Aqua Parks In Sharm El Sheikh

Aqua Park City In Sharm El Sheikh

During the hot day spent on the South Sinai sun, water parks may be a perfect solution. This is understandable: cool water, warm sun-rays, gorgeous scenery and loads of activities – these are all the factors making your vacation absolutely unforgettable.

Water parks in Sharm are also a nice place to make shopping in. They have small shops, bazaars and boutiques to cater to the needs of every costumer.

Visiting water parks bear in mind that sunglasses, a hat and a sun lotion are absolutely a must. The prices usually make 30$ per person with a small discount for kids. Please note that infants enter for free. Prices do not include food and beverage, so please take extra cash with you.

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Aqua Park City

Aqua Park City was opened on 1 August 2007, consists of an Aqua Theme Park, a 4* hotel and a promenade with cafes, restaurants and bazaars. During its construction crews were working around the clock to ensure that a fully-functioning and top-tier complex awaits the first official guests. Aqua Park City spreads out over 140000 m² and is the best place in Sharm El Sheikh to beat the heat and enjoy 24-hour electrifying entertainment and fun.

Key Features of Aqua Park City, Sharm El Sheikh

  • Twister I: A high speed slide which twists and turns (length of 51.05 m, height of 5.75 m).
  • Twister II: it's so exciting… so thrilling… (length of 51.11 m and height of 8.75 m)
  • Tube Freefall: Hold on to your heart as you race down this monster, high-speed "free-fall" slide with 50.95 m length and 11.55 m height.
  • Multi Slide: Here you need courage! Length: 41.24 m / height 8.75 m.
  • Freefall: Challenge the 42.22 m long speed slide that features a breathtaking 11.53 m free fall into the cool water below.
  • Kamikaze: A hair-raising water game. Are you brave enough to try this water game of 42.15 m length and 11.55 m height? An enormous thrill slide that is sure to get pulses racing, featuring gigantic, king-sized slides offering adrenaline addicts the ultimate extreme aquatic experience.
  • Body Slide: A great fun game with a length of 98.44 m and a height of 11.55 m
  • Flying Boat: Enjoy the adventures of a sailor. The flying boat is 41.69 m long and 10.00 m high.
  • Space Boat Tube: Experience the mysterious world of outer space with a game of 47.74 m length and 13.00 m height.
  • Black Hole: As the name suggests, features two enclosed slides that catapult riders into pitch black spirals of darkness. Amusing water game with 106.16 m length and 11.55 m height for adults only!
  • Rafting Slide: Get ready for the thrill of a lifetime on the 112.74 m long and 11.55 m high slide! For adults only!
  • Family Slide: Share the fun with your whole family in this water game with 115.55 m length and 11.55 m height.
  • Tsunami Slide: It is a very funny water game with 9.9 m length.
  • Space Hole: It is a 23.74 m long and 9.92 m high water game.
  • Up Hill Flying Boat: A water game with a length of 53.63 m and a height of 8.5 m.
  • 'Kids' Freefall': A water game that offers the little ones their first thrills. Length of the game: 10.63 m / height: 3.05 m. For children between 6 and 12 years.
  • Elephant Slide: Watch the smiles on your kids' faces as they enjoy the interactive fun.
  • Mushroom: A zero-depth pool with a water mushroom provides refreshment when it's time to cool off (for children between 4 and 6 years).
  • Aqua Tower: for children between 4 and 6 years
  • Dolphin: for hand-held infants (infants who cannot walk by themselves)

Contact and Address - Aqua Park City
Khazan Street, hadaba, Ras Om El Seid, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt
Tel: +20-69-3665993/7
Fax: +20-69-3665998

Park Inn Hotels Aqua Park

The spectacular Aqua Park is located within the premises of the resort and boasts 31 slides of all heights and sizes, a lazy river, wave pool and seven swimming pools, many of which are heated during the winter. The Aqua Park also offers a bar, which serves refreshing drinks and snacks ideal for a break between the action during a family holiday to Egypt.
Park Inn Hotels Aqua Park

Key Features of Park Inn Hotels Aqua Park:

  • Lazy river
  • Offering 31 slides
  • Seven swimming pools (some heated during winter months)
  • Tarazan pool
  • Two bars
  • Wave pool

Admission to Aqua Park is free for all hotel guests. Opening hours: 10:00 to sunset (Daily)

Contact Park Inn Hotels Aqua Park
Park Inn Sharm El Sheikh Resort
PO Box 180 Nabq, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Tel: +2 069 3710 021
Fax: +2 069 3710 314

Cleopark - The Pharonic Water Park

Amazing Themed water park that you will enjoy the mix of amazing slide, full days activities, competitions for Adults & Kinds along with the exceptional Pharaonic design you will see the Pyramids, Sphinx, Abu Simble Temple, Cleopatra ..etcHours of fantasy & adventure are waiting for you at Cleopark - The Pharonic Water Park, the first themed water park to ever open in the beautiful city of Sharm El Sheikh. Located at Naama bay, with its new generation rides is designed with a pharaonic theme and offers you to join in the excitement.

Cleopark Sharm El Sheikh located at the heart of the city, where the main gathering area for all tourists visiting Sharm El Sheikh. Easily to get to us, just 10 minutes from either Sharm El Sheikh International Airport area the west side of the park or from the Old Market & Haddebet Om El Seed areas the east side of the park, and 20 minutes from Nabq area.
Cleopark - The Pharoanic Water Park, Naama Bay, Behind Hiton SHarm Dreams, Sharm El Sheikh

Key Features of Cleopark

  • Cleopatra Bath:The Amazing Bath for Cleopatra has been restructured for Cleopark to be with seven different styles of artificial waves with heated water during winter.
  • Nile Adventure River: The Crazy river riding from a high hill to lower land, getting the adventure of the fast movement of the water with the different dumps
  • Nile Spring Cruise:Either when you finished the adventure of the crazy river o just you like to relax, the lazy river will give you a real refreshment to have a nice round through a slow water movement on the Tube you are riding, while you are listing to the music and enjoying the sun.
  • Young Pharoas Oasis: The Kids area, designed to be a Tropical Oasis to give the kids more privacy and safety, full of games and slides varies from the water play ground, family slide and the baby pool. All attractions in the kids area with heated water during winter

Contact and Address of Cleopark - The Pharonic Water Park
Naama Bay, Behind Hiton SHarm Dreams, Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt
Tel: 002 069 3604400 – 2
Fax: 002 069 3604403

Panorama Aqua Park

The Aqua park in the Panorama Naama Heights hotel is great fun for kidswhich is free, and has slides for little ones to adults. Panorama Naama Heights aqua park is a children’s playground and a children’s disco which will surely occupy the kids while you’re catching those all important rays on your holiday! Panorama Aqua Park features a full-day of fun for the entire family. Honored by Panorama Hotels & Aqua Resorts as the one of the first true water parks, Panorama Aqua Park world-class signature thrill rides and quality service offer something for fun-lovers of all ages, surf and sun.
Panorama Aqua Park at Panorama Naama Heights Sharm El Sheikh
The pool at the aqua park is a lot cleaner and cooler than the main pool so you may go there for a dip instead on a few occassions. There are not enough sunbeds for everyone at the hotel though so you need to get out early to get one.

But Yes, it is true that they do not operate all day long. They operate on the basis of one hour on one hour off from 10am till 5pm. It is expectable in a place where water evaporation rates are enormous, and anyway it is so hot, you don't want to have more than one hour at a time!

Contact Panorama Aqua Park at Panorama Naama Heights Hotel Sharm El Sheikh
Panorama Sharm El Sheikh
Hotel Ratings: 4*
Naama Bay Heights
Sharm El Sheikh , South Sinai ,Egypt.
Phone: (+20-69) 3603883 /0125733944-0125733911.
Fax: (+20-69) 3600350 .

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