museum was to be the first agricultural museum in the world. The founders sought a grand location to display a grand collection, thus the museum was installed in the palace of Princess Fatima.

There are also numerous displays of ancient agricultural implements and even quite a few examples of remarkably well-preserved grains, fruits and vegetables. In each was at least 1/4 kilo of mothballs, left in their original packaging, with the bags sliced open. Most of the exhibits date from the 1930s and include exquisite wax models, hand drawn posters and curious taxonomy. The museum was built during the period of King Farouk to mainly serve two purposes. These are to provide information agricultural and economic knowledge and to record the history of agriculture over a long period that extends form prehistoric to modern times.

The museum contains ten halls or what might be considered subsidiary museums. Some of them are open for visitors, while others are closed for maintenance, and still others are under construction or not ready to be opened yet. One of the most interesting halls is the New Museum of Ancient Egyptian Agriculture and the Museum of Acquisitions. Unfortunately these halls are not opened yet.
Egyptian Agricultural Museum, Cairo
Egyptian Agricultural Museum
Al-Sawra Street , Next to the Ministry of Agriculture, Duqqi, Cairo, Egypt
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