Malawi Monuments Museum/Malawi Archaeological Museum, El-Minya

Malawi Monuments Museum/Malawi Archaeological Museum, El-Minya

The Malawi Monuments Museum houses a collection of artifacts from the nearby sites of Tuna al-Gebel and Hermopolis. Among the objects on display are a number of animal mummies and statues associated with the worship of the god Thoth.

The workshops of the archaeological museum in Minia include activities to help children understand archaeological artefacts such as coins and mosaics, drawings and sculptures, masks, and canopic jars. Visits to the site of the Beni Hassan tombs help children to learn about daily life, sports and other activities during the time of the Pharaohs

El-Minya (west bank of the Nile, chief town of the governorate with a population of about 150,000) is a considerable commercial town, situated between the Nile and the Ibrahimiya Canal, with a museum. This is a good base from which to visit Beni Hasan, Hermopolis Magna and Tell el Amarna. Opposite the town, on the east bank of the Nile is the Kom el-Kefara, with tombs of the Middle Kingdom. Around 7km farther south, at the village of Zawiye el-Mayyetin, is the modern cemetery of El Minya, with many small domed tombs and chapels said by some to be the largest in the world.

The Malawi Archaeological Museum and the Greek and Roman Museum in Alexandria offer workshops designed to teach children the history of Egypt during the Greek and Roman periods. They teach hieroglyphs and Greek, but also how to make pottery, draw on glass and make models of ships, temples and houses. There is also a workshop for the blind.
Malawi Archaeological Museum, El-Minya
This Specialized museums will focus on some aspects of the history and cultures of Egyptian civilization. In process of building a museum on the east bank of the Nile at El-Minia in Middle Egypt will be shaped like a pyramid, it was designed more than twenty-five years ago by the Hildesheim Museum under the late Dr Arne Eggebrecht, who waited for years for this museum to be built. Now making his dream come true.

Malawi Monuments Museum/Malawi Archaeological Museum
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