Royal Carriage Museum

Royal Carriage Museum

One of a number of small museums in the Citadel is the Royal Carriage Museum in Cairo. Its small collection of carriages are borrowed from the larger Carriage Museum located in Bulaq. It is housed in the building once used as the British Officers' Mess (until 1946) during the colonial period. Carriage Museum is on the grounds of the Military Museum complex. There is also a huge carriage that was used to welcome the foreign royalty who came to Egypt for the opening of the Suez Canal. And there is also the carriage used by King Fuad I (Ahmed Fuad Pasha) for his personal travel, who was the next to the last king of Egypt prior to the revolution.

Display Objects:

  • This small museum housed in a former British officer’s mess hall contains eight carriages used by Egyptian royalty.
  • There are horse heads,saddles and riding equipment on display.
  • The highlight is the glittering gold carriage presented by Emperor Napoleon to Khedive Ismail.
  • Nearby is the carriage used by Khedive Ismail when he opened the Suez Canal in 1869.
  • While this is a only a small collection of carriages (eight in total), those on display in the museum are of considerable importance and are well maintained with their original color and configuration.

Bulaq Museum Interior Design

  1. Boulaq also spelled Bulaq is a district of Cairo, Egypt. for the last time to the current museum in Tahrir Square. Interior design
  2. In 1858, August Mariette was in charge of the Egyptian Antiquities Institution and he built a museum in Bulaq, which opened in1863. Home and Interior Design
  3. Prior to the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, this collection was the most important in the museum. Interior design A torrential inundation of the Nile damaged the Bulaq Museum,
  4. Interior Design Internet Legal Services Marketing Communications Bulaq Royal Carriage Museum Is Museum of Islamic Art
  5. Shubra lies north of Bulaq in the vicinity As for the interior chambers of the palace, designs followed a varied and mixed styles now known as the military museum,

Bulaq Royal Carriage Museum, Bulaq, Citadel, Cairo , Egypt

Royal Carriage Museum/ Bulaq Museum
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