Gazirah Museum/The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square

Gazirah Museum/The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square

The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square is dedicated to the history of Pharaonic art. South of the tower in the Gezira Museum, with a Transport Museum and the Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

The Gezira Art Museum is regionally distinguished for its 4,288-piece collection of items and exhibits which were confiscated from royal palaces. For instance, the Museum has a big collection of Bohemian gilt glassware in the eastern style, enamelled glassware in the Islamic style dating back to the 11th and 18th centuries in Egypt, and a collection of Roman and French glassware copying the Islamic design. The Museum also distinguishes itself in the Middle East by exhibiting a variety of ceramics (Islamic, Egyptian, Persian, Damascus and Bukhary). In addition, there is a no less fascinating collection of ceramics produced by Graeco-Roman, Russian and Turkish artisans. The Museum's exhibits also include a collection of China porcelain made in different ages. On the other hand, the Gezira Museum has a big collection of tapestry and batiks woven by Coptic artisans in the 5th, 6th and 7th centuries.

A major renovation of this museum is planned, with newly designed galleries offering facilities for modern displays. The front doors will be used only for entry, and visitors will exit through a new wing to be constructed on the west side of the museum. There will be two additional, underground floors in this wing, where a cafeteria, bookshop, administration offices and a children’s museum will be housed. Galleries devoted to the history of Egyptology will feature stories and displays of the major discoveries of Pharaonic monuments.

The Al-Gezira Museum in the Cairo Opera House grounds remains one of the best-known secrets of Egypt's art community, with many people knowing of its existence but few being aware of exactly what has happened to it over recent decades. The museum is not open to the public, and the works have not been put on display. There are no exact figures for the number of works that currently languish behind closed doors: some say 4,000 pieces, while others say more. Yet, it seems that everyone can agree that there are pieces worth millions of dollars in the building.

Gazirah Museum/The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square
Total Objects: 4079
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