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Description Egypt boasts some of the finest diving in the Red Sea. Well known diving areas like the Ras Mohammad National Park have received most international attention, but even in the most intensely dived resort areas, there are still untouched reefs waiting to be discovered. Egypt boasts some of the finest diving in the entire Red Sea, from the coral playgrounds off the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula through the remote northern coast of the Gulf of Aqaba to the untouched offshore splendours of the deep south, which can only be reached by live-aboard boat. The coastal resort towns of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are the region's main dive destinations, and serve as the base for most visitors to the Sinai Peninsula. High in the mountains, the ancient monastery of St Catherine can be reached in a few hours from Sharm El Sheikh. The energetic can follow the 3000 'Steps of Repentance' to the summit for the area’s stunning reefs.

Daedelus Reef

Situated nearly halfway to Saudi Arabia, this small isolated reef known locally as Abu El Kizan is marked by a lighthouse - the only break on the horizon for many miles. Daedelus is famous for sharks, especially thresher sharks, as well as large shoals of jacks and a unique shoal of lionfish.

Brothers Islands

Known locally as El Akhawein, the Brothers are a pair of tiny islands located in open sea off the northern half of the Egyptian coast. The islands are the exposed tips of two massive reef pillars that rise from abyssal depths. Washed by open-sea currents, the islands support a diverse coral population with overwhelming growth all sides.

Ras Muhammad

The Ras Muhammad peninsula extends from the Sinai mainland into the Red Sea. Offshore, there is a dense conglomeration of dive sites within three main areas. The most famous site is Shark Reef, which is the tip of a sheer seamount rising just off the coast; it is separated from the mainland by a shallow channel.

Thistlegorm Wreck

This World War II supply ship sunk by German bombers in 1941 is situated northwest of Ras Muhammad in the Straits of Gubal. The wreck, which lies at 30m (100ft) is densely colonised by fish and soft corals, and there are plenty of big jacks, schools of snapper, bannerfish, grouper, and other fish species.

Rocky Islet

Lying 50km (31 miles) off the Egyptian coast and accessible only by live-aboard boat, Rocky Islet (also known locally as Rocky Island) offers jacks, snappers, surgeonfish, triggerfish and barracuda, as well as huge Napoleon wrasse; sweetlips alternate with big parrotfish and colourful angelfish.

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