Mahmoud Saeed Museum

Mahmoud Saeed Museum

Mahmoud Said was one of the pioneering artists of Egypt ’s modern art. It occupies 732 metres area surrounded by 2176 metres voids at Mohammed Pasha Said St., in Janaklis district in Alexandria . Works of Mahmoud Said represent the national spirit and Egypt glories. Also Mahmoud Said expressed in his works on he important bases of the modern plastic art in Egypt in twentieth century. Works of Mahmoud Said distinguishes by many objectives. The most important objective was the emphasis on the national spirit, representing different classes of Egyptian people, in addition to Egyptian coastal environment landscapes. Mahmoud Said didn’t forget to express of woman in his works. He considered the woman is the source of existential power of everything. He represented the woman as a symbol of national identity, especially when participated the Egyptian woman in revolution. His home in Alexandria has been under construction for several years as an effort to transform it to the Mahmoud Said Museum, and is intended to accommodate all his paintings as a permanent collection, in addition to showing the artwork of several other significant Egyptian artists of his time.

About Mahmoud Saeed

A scion of the Egyptian royal family, Mahmoud Said (1897-1964) spent most of his life working as judge, not a painter. It was only when he retired at the age of 50 that he was able to devote himself to art. By then he had absorbed a good deal of cubism and social realism, and these both came through powerfully in his work. He painted scenes from a range of settings around Egypt, from whirling Sufi dancers to prostitutes, in warm, earthy tones. Said was far from a towering artistic talent—his importance lies much more in the way that he used European techniques in rendering Egyptian subjects—but the museum dedicated to him, which is in his columned Italianate villa, is still worth a visit. More details about Mahmoud Saeed:

Mahmoud Saeed Museum
Total Objects: 48
6 Mohamed Said St, Janaklese, Mahmoud Saeed Center, Alexandria, Egypt
Train Station: El Ramnl El Ameeri Station
Tel: 03 5821688
Hour: Daily 9am-5pm

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