Sinai Desert Bedouin Dinner

Sinai Desert Bedouin Dinner

Most hotels in Sharm El Sheikh organize this one, and it’s a definite must-do! The bus trip out to the desert usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes maximum. At some point on the main road, the bus goes off road for a short bumpy ride on a trail.

Ride camels through the holy desert of Sinai and watch sunset, practice the real Bedouin life, have some rest in a bedouin tent, drink Bedouin tea with herbs & smoke water pipe. The Bedouins will receive you in their original Bedouin tent, where they have a big teakettle ready, as it is tradition among them. In their culture they invite any person passing by their territory for tea. They serve it in one particular way; very sweet and with a herb called Habak, which is found in the Sinai desert. Then get your dinner in Bedouin style under the candles light in the middle of the desert & end this excursion by gazing the stars through the telescopes..

Once the bus arrives at the destination, you’ll get off to find yourself in the desert surrounded by the mighty Sinai Mountains, local Bedouins with their camels watching you from a distance, a tent built on the side, and a bonfire burning in the middle of an Arabian style setting – cushions to sit on the floor, little fire lamps decorating the contour of the area, casting mesmerizing shadows on the mountains.

Dinner consists of a traditional barbeque, rice and salads, followed with their famous special Habak tea (you’ll get hooked to this stuff), and entertained by Bedouin folk music and dance.

Feel free to join in and dance with the troupe, they love it. You can also try riding a camel, and I tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks, but it’s one hell of a ride.

This is an excellent way to spend an evening; you get to feel the mysterious magic of the desert. While there’s no music playing, you can lay back and enjoy the silence while staring at the unbelievably clear sparkly sky, full of stars shining like diamonds.

Although the whole setup is not exactly genuine primitive Bedouin, but it does give you a pretty good idea about how much fun they can have in the desert.

It is advised that you apply mosquito repellent and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Taking a light jacket with you would also be a good idea, as the breeze can get a little chilly at night.
Desert Bedouin dinner, sinai
Bedouins can be recognized by their lifestyle, specific dialects, social structures and culture. They are also organized loosely into tribes that hold onto specific ranges of territory in the Sinai. However, a band within these tribes is usually made up of an extended family. The size of these groups may very considerably.

Some Bedouins have become modernized, working and sometimes even owning tourist facilities in the Sinai. This is especially true of the very southern part of the Sinai. However, many others are isolated in their adverse Sinai desert environment and therefore have held on to their traditional way of life, managing to maintain their pristine culture throughout the centuries during very distinct periods.

Last Updated on Wednesday 22nd December 2010