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El Gouna Resort

El Gouna is the most exclusive Red Sea resort 22 kilometres north of Hurghada, situated between the majestic mountains of the Eastern desert. El Gouna resort offers some of the best dive sites. Also known as “The Little Venice of the Red Sea” , the El Gouna resort rejoices in having 33 diving sites, some of which are still virgin, and others which are renowned for their mysterious wrecks. Whilst exploring the impressive reefs of Abu Nuhas, discover the colourful coral reefs and dense aquatic fauna which populate the underwater world of The Carnatic, The Chrisoula K, The Giannis D and the Rosalie Moller wrecks.

El Gouna is a self-contained resort town on the Red Sea with sandy beaches and ideal temperature. As an internationally recognized environmentally friendly destination, it is home to a multi-cultural international community. The resort offers all the services required for a hassle-free vacation or permanent living. In addition to 14 hotels with their facilities, there are various sports and entertainment activities, restaurants and exciting nightlife throughout the town.
El Gouna resort town on the Red Sea with sandy beaches


El Gouna boasts a variety of wide ranging activities for everyone. If you are a sports lovers, there is windsurfing, kite-boarding, parasailing, fishing safaris, wakeboarding, waterskiing, snorkeling, deep sea diving and fun tubes. Even those who are not sports-oriented, will ultimately find an activity that they will feel comfortable with in Land sports. There are countless opportunities for fun, fitness and fresh air for every age group. If you are an avid golf player, El Gouna Golf Club offers an 18-hole championship course with driving range, chipping and pitching area and putting greens. Rental services are available for clubs, trolleys and golf carts. You can also enjoy tennis, squash, biking, beach buggies, Go-Karts, paintball, horseback riding and beach volleyball.

If you are in El Gouna to just relax and enjoy the sun, there are several beaches all around for your enjoyment, besides the hotels’ swimming pools. After a full day of activities, we recommend you visit one of the spa centers including the famous Angsana Spa, a subsidiary of the Banyan Tree Group.

Sea excursions

You can rent motorboats or yachts to travel from island to island. You can enjoy the protected Mahmeya Island located just over an hour from El Gouna with its beautiful beach that has been maintained true to its natural environment while making it the only island with services. Any of El Gouna hotels can also guide you to a day trip to the protected area of Ras Mohamed, where you can spend the day on one of the loveliest beaches there. You can also have Desert Safaris and Bedouin dinners that can be booked. Visitors can also arrange trips to Cairo, Luxor & Aswan. You can shop till you drop at the many varieties of stores, either under the arcades of downtown Kafr El Gouna or at the Abu Tig Marina.
El Gouna Sea excursions
AT the Abu Tig Marina you can stroll around the marina, day or night, and you will have an enjoyable time having a coffee with deliciously freshly baked pastries at the Seventh Star Café, a drink at one of the bars or dining at any of the ethnic restaurants. Be sure not to miss the street festival held at the Marina Every Monday & Wednesday starting 8 pm.

El Gouna has a variety of hotels catering to all kind of needs and budgets, Ali Pasha hotel is set on Abu Tig Marina, this quaint hotel has a swimming pool and two ethnic restaurants. Dawar el Omda in Downtown is one of El Gouna’s signature hotels, the design is reminiscent of Upper Egypt’s mansions. Sheraton Miramar designed by world-renowned architect Michael Graves, Movenpick Resort & Spa that has several good restaurants and Steigenberger Golf Resort and many other hotels of different categories.

Dining Experience

For a nice evening and good meal among the many recommended are Bleu Bleu, the restaurant with an ideal location in the Marina. Seafood specialist El Sayadin is renowned for some of the finest seafood specialties. It boasts a unique location overlooking the Red Sea. For Italian cuisine you can go to Kiki’s serving authentic homemade Italian specialties and pastas. For more ethnic food, Tandoori Indian resturant or Marmounia Moroccoan srestaurant.

Bars and Nightlife

El Gouna has several good bars like Peanuts Bar & Eatery, Boxers Bar and Pier 88, a Champagne bar serving a seasonal European menu on a floating barge. For other entertainment you can go to Aladin Casino, that has all Casino games, cocktail and late night snack bar. You can also enjoy Beach parties with BBQ and great music on Mangroovy Beach. The Kafr El Gouna Party, is held on Saturdays and Tuesdays from 8 pm. For a night of fun music and karaoke go to Studio 52, and The Cave with trendy disco music. Entrance fee is all inclusive. If you get a chance to go outside of Gouna, do not miss Little Buddha restaurant located in Hurghada offering Asian food as well as a sushi bar and lounge. It is next to Sinbad resort, Village Road. 20 minutes from El Gouna.

Facilities in El Gouna

El Gouna Hospital, Ext: 3222/42201/32201 provides comprehensive, integrated health care comprising of inpatient and outpatient care. Several hotels feature well-appointed rooms with boardroom and theatre for conferences for up to 500 participants. El Gouna has also services such as ATMs, banks, pharmacies, post office, internet facilities, and information booths. The library, Ext: 32589 is open to the public Saturdays to Thursdays from 10 am to 6 pm.

Fact Sheet:

Access to El Gouna takes a 4-hour flight from Europe. El Gouna is around 22 km from Hurghada International Airport and 450 kms from Cairo. In and around El Gouna, regular shuttle buses and boat taxis transport guests throughout the resort at very reasonable prices. There are also taxis and limousine services, if you wish to explore outside El Gouna resort or spend an evening in nearby Hurghada City or a full day at Soma Bay. To access any of El Gouna’s activities, you call the operator to provide you with the extension number.

You can connect to El Gouna operator to re-route you to any destination or provide you with the extension number: Tel: +2065 354 9702/3/4

El Gouna Dive Sites

Abu Nahas

A reasonably large reef located two miles north of Shedwan Island; its strategic position at the threshold of the Straits of Gubal caused several ships to sink on its northern side until the lighthouse was built. The remains of some of them can still be seen on top of the reef. The first ship to sink here long ago, its name unknown, was carrying copper (in Arabic”Nuhas”) plates among other items, hence the name of the reef. The Carnatic and another three known wrecks offer superb diving opportunities.
Maximum depth: 28m
Level: Advanced
Remarks: Most famous ship graveyard - wrecks include Giannis D Carnatic, Chrisoula K.

Yellowfish Reef

Group of reefs less than 200 m south of Abu Nuhas, their sheltered situation makes an ideal alternative for windy days, when the wrecks on the north side of Abu Nuhas cannot be dived. It is also a perfect afternoon dive.
Maximum depth: 18m
Level: Beginner
Remarks: Yellowfishes. Barracudas, white-tip shark. Sometimes very strong current.

Siyul Kehira

This reef extends around the Island of Big Siyul and has a varied profile. In some areas sand chutes (wadis) split the reef face, and in others there are overhangs and gullies to explore. The coral growth is abundant as is the fish life. Sharks and large rays are often sighted in the deeper water, with schools of sweet lips and masked butterflies in the shallows
Maximum depth: Over 40 metres.
Level: Medium
Remarks: Plateau averages 25m. Island with a lighthouse located three miles northwest of shedwan isl. Also named "Big Siyul Island". Richest variety of pelagics of the area on the north side.

Small Gubal Island

Maximum depth: 40m
Level: Advanced
Remarks: Deep Wall. Current wrecks.

Blue Brothers

Blue Brothers Diving Centre is located directly on the beach of LTI Sonesta Paradisio Beach hotel, with access to the hotel's boardwalk. In addition to the daily excursions, Blue Brothers offers individual diving safaris guided by their qualified dive masters.

Blind Reef

An elongated barrier reef lying east to west less than two miles north of Shedwan Island, near the Siyul islands. Pretty steep walls drop all around to an average depth of 30 m, with further slopes to greater depths. The west side is an exception to that, with a rather narrow plateau going from 20 to 35 m and then falling into deeper water.
Maximum depth: Over 40 metres.
Level: Medium
Remarks: Current, sometimes quite strong. Sharks, soft corals, tunas in the blue.

Shaab Ali, "Thistlegorm"

Maximum depth: 32 metres
Level: Medium
Remarks: One of the best spots in the Red Sea. A shipwreck still harbours motorbikes, cars, tanks, ammunition, jeeps, and weapons.

Siyul Saghira (small Siyul Island)

Although the island itself is much smaller in size than its big sister, one mile east, the Small Siyul possesses the largest reef of the area. A long, narrow reef arm extends on its east side creating a shallow anchorage on the south side. The best dive is on the outer part (north) of this reef tongue.
Maximum depth: 20 metres.
Level: Medium
Remarks: Largest reef of the Gubal Straits system. Mild current sometimes.

Shaab El Erg

Shaab el Erg, literally ”The reef of the pinnacles”, is an extremely long reef barrier with the shape of a horseshoe and multitude of little coral heads scattered all over the inner lagoon. Bottlenose dolphins are often seen in the area.
Maximum depth: 14 metres.
Level: Beginners
Remarks: Shallow dive. Good anchorage in the lagoon Manta-point. Turtles, dolphins.

Abu Nugar Erg Iris

Abu Nugar is quite a large barrier reef found less than one hour from the El Gouna Marina. Smaller in size than its neighbour Shaab el Erg, it has in common with it the frequent encounters with a pod of Bottlenose dolphins. The site described here is known as Erg Abu Nugar, and consists of a group of pinnacles south of the barrier.
Maximum depth: 12 metres
Level: Beginners
Remarks: Shallow dive. Coral pinnacles. Sometimes strong current.


Is Arabic for a small reef, a young coral formation that has not yet reached the surface (its topside is 5-6 m below the water’s surface). Shabaha is then a generic name; locals so call this little erg found at the very northern point of the Abu Galawa system.
Maximum depth: 14 metres
Level: Beginners
Remarks: Shallow dive. Coral garden teaming with life. Quite often dolphins.

Sahlia Abu Galawa

Maximum depth: 30 metres
Level: Beginners to Advanced
Remarks: Gorgonia walls, turtles.

Gata Abu Galawa North

East of the most southerly point of Abu Galawa barrier reef lies a reasonably large half-moon shaped reef, easily recognizable by the two metal bars that stick clear out of the water on both extremes. Locals call this reef "Gota Abu Galawa".
Maximum depth: 30 metres
Level: Beginners
Remarks: Plateau 12m, with pinnacles. Often dolphins, rich reef.

Gota Abu Galawa South

This is, together with Careless reef, the most southern point reached on a daily excursion from El Gouna. On the south side of Gota Abu Galawa (see Gota Abu Galawa north), a group of pinnacles of different sizes and shapes rise from a shallow sandy bottom. This labyrinth of ergs connects with "El Fanadir" most northerly tip, where the Hurghada diving area starts.
Maximum depth: 12 metres
Level: Beginners
Remarks: Plateau with pinnacles. Great fish life.

Umm Gamar Island

Maximum depth: Over 40 metres
Level: Advanced
Remark: Caves. Sharks, sometimes very strong current.

Shaab Ruhr (Umm Gamar)

The dive site itself is one of the best to be found in North Hurghada due to its diversity. It is basically shaped like a giant teardrop with the top of the droplet pointing north.

For the more experienced diver a drift in onto the deep east wall will see you enjoying a 45-55 minute dive. There are rarely currents here, despite its more remote location, but if you are lucky this might be a drift dive. The wall at the north tip drops very quickly down to 80+m and then banks up. Here there is ledge or step down, at around the 30m mark, so this makes a good reference point for the start depth of your dive. Don?t stay too deep too long as the boat will be a healthy 45-55 minute swim away (if there is no current) and the top of the reef is far prettier from 10m up.
Maximum depth: Over 40 metres
Level: Advanced
Remarks: Wall. Wreck. Tunas. Sharks. Current.


From El Gouna to Safaga, visit the ‘aquarium’ and be astounded by the magnificent collection of fish, before relaxing happily on one of the beaches near these superb sites. Visit AL QUSEIR, MARSA ALAM, THE GREAT SOUTH Of South Coast


Napoleon fish, turtles, rays, giant moray eels and various species of shark.

Sha’ab El Erg for the Poseidon Garden’s coral gardens Sha’ab Abu Nuhas for its wrecks


  • Carnatic
  • Chrisoula K
  • Giannis D
  • Kimon M
  • Rosalie Moller
  • Ulysses


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