Port Said National Museum/The Museum of Modern Art In Port Said

Port Said National Museum/The Museum of Modern Art In Port Said

National Museum in Port Said, which houses artifacts from most periods of Egypt's past, including pharaonic and prehistoric. Displays objects related to all eras of Egyptian history through the opening of the Suez Canal.

Located on Sharia Palestine street, the museum also houses Islamic and Coptic exhibits, including textiles, manuscripts and coins. There is a also a room devoted to artifacts of the Khedival family. There is also a Military Museum located on Sharia 23rd of July Street. Along with some small displays of pharaonic and Islamic wars are artifacts from the Suez Crises and the 1967 and 1973 wars.

The Museum of Modern Art in Port Said is in Shohada Square, and features the Modern History of Port Said by Egyptian artists. The strategic location of Port Said at the northern entrance of the Suez canal made it a target for a series of wars in Egypt. Just two hours from Cairo, Port Said enjoys a Mediterranean climate throughout the year. Famous as a summer resort, the city is also idyllic in the winter, offering a year-round pedestrian and children-friendly retreat. Visitors can promenade along the Corniche, or near the National Museum, watching vessels arrive at their destination via the Suez Canal.

There are a number of protected areas in Port Said such as Al-Gameel, a splendid beach near Manzallah Lake, 12km west of Port Said -- an ideal spot for fishing. Tanees Island is another protected area that lies in the middle of Manzallah Lake, 9km from Port Said, and can be reached by boats. From Port Said visitors can travel to Cairo and Alexandria via the Super Jet and West Delta buses. There are also West Delta buses to Ismailia, Suez and Al-Arish in north Sinai.
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Port Said National Museum/The Museum of Modern Art In Port Said
Shohada Square, Corner of Palestine St. and 23 July St., Port Said (ask for "met-haf boor sayyid), Egypt
Hours: Sat-Thurs: 9AM-4PM (sometimes closed at lunch) Fri: 9-11AM, 1-4PM
Tel.: (066) 237 419
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