Tanzania - Tingatinga Arts Exhibitions

Tingatinga arts have participated in many exhibitions and festivals in the country like those organized by The village Museum, National Museum of Tanzania, Mwalimu Nyerere arts and Crafts Centre, Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair and Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre in Arusha. This was before and after being recognized in 1971 by The National Art Company, a subsidiary Company of National Development Cooperation (NDC)

From 1987 onwards, this art form have been gaining ground in Japan, Europe and USA where several Tanzanian exhibitors displayed and sold large quantities of Tingatinga works in International exhibitions.

Today the Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society has a close relationship with Japan, which every year buys Tingatinga paintings so that their partterns can be reproduced in textiles (garmets) and other decorative items.

In 1996-1997, an exhibition of original Tingatinga paintings and those of his followers were staged in different parts of Switzerland and the art form won high reputation and fame.

Tingatinga paintings are also at relatively large scale produced and sold in Kenya. Rumour has it that patent (copy right) of the Tingatinga as an art form is registered in Kenya.

It is indisputable that Tanzania has benefited from the forex brought by sales of Tingatinga paintings. Furthermore, Tingatinga has contributed in propagating the pride of the country as the original home of the art form.

Last Updated on Tuesday 24th November 2009