Defog your Mask

Defog your Mask

While there are a few high-tech solutions to this problem, most people rely on this preventive technique that has been around for decades. Dip your mask in the water to rinse it out. Empty as much of the water from the mask as possible.


  • Dip your mask in the water to rinse it out. Empty as much of the water from the mask as possible.
  • Spit into the inside of the mask.
  • With your fingers, rub the spit over the inside surface of the lens. Dip the mask again briefly, then empty it as much as possible.
  • Avoid exhaling into the mask as you put it on. Your breath can fog the lens.

There are a number of products sold in dive shops now that are very effective at eliminating "fogging" in a dive mask. Toothpaste also works well if you use the paste (not the gel kinds) on a finger to rub the inside of the lens and then rinse it well with fresh water. Use the toothpaste on a new mask or an older one that is fogging up again. You must rub the toothpaste for a few minutes for lasting effect. After using toothpaste initially then carry a small bottle of baby shampoo.

Put a drop inside each lens and rub well. Be sure to rinse in water, salt or fresh prior to putting on your face. This works the same way as spit but does not promote mildew growth in the tropical climate and is more sanitary than spit. You may use a cheap no name brand and carry it everywhere. Use it prior to diving or snorkeling. The baby shampoo is if you don't quite rinse it all out it will not hurt your eyes. Before you start moving, defog your mask and put it on, then the regulator in your mouth, after this start getting your fins on. This way, if you lose balance while fiddling around with your fins and fall back into the sea, you won't have any problems. Do not put your mask on the floor if you don't want it to break.

Overall Tips:
If spitting in your mask doesn't appeal to you, you can buy an anti-fogging solution at most dive shops.

Last Updated on Friday 17th December 2010